Keurig Slim Not Pumping Water (Quick Fixed!)

keurig slim not pumping water

I woke up one morning with this unusual craving for coffee. I was already a bit late for a speaking engagement. Just in a hurry, I turned on my coffee maker ready to gulp down this yummy drink. Only to discover that my Keurig Slim machine is not pumping water.

This was very frustrating for me! I had to wait till I returned to fix the problem. So, I understand exactly how you feel when your Keurig Slim is not pumping water.

I will show you how you will get this problem fixed in this article. Just follow us duly and do all the things that will be listed here. 

Why Is My Keurig Slim Not Pumping Water?

Your Keurig Slim is not pumping water because there may be clogging, debris, mineral buildup from hard water, blockage, or a bad pump stream. These are some of the things that can prevent you from having access to your coffee for a day or more as long as it does not work very fast. 

In the following content, you will find out in detail why your Keurig Slim is pumping water and how to fix it. 

Clogged Filter And Water Line

Lime scale is one of the causes that can lead to the clogging of an hour filter or water line and the reason for this is some mineral buildup that is inside your coffee makers will create a hard and chalky substance that will lead to the limescale. 

The like scale can happen when the water line and filter have been used for a very long time without descaling and it can create debris that will prevent your Keurig Slim from pumping water. Let’s look at how to fix it.


  • Detach the water tank from the machine and empty it, before doing this make sure you unplug your machine first.
  • Remove the filter, and use a long magnetic screwdriver to undo the three screws that are holding the filter. 
  • When you are done opening it, you should remove the screen filter and soak it for about 45 minutes in soapy water or vinegar to wash it later. 
  • Once the 45 minutes are up and you notice that the debris is remaining in the filter, then clean it manually with a toothbrush. You can also make use of irrigation or water to clean it too.
  • When you are done, use clean water to rinse it to unclog any debris from it.
  • Place the filter back and screw up the three screws back in position.

If you just recently cleaned your Keurig Slim machine and you start noticing this, then there is a quick solution for you. 

  • Use the baster pipette and put it where the water tank and the water line meet.
  • Let the water pass through it a couple of times. If there is a little debris in the filter the water will take it off.

The Water Line Is Full Of Air

Sometimes the reason why your Keurig slim is not pumping water is that there is a lot of water in your water line and these need to go out before you can access water.


  • You need to unplug your Keurig slim coffee machine from the wall socket.
  • Detach the drip tray and water tank from your coffee machine 
  • Shake the coffee maker very well and make sure you are holding it very well. Shaking your machine will make the trapped air be released from the water line.
  • Make the coffee maker upside down and smack it. It will also help to release the air in it.

This is very simple to do and it will not take a day for you to fix this. So gently do it and don’t spoil your coffee machine in the process. 

Your Pump Stream Is Damaged 

This is to tell you that you can not get any water from your Keurig slim because the water pump is bad. Whenever you experience stuff like this, don’t bother yourself, just do the needful by changing it. 


  • Change the motor of your machine.
  • If you can’t do that, you can change the entire water pump.

If you are still confused, check out this video.

How To Prevent Your  Keurig Slim From Not Pumping Water.

I will show you the things I do to prevent my Keurig Slim from developing a problem of not pumping water.

  • When you are descaling your coffee machine, make sure you clean the filter very well to remove any clogging, debris, mineral buildup, and blockage.
  • Change your water pump if it is bad.
  • Unair your water tank if there is any there. 
  • If the water filter is bad, please change it. 


How Do I Fix My Keurig Machine That Has Refused To Pump Water?

Fixing this is not an issue at all, all you need to do is to check out if there is any blockage like clogging, mineral buildup, or if the pump tap is bad. The next thing to do is to follow the solution listed in the article to get it fixed up.

Can I Descale My Keurig Slim Machine?

Yes, you should escape it if the problem is mineral buildup or any other issue like clogging. The solution on how to work on it is listed above.

Is My Keurig Slim Coffee Machine Faulty? 

It is not true and you need to know that if all the problems listed above are not the challenge with your machine, then you need to contact Keurig Slim customer service to help you fix the issue. 


Now that you’ve found out the reason why your Keurig slim is not pumping water. All of these headaches can come from a blockage or the pump tape is faulty and needs a change.

You should also know that there can be a mineral build-up in your machine that has hindered your machine from pumping water for you. This problem can be fixed if you follow the solutions listed in this article. Hope you got value.

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