Nespresso Vertuo Airlock Problem: How to Fix

nespresso vertuo airlock problem

Many of us might have experienced the issues of Nespresso Vertuo Airlock several times and this happens when air is trapped inside the pump and the pipe in the process of purging the machine. Most times you will only have to heat the pump sound still nothing will show forth.

The challenge with your machine is that it has an Air bubble. An Air bubble can block the flow of water when it is coming out of the spout. This usually occurs when the machine is operated without water in the tank.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms and the solution to the problem. Mind you, we’ve already discussed the reason for the effects. So, let’s dive into more details!

How do I Fix My Nespresso Vertuo Airlock Problem?

how do i fix my nespresso vertuo airlock problem
  • You have to make sure that the water tank is full and installed in a very proper way.
  • Make sure to switch on the machine and leave the capsule lever open when using it.
  • When the machine has a warm-up and is ready, make sure you press the Lungo/ Espresso Button.  
  • There will be a pump sound that you will hear and always monitor the capsule compartment when using.
  • You will have to repeat steps 3 and 4 if no water or steam is coming out of the compartment.
  • After 5-10 cycles of trying this out, there will be an outflow of water pumping out to the capsule compartment. You can still do a circle of more than the number mentioned here.
  • You have to close the capsule lever and let it purge the machine 3-4 times before the airlock will be out.
  • You have to restart your machine after doing all this. 

Symptoms to Detect Your Nespresso Vertuo Airlock Problem

There are a lot of symptoms but we will be listing 5 of the symptoms. Remember once you start noticing this, then, know that your Nespresso Vertuo is having an effect.

  • When  your Nespresso Vertuo is Flashing lights
  • When there are Air bubbles in a coffee cup and it is making a loud machine noise
  • All of a sudden your Nespresso Machine is not making a full cup of coffee.
  • When there is a slow brewing of your coffee. 
  • When your Nespresso machine is not pumping water well.
  • your coffee temperature all of a sudden hardly gets hot.
original nespresso machine to avoid a vertuo airlock problem

Ways To Run Water in an Original Nespresso Machine To Avoid a Vertuo Airlock Problem

Follow the steps below to get it right:

  • Make sure you fill the water tank to the MAX line, don’t let it be below the line.
  • To eject any capsule from the machine, turn it on and open the lever to remove it.
  • To make espresso or lungo, press the bottom when the machine has warmed up. Always expect the machine to make a noise during this process.
  •  If you see any steam or water in the pod area, then you’ve solved the problem on your machine. If not, you’ll need to repeat this process. It can take you up to  5 to 10 tries or more for it to be solved.
  • If there is water or Stream in the pod, cover the lever and run it again for 5 espressos or lungs without a pod in the unit during the process.

These are some of the ways you can get the original machine filled up with water if that’s the one you are making use of.

Other Things You Need to Know

  • For any machines that have two outlets, which are a coffee outlet, and hot water or steam outlet, you have to activate the Lungo (a large cup) function, and also activate the steam/hot water function until the water flows from either the two outlets or one.  Be patient towards this, because you may try it over again many or a few times.
  • If you are an Original machine user, you need to activate the Lungo (large cup) to function, you have to allow it to complete the cycle again before you can press it, this should be done again until water flows from the spout. This process takes a long time. So be patient with it.
  • If you are making use of the  Vertuo machines, you have to follow the cleaning instructions in your  Manual. The instructions there are easy to obey and be patient because it takes time before it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my coffee machine find it hard to pump water?

If the water you make use of is hard, it can affect your coffee machine’s strength in pumping water during the coffee process. All you need to do is to descale the machine.

What do I do if my Coffee Maker is no Longer Pumping Water?

You have to run a Descaling circle to remove every build-up in your Vertuo machine. There are simple steps on how to do so in your Vertuo Manual. 

What makes my Nespresso vertuo machine always stop?

If you experience it often, that means your programming is wrong and you need to check how you have programmed it and change it to the right setting. Once you click on the right setting at that moment, it will repeat the same setting when you want to use it again. 


I know you’ve been able to get the right solution to the challenges you’ve been facing. When you follow the steps listed here, you will get your machine fixed back to its normal state as before. You can also prevent this by not keeping your Nespresso Vertuo Machine away for long

I know we’ve been able to solve your problem, so go and enjoy your Vertuo Machine.

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