Keurig K-duo Troubleshooting (6 Issued Fixed)

keurig k-duo troubleshooting

Most Keurig k-duo users often want to change to a new brand because their coffee machine just started troubleshooting and the fact that they can’t fix it will leave them with no option but to change to another coffee machine.

I know right now you can relate to these issues because you’ve been there and your heart desires to look for a solution to it. 

This is the reason we are writing this article to give you your desired solutions to it and also what the issues that resulted from such troubleshooting. 

Kindly, follow us as we show you the right thing to do for your Keurig k-duo troubleshooting.

6 Common Keurig K-Duo Problems With Solutions

Keurig K-duo Won’t Switch On.

It may be that you are experiencing an issue like this and you don’t know how to fix it. The causes of this can be that the power outlet you plugged this machine into is not working, there is no power supply in the wall socket, and the cable cord is not good. 

It may be that you’ve tried out all these things and still, it is not working. These can be the problems surrounding the troubleshooting of the Keurig K-duo machine. 


Let’s talk about the possible solutions 

  • You have to hold the power button down for 10 seconds.
  • You have to remove the water reservoir and unplug the machine from the wall socket. Let your Keurig K-duo machine sit for an hour before you can put them back together again.
  • Once you are done with the first two steps, try it again. If you tried it and it still does not want to be on, then contact the Keurig K-duo customer service for more assistance.

Keurig K-duo Is Not Heating Water At All 

Whenever your coffee machine begins to dispense water properly and at the end, you only get cold water instead of hot water. The problem is not coming from the heating mechanism. The reason for this is that there is clogging in the machine or there are dirty pipes that need to be cleaned up first. Let’s look at the possible solution.


  • First of all, you have to turn off the machine and then on it again to see if it is going to stop. 
  • Then, you have to do a cleaning of the machine and you need to make use of the right solution for it. 
  • If the issue is from the water pump, then you have to hold the brewing button down for 5 seconds. This will make the water come out forcefully.
  • If none of this works out, it has to replace your water pump with a new one. 

Keurig K-duo Is Stuck In The Preheating Mode.

Most times, it takes 3 minutes before your machine will switch on after you’ve turned it on yourself for it to preheat the water before it can brew. But now, it takes longer for you to get what you want from your machine. This means there is an issue that has occurred that needs to be treated. 


  • You have to turn off your MA home and unplug it for it to reset on its own. 
  • You should check if your water reservoirs are set well.
  • Contact a professional for it to be fixed if the things you did do not go with it. 

Keurig K-duo Is Not Dispensing Water Again

With time, the water line in your Keurig k-duo machine will get clogged with some debris and coffee grounds. These signify that your machine can only produce a small amount of coffee. You can diagnose your machine by doing the following solution.


  • You can get this sorted out by doing proper cleaning on the machine by following the instructions on a manual to get it done. 
  • After you have unclogged the water line in your machine manually, you should run a machine with a brewing cycle using clean water to rinse out any debris that is in the machine. 
  • Now your machine is set for use. 

Keurig K-duo Coffee Contains A Ground.

Sometimes the needle is the issue of the coffee grounds that are entering your coffee. When you are brewing hot chocolate or anything sweet it has a way of making the needle too sticky and it can lead to grounds entering your coffee.


  • Whenever you start experiencing these, you should know you need to clean the needle and remove those sweet things from it.
  • A paper clip or a Keurig tool can go for the cleaning of the needs so, try the two.
  • You have to run a brewing cycle with clean water on your machine after the cleaning.

Keurig K-duo Is Writing an Error Message

When your water reservoir is full but the machine is detecting that it is not enough, there is an issue with the machine not getting the right message. Let’s see the possible solutions.


  • You have to fill the water to that maximum water level, then check if it is correct.
  • You need to remove the reservoir in the K-duo machine and clean it with soapy water, rinse it well before you can refill it again.
  • You have to check the valve at the bottom of the machine and ensure there is no clogging on it again.

If you’re still having trouble with your K-duo, watch this video:


What Makes My Keurig K-duo Troubleshoot?

Many issues can make your k-duo machine not work such as the water reservoir, the water pump, the needles, and also the air pump. Your machine may be suffering from one of these. And the article has shown you how to get it fixed.

What Makes My Keurig K-duo Always Turn Off While Using It?

If your coffee machine keeps turning off while using it, it means that the machine needs to have not punctured the coffee pod at the bottom of it, or your machine needle is clogged and needs descaling. To resolve the issues, you have to manually puncture your K-cup pod before outing it in the machine or you have to take your Keurig k-duo for a repair.


It is advised to always clean your Keurig K-duo coffee machine to avoid troubleshooting and also for longevity to be sure for you. I know this article has been of great help to you’ve gotten the desired solutions you need for your machine.

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