Delonghi Magnifica Warning Lights (How to Fix)

delonghi magnifica warning lights

I got a message from a friend yesterday on WhatsApp. He was alarmed seeing some warning lights he couldn’t understand on his Delonghi Magnifica. He quickly snapped it and sent it to me for interpretation. I could sense a tone of desperation in the text.

I guess you’re seeing some strange warning lights on your Delonghi Magnifica too and wondering what to do. Don’t panic!  I took time to describe all the warning lights and how to resolve the issues related to them. Just read on!

De’Longhi Magnifica Warning Lights: Meaning And How to Fix

Water Tank Indicator Light Is Steady

This light normally looks like a water droplet and indicates that the water tank is empty or has no adequate water, is not properly seated or 

clogged with limescale or other debris.


  1. Ensure that the water tank is adequately filled with water to the recommended level.
  2. Check to make sure the water tank is correctly positioned in its spot. 
  3. Clean the water tank if you see debris and limescale clogging it.

Water Tank Indicator Light Flashing

If the water tank indicator light is flashing, it may be due to the coffee grind being too fine, a slow preparation process, or the coffee maker struggling to prepare the coffee.


  1. Check the coffee grind – it should not be too fine.
  2. Ensure the coffee preparation is not too slow; it should flow smoothly.
  3. Confirm that the coffee maker can prepare the coffee as intended. If the issues persist, consider adjusting your coffee settings.

Coffee Grounds Container Warning Light Is Steady

If the coffee grounds container warning light, resembling a coffee filter, is illuminated, it means the coffee grounds container is full. 


  1. Empty the coffee grounds container and ensure it’s properly reinserted.

Coffee Grounds Container Indicator Light Flashing

A flashing coffee grounds container indicator light normally occurs when the “pre-ground coffee” option has been selected, but no ground coffee has been added to the machine.


  1. Make sure you add pre-ground coffee to the intended compartment if you’ve selected the pre-ground coffee option.
  2. If you’re not using pre-ground coffee, switch back to the regular coffee bean selection if desired.

Coffee Bean Container Warning Light

When the coffee bean container warning light, shaped like a coffee bean, is on, it indicates that the coffee bean container is empty. 


  1. Refill the coffee bean container with your choice of coffee beans.

Bean Container Indicator Lights and General Alarm Flash Alternately

This alternating flash could be due to various reasons: the coffee maker just turned on, the brewer not being set in place correctly, or the service door not closing properly.


  1. If the coffee maker was recently turned on, wait for it to complete its startup process.
  2. Check that the brewer, which is the part where the coffee is prepared, is correctly positioned in its designated place.
  3. Ensure the service door, which provides access for maintenance, is securely closed.

Bean Container and General Alarm Indicator Lights Flashing Simultaneously

Simultaneous flashing of these lights might indicate a possible clog in the pre-ground coffee funnel.


  1. Inspect the pre-ground coffee funnel for any blockages. Clean it if found.
  2. Ensure that if you’re not using pre-ground coffee, the machine is set to use coffee beans.

General Alarm Indicator Light Steady

A steady general alarm light may occur if the brewer wasn’t properly repositioned after cleaning, or if the inside of the brewer is excessively dirty.


  1. Ensure that the brewer is correctly reseated and securely in place.
  2. If the inside of the brewer is dirty, follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual to clean it properly.

General Alarm Indicator Light Flashing

The flashing general alarm light usually indicates that the service door has been left open.


  1. Close the service door securely to prevent the flashing alarm.

Descaling Warning Light

This light, often represented by a water droplet with an arrow, indicates that it’s time to descale the machine to prevent calcium buildup.


Follow the instructions in your user manual for descaling or watch the descaling guidelines in this video.

First Four Lights Blinking Alternately

When the first four lights on the De’Longhi Magnifica blink alternately, it means that the infuser might not have been correctly placed back into the machine after cleaning.


  1. Open the machine and ensure that the infuser, which is the part responsible for grinding and brewing, is properly seated and securely in place.
  2. Check your user manual for specific instructions on how to clean and reassemble the infuser correctly.

Steam Indicator Light Flashing

When the steam indicator light is flashing, it indicates that the machine is heating up to produce steam for frothing milk or hot water. 


This is a normal operation, and the light will stop flashing when the steam is ready for use.

One-cup, Two-Cup, and Steam Indicator Lights Flashing

 If these lights are flashing, the coffee maker is likely turned on while the steamer is also turned on.


  1. Turn off the coffee maker and the steamer. Make sure you activate them one at a time as needed to avoid conflicts.

Machine Overheating Warning Light Flashing

If you notice a flashing warning light that resembles a thermometer, it indicates that the machine is overheating and needs to cool down before you can use it again. This can happen after extensive use or if the machine has been in operation for an extended period.


  1. Allow it to cool down for a while before starting again.


What Do Red Lights Mean On The Delonghi Magnifica?

The red light on your Delonghi Magnifica signals that it’s time to descale your machine. Follow these guidelines to descale your Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine.

Why Is The Red Light Still On After Descaling Delonghi Magnifica?

If the red descale light remains on after descaling your Delonghi Magnifica, it’s likely due to incomplete or wrong descaling. 
Here’s how to troubleshoot it:
Confirm that you followed the descaling instructions accurately.
Ensure the water reservoir is correctly positioned and filled.
Use the recommended descaling solution in the right proportions.
Place your machine on a level surface during descaling.
Perform a thorough rinse cycle with clean water.
If the light persists, consult your manual for a reset procedure.

What Does The Orange Light Mean On DeLonghi Coffee Machine?

The flashing orange steam light on your DeLonghi coffee machine signals that the machine has stopped its operations because it’s currently in the process of descaling.


By following these troubleshooting steps, you can effectively address the specific warning light you see on your  De’Longhi Magnifica and ensure your coffee machine operates smoothly and as intended. If you encounter any issue that is difficult to resolve, contact De’Longhi customer support for help.

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