Keurig Mini Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

keurig mini not working

My Keurig Mini coffee machine was working perfectly well until one day when I walked down to get a coffee for myself then I noticed it stopped working. I didn’t get a coffee at that moment until I diagnosed what the challenge was and immediately fixed it.

The problem with the Keurig mini coffee machine not working was that I have not descaled my device for a very long time and it needs a reset for it to come back to function normally like before. 

Now that you are in such a situation, I will show you how you can get yours fixed and also avoid the problem from happening again. 

How Does My Keurig Mini Coffee Machine Works 

The Keurig mini coffee machine is a very portable device that is moveable and can let you move it freely without much stress. It is very fast in producing your drink for you and it also can not produce a lot of drinks at the same time because of the way it was designed to be. 

Why Is My Keurig Mini Not Working 

There are a lot of reasons why your Keurig mini is not working which are the setup is wrong, the Keurig mini needs a resetting, it needs a cleaning, water is not dispensing, The hose is clogged, the needle is not punching the pod, there are a lot of buildups in the Keurig mini machine. All these and more can be the cause of your machine not working. I will explain the reason for this and how it can be worked on. 

1. Your Keurig Has A Wrong Set Up 

When your Keurig mini is not working, the problem is that you have the wrong setup. You have to fix things the right way. 


  • Check if your cord is rightly plunged to the wall outlet.
  • Check if the water in the water reservoir is full.
  • Check out your coffee settings if it is correct.
  • Use the manual to set up your coffee machine. 

2. Keurig Mini Needs Resetting 

When you have set up everything and you know you are not missing any steps and still yet the machine is not working then you have to do a resetting for it to come back to normal again. how to fix it.


  • You need to open up the head of the brewer and also close it back again. 
  • Unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Carefully remove the water reservoir.
  • Allow the machine to stay on its own for close to 1 hour without being used.
  • With that, it will let the machine rest and cool down for a while. 
  • When the time is up, fix it back, and then you can now make your favorite drink.

3. Keurig Mini Needs Cleaning 

You need to know that your Keurig needs constant cleaning for it to be in good shape. The normal time to clean it is 3-6 months but if the machine is being used regularly then you have to clean it more quickly like every month. To clean it, do this.


  • You have to unplug your machine from the wall outlet 
  • Remove all the detachable parts and wash them with warm water and soapy water too.
  • Pure in your descaling solution and put a jug under it and run a brewing cycle on it until the solution is over. 
  • Run 3 times rinsing with fresh water from the tape and rinse the machine well.
  • Clean the removable parts with a paper towel, this is the advisable tool to use for cleaning.
  • Dry all the parts in an open space where there is air. 
  • Arrange all the parts back again and now you can make your favorite coffee.

4. The Keurig Mini Is Not Dispensing Water

When your machine is not dispensing water the normal way it should be, then you have to know that the needle is not penetrating your pods because of the clogging in the area. See what you can do about it. 


  • You need to remove the needle and do a cleaning on it. 
  • Wash your machine as well. 
  • Make sure that your k cup is in place and arrange the machine well for it to punch the pods too.

5. The Keurig Mini Hose Is Clogged 

Whenever you notice that your Keurig mini is not pumping water fully then you need to know that the hose is clogged and needs cleaning for it to come back to normal.


  • Avoid using hard water in your machine. 
  • Filter your water before using it.
  • Clean your hose by using a descaling solution on it. 
  • You can still replace it. 

6. Your Keurig Mini Needle is Clogged 

When the Keurig mini needles are clogged forget it. It will never work until you clean it. This clogging can be caused by debris, ground, and mineral buildups. You need to remove them first before they can function well. 


  • Bring out the needles from the machine and clean them with warm water and soapy water.
  • Clean the needle holder with some water 
  • Clean the needles with a paper towel and also the holder too.
  • Fix it back to the machine now you can make use of the machine to get your favorite coffee.

7. Your Keurig Mini Has Buildups.

When there is scaling or any mineral buildup in the machine, the machine can not function well with it. So, all you need to do is to descale your machine.


  • Mix vinegar and water and pour it into your machine to clean up all the build-up.
  • When you are done with the descaling. You can fix all your machine backs to use them.

How To Prevent Your Keurig Mini From Not Working

I will list out things you need to be mindful of, for your Keurig mini to always be in good shape. 

  • Always descale your machine.
  • Use filter water always to brew your coffee to avoid any build-up in the machine 
  • Always rinse your machine after each use.
  • Make use of plugging your machine well when using it and also unplug it after use to avoid spoilage. 
  • Contact Keurig mil customer service to help you fix any problem you can’t treat yourself. 

You may watch this video as well.


Why Is My Keurig Mini Not Punching My Pod?

It is not punching your pods because all the needles are blogged and need deep cleaning before they can function well again. 

What Is Wrong With My Keurig Mini Machine?

The list of everything that might be wrong with your Keurig mini machine is mentioned above. So if you read through the article you will find out your problem and fix it with the solution listed alongside it. 


Fixing the Keurig mini that is not working is not hard to do. The only challenge from your end is that you have refused to follow instructions on how to do it.

In the article, I have listed how you can easily fix your Keurig mini machine that is not working.  If you are sure you won’t get it right, please, contact a professional to help you with it.

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