About Us

Fix all the faults of your coffee maker without spending a dime!

Hey coffee lover! How does it feel when you want to brew your delicious morning coffee and your coffee maker suddenly stops working? Do you miss this refreshing feeling that your coffee drink gives you? This is enough to ruin your day! We know that frustrating feeling. That’s why we are here to help you.

Who We Are 

Coffees & Cares is a coffee brand that provides you with practical and easy ways to maintain and fix all the faults of your coffee brewing machine. Without spending a dime!


This is Javad Ahmad. A professional coffee machine consultant, coffee lover, and the genius behind this amazing website. 

As the surging demand and stress involved in consultation increased, I decided to create an avenue where coffee lovers like me will be enlightened on how to maintain and fix the problems of their coffee makers for free. This is how the initiative of Coffees & Cares was birthed!

My goal is to make coffees & Cares the best place to get detailed answers to all your itching questions about the problems of your coffee brewing machine. I also give insights on different coffee brewing machines that are best for making your coffee and how to use them.

All the information here is authentic and practical. So you can trust us to get reliable guidelines on how to fix your coffee maker. Together, let’s make Coffees & Cares a haven for all coffee lovers!

Our Mission 

We are here to equip you with all the practical knowledge on how to maintain your coffee brewing machine. And fix all the faults without hiring someone! We know how refreshed you feel every morning after gulping down your coffee drink. And wouldn’t want you to miss your favorite coffee any day, due to the faulty performance of brewing machines. All the questions about how to handle all your coffee brewing machines are answered here!

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