Keurig K Express Won’t Turn On: 3 Issued Solved

keurig k express won't turn on

The K express machine can be of great help to you by providing you with a great and quick coffee in the morning. It is well known that the Keurig K express machine is one of the best coffee makers in the market and you should always expect a great coffee taste every morning. But what will you do when you wake up to brew your coffee and your Keurig K Express suddenly won’t turn on?

The continuous use of Keurig K espresso without proper cleaning or care may be the reason for the difficulty in turning on that you are experiencing.

In this article,  you will need to follow the following steps to fix the problem of your  Keurig K Express not turning on and what to do to keep your machine safe and sound.

Why Is Your Keurig K Express Won’t Turn On

why is keurig k express won't turn on

Many things make your K Express coffee machine not turn on and these can leave you in a distressed mood. 

We will list out a few things that can cause this and also their possible solutions to each of them.

1. Loose Water Reservoir 

These can lead to your Keurig K Express not turning on and it can take place when the water reservoir is not properly secured. And it will lead to water leaking out from the bottom of your machine. If you’ve experienced this before, you should know what I am talking about.


To get this fix, you have to check the water reservoir every time you want to make use of it and make sure it is properly placed and secured for use. 

If you know you are not sure if the reservoir is in the right place before you turn on your machine to make an espresso for you, kindly check it to avoid any issues with your machine.

2. Clogging Of The K Express Machine

keurig k express won't turn on

If you’ve been making use of your Keurig K express machine for close to 6 months without cleaning it, it can lead to clogging of your machine which will result in the machine not turning on. 

Over time, the coffee grounds and the debris we use to make our coffee can accumulate inside the needle that opens the K-cup while making your coffee. This can lead to a build-up that can result in leaks in the machine.

A Lot of us who are coffee drinkers think that this machine can not troubleshoot and this has led to the damage of so many K Express coffee machines. Now let’s look at the possible solutions to this clogging.


Once you’ve noticed that the reason your K Express coffee machine won’t turn on is because of the clogging, all you need to do is use a good paper clip or any needle to carefully clean up the clogged needle. Once you’ve done that your coffee machine will be back to normal again.

3. A Damaged Gasket 

If your K Express machine has a damaged gasket it can also lead to you experiencing troubleshooting problems such as leaking of the K Express machine.

Note what the gasket is all about, it is a small rubber seal that helps your machine from leaking while producing coffee. With time, the gasket can wear out or get damaged which can lead to the leaking of the machine.


To fix your worn-out or damaged gasket all you need to do is a replacement. Make sure to get a gasket that can fit your K Express machine. With this, you can get your coffee machine back.

If any of this has happened to you before, then you have gotten the right solution to get them solved again. Mind you, if any of these problems and solutions fit your machine then, you need to contact support from Keurig customer service or you can reach out to a professional to help you fix it.

This video may help you as well.

What Are The Possible Ways To Prevent My Keurig K Express Not Turning On

We will show you the simple ways to fix this without much stress:

  • Check if there is any clogging in your machine.
  • Remove any used ground you see while cleaning the machine.
  • Check if the gasket is worn out or damaged and replace it without any delays 
  • Check if the water reservoir is placed we’ll.
  • Declare your machine always to avoid any issues again.


How Do I Fix My K Express Machine When It Won’t Turn On?

One piece of advice that is strongly recommended for you is to descale your machine once you notice any problem. This will help you make your K Express machine last long for you.

What If There is No Build The K Express Machine But It Still Won’t Turn on? 

When you keep experiencing this, then you need a professional to check out your machine or the Keurig customer service. These both can help you fix them.


Keurig K Express coffee machine is a great way to get your favorite coffee without experiencing any form of fuss during the production of your coffee. However, there are times when your new K Express machine may not work just as you’ve wanted it to. We’ve been able to state the possible problems of your machine not turning on and ways to fix them in this article.

If you keep experiencing issues like this, contact a professional or Keurig Press customer care to help you out with it.

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