Keurig Mini Light Flashing Not Brewing (6 Issued Fixed!)

keurig mini light flashing not brewing

I have always thought that my Keurig mini coffee machine would never develop any faults because I hardly make use of it. So one morning I wanted to make a coffee for myself only to discover that my Keurig mini light was flashing but it was not brewing any coffee.

Little did I know that the problem was clogging in the machine build-ups and also debris. Then it dawned on me that my machine needed a descaling. 

This was how I got my Keurig coffee machine fixed in just a few minutes. If you are facing the same issue, I will help you how to fix it in a few minutes. 

Why Is My Keurig Mini Light Flashing Not BrewIng

Your Keurig mini machine light is flashing but not brewing coffee because your water reservoir is low, your heat-up mode is stuck or there is clogging in your machine.  There’s more to know, including the solutions. Kindly read through.


When your Keurig mini light flashes but does not brew, it is trying to alarm you that your machine needs urgent descaling at that point. Don’t neglect it. This descaling occurs when there is so much debris, calcium, dirt, and buildup from hard water and also coffee grounds in the machine that have not been cleaned for long. All this can cause air bubbles and brewing issues.


To solve this issue, descale your machine once every three months. 

  • You have to turn off your Keurig mini coffee machine and unplug it. 
  • Remove the water reservoir, empty it, and put it aside.
  • Put the descaling solution that you have already mixed with water and put it in the machine and run a brewing cycle until the solution is finished. 
  • When you are done, pour the solution into the sink and clean up the cup you use to hold the solution. 
  • Clean up all the detachable parts that you took off with soapy and warm water. That’s all. 

Check out this video on how to describe K-Mini.

Water Filter 

Check if your water filter is clogged. When the filter is clogged, it will be very difficult to get a brew of coffee. Follow the simple steps and work on them.


  • Take off the filter and clean it with warm water and soapy water. 
  • After washing it, with fresh water from the tape. 
  • Clean it with a dry towel or a paper towel.
  • If the water filter is bad, kindly change it 
  • If it refuses to clean up then, you can now run another brewing cycle on it until it goes out. Better still change it

The reusable K-cup is tight.

If your k cup is packed up tightly, with too many coffee grounds on it. When it is tamped hard, the machine will indicate that there is a blockage in the pipework and it will result in you not having coffee to brew that day. 


  • You have to fill the k cup to its normal size first.
  • Loosen up the coffee pod. 
  • Stop filling the coffee grounds to the brim. 
  • With this, you can get your coffee without any issues. 

Needle Is Blocked

When there is a tiny bump around the k cup that is now visible due to too much buildup, it can block the needle from working. When this occurs it is difficult for the machine to brew you a coffee, let’s look at the solution on how to get it fixed.


  • You have to let in a paper clip inside it and make sure that the needles inside are loosened up 
  • Clean all the needles with warm soapy water.
  • Before then, make sure that your machine is off. 
  • After removing the needles, you can now see the clogging that is around the needles inside the machine. Clean it up with soapy warm water and a paper towel.
  • When you are done, put all the middle and inside the needle holder with fresh water and then dry it up.

Water Reservoir Is Low And There Is A Blue Light.

A flashing blue light indicates that the water reservoir is low or it is empty. This is the warning you will get and this can lead to you not brewing any coffee too.


  • Fill in the water reservoir with fresh and cold water. 
  • After filling in the water reservoir with water, the blue light is still showing, kindly off and in your machine again. It will stop.

The Heat Up Mode Is Stuck 

When you are facing such a problem, it will never allow you to get a coffee and this can result in you wasting a lot of time in the process of getting a coffee.


  • You need to first turn off your coffee maker and disconnect the cable cord. 
  • Removed the water reservoir.
  • You should wait for 5 seconds and repeat the same steps above. 
  • Once you have placed them all back, the machine will be ready for you to use again. 


What Is The Implication Of FlashLight From My Keurig Mini Machine?

The flashing light indicates that something is wrong with your coffee machine which needs immediate attention. So, the flashing of light can cause a serious issue for you 

What Is The LifeSpan Of My Keurig Mini Machine?

The life span is 3-5 years. This can only be possible depending on how you are making use of the machine. For a regular user, it will not last for long and the life span will be reduced. For someone who makes use of it once in a while, it will reach a normal life span. The maintenance of the machine matters a lot. It will tell if your machine will reach its normal life span or not. 

What’s Special About the Keurig Mini Machine?

The specialty is the fastness of how it produces a cup of coffee for you which happens in less than a minute. All you need to do is to put your k cup in the machine, pod your ground coffee in its right amount, and grind it until it takes its perfect brew.
You have to put your capsule into the coffee machine and select whatever size you want to produce and instantly you will get your favorite coffee without waiting much time. 


Descaling your Keurig mini coffee machine can help to extend the lifespan of your machine and also help you get a good coffee for yourself and maybe your friends too.

If you can follow all the solutions that we have listed above then you are on your way to fixing your machine without any further headaches. Contact a professional if you can’t do it yourself.

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