How To Clean Keurig Duo With Vinegar In 7 Simple Steps

how to clean keurig duo with vinegar

Someone reached out to me some weeks ago complaining so bitterly about the taste of her coffee.  Her Keurig Duo coffee machine started giving her the taste of vinegar in her drink after she cleaned the Keurig Duo with vinegar. 

The situation with her Keurig machine was not funny again because she had to keep buying coffee from vendors. After she reached out to me, it did not take her up to 30 minutes to fix it back. So, if you are experiencing this now, I have a solution for you.

I will lead you step-by-step on how to clean your Keurig duo with vinegar without having even a smell of it in your coffee. 

What Materials Do I Need to Clean My Keurig Duo?

The materials needed for cleaning your Keurig Duo are white vinegar or Keurig descaling solution, water, a cup or tray to catch the dripping of the solution while cleaning, a paper towel, and mild soap. These are the things you need to clean up your Keurig Duo coffee machine. I will show you how you can work with all this.

How to Clean Your Keurig Duo With Vinegar?

You can clean your Keurig Duo with vinegar by unplugging your machine, detaching the water reservoir, cleaning up the pod holder, doing a main cleaning on it, doing a brewing cycle, and also cleaning the outer surface. These things that are listed above are the things that can help you do your cleaning well without any interruption. Below, I will explain these. So kindly follow through:

  1. Unplug The Cord: you should always know that before you do anything in an electrical machine, you should, first of all, unplug it above any disaster from your health.
  1. Water Reservoir Detaching: carefully detach your water reservoir from your Keurig Duo machine. Learn the water reservoir with clean soapy water. If there is a filter on it, then you have to clean it too. 

You should note that it is advisable to clean your water reservoir once every week and replace your water filter once every two months. Clean the drip tray and under the K-cup. When you are done, allow air to touch them by putting them out to dry.

  1. Carefully Clean The Pod Holder: you have to detach the k cup from the machine by pushing it to open from beneath the machine. Clean the K-cup and also beneath the place it came out from. Clean the pod holder with warm water and then rinse with fresh water.
  1. Mix The Vinegar And Water:  to mix these two, you have to add 16 ounces of vinegar and 16 ounces of water together. Make sure that the vinegar is not more than the water else it might cause damage to your Keurig Duo coffee machine. Run the solution in the machine so that the buildups can go out. If you notice that the minerals or build-ups are still there, you have to run the descaling again when it goes out. 
  1. Brewing Cycle: after removing and doing all this, you have to do a brewing cycle to clean them all up. 
  1. Wipe all the detachable parts you took out dry with a dry cloth or a paper towel, and then sun all of them outside for fresh air to enter them. 
  1. Once all the detachable parts are dry, attach them back to their right position and plug your machine cord back into the wall outlet. You are now free to take your favorite coffee again.

If you facing any issues then you can watch it.

Can I Clean My Keurig Duo With Only Vinegar 

You can clean your Keurig Duo with only vinegar because vinegar can give you the same result that the Keurig Duo descaling solutions will give you. So all you need to do is for you to mix your vinegar with an equal size of water and get your solution ready for your Keurig duo coffee machine to be descale with. Once you notice that you will not be able to do this yourself please contact a professional for it. 


How Long Should Vinegar Be In My Keurig Duo?

Vinegar should be in your Keurig Duo for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the machine to clean up with the vinegar mixed with water in it. Anything below this or above is not advisable, so be very careful in the process of cleaning your machine.

Will My Keurig Duo Come Back To Normal Again After Cleaning?

Yes! If you decide to descale your Keurig duo machine well you will get what you want at once and a nice coffee will be presented to you when you are ready for a drink. Always make sure to contact a professional if you don’t know how to descale it. If not, you might end up spoiling your machine.

What Are The Duration Of Cleaning My Keurig Duo?

Personal Keurig Duo users should clean it once every 3 months. Business Keurig duo should clean it once every month. The reason for this is that those that use it for personal use are not using it often so, it will hardly get buildup like that but for those that make use of it for business the tendency of it getting debris, mineral calcium and build up is very high and too much clogging can lead to the Keurig duo malfunctioning. 


I know this article has been of great help to you. Cleaning your machines is not hard to do once you follow the due procedure to fix it.

If your machine refuses to remove all the debris build-up, then you should redo the cleaning until they are all out. Make sure you rinse your machine with clean water so that your coffee will not taste any vinegar in it.

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