Keurig K Express Not Pumping Water: Quick Fixed

keurig k express not pumping water

The Keurig K Express Brewer is a new coffee machine that does not have a long complicated process while producing a cup of coffee. All you need to do to get your coffee is for you to fill your K Express water reservoir with water and put your cup into the machine and in a minute your hot coffee is ready for you to drink.

All this easy way can happen when your machine is working effectively without any problem attached to it. But, if your Keurig K Express suddenly stops pumping water, know that your machine needs attention for it to be back to normal again.

In this article, we will walk you through the solution of how to get your machine to pump water again.

Why Is My Keurig K Express Not Pumping Water

The possible reasons your K express is not pumping water are that your water tank needs cleaning, the airlock is clogged, there are blocks in the internal water flow, the needles or nozzle is clogged, or the water magnet is misaligned. Let’s dive into the solutions!

why is my keurig k express not pumping water
keurig k express not pumping water

1. The Water Tank Needs Cleaning

Securely attach your water tank to the machine and make sure it’s filled up. If you are sure that this is done and it is not still working. Then there is a mineral buildup that is around the exit nozzle of the machine that needs to be cleaned up for you to avoid a clog from the water pumping.

We will lead you on the possible solution on how to fix it.


  • You have to remove the water tank and empty it and also remove the what holder.
  • Locate where the exit nozzle is and spring it. You have to refill your water reservoir. You need to take a dull object and use it to push the spring down. Do it a few times and if it freely moves then you have to know that the issue for that part is done. 
  • Place your water reservoir back properly and fill it with 2-3 inches of water.
  • You need to make use of a turkey baster to suck up any water from the water tank.
  • Then, squirt the baster directly into black nozzles. Do this up to 2-3 times by working all around the nozzle to get it clean.
  • If particles are floating up directly from the nozzles then calcium mineral buildup will be removed. In this process, you have to run a hot water cycle in your measuring cup to see if there will be a pumping of water while brewing a cup of coffee.

2. The Airlock Is Clogged

The reason why there is an airlock in your K Express machine is that you accidentally ran a brew cycle without having enough water in your water tank reservoir. This will add to clogging in your K Express which can result in it not pumping any water.


Now let’s look at the airlock solution.

  • Fill your water tank reservoir with a quarter of water. 
  • You need to lift your water tank up and down quickly after filling it. There will be a little air bubble that will be coming out from your water reservoir. Continue with the process until the bubbles stop. 
  • There is a max line in your water reservoir, you need to fill it up with water to that line and run a hot water brew process. Once what starts flowing down from your machine that means you’ve been able to fix your machine but if not, take the process again until it is done. 

3. There Are Blocks In The  Internal Water Flow

If there is any calcium buildup in your water reservoir tank, this can also be inside your machine. As the water that is used to brew the K-cups of coffee travels through the brewer, it will leave you with minerals behind, which will cause limescale that will build up inside your k to express the coffee machine. 

This buildup can get big which will result in clogging in your K Express machine. Once this starts happening, your Keurig K express coffee machine will not be able to pump water for you.


  • Your k express machine should be descaled every 3-6 months. This can help your machine from getting clogged and the process should take place even when you are making use of a water filter. You can still make use of a low-cost testing kit to know if you are making use of hard water or not. 
  • The Keurig models came with their displaying solutions that can help you remove minerals out of your K Express machine without you looking out for which solution will work with it.

With these solutions, you will be able to get your K Express coffee machine back to order again and you will be able to enjoy your favorite coffee again.

4. The Needles Or Nozzles Is Clogged

Some needles inside your coffee machine help your capsules to get holes for your pods and get water to flow to your coffee cup. There are times that the grounds from the coffee get stuck around the needles and at the same time dry and hard. 

This can take place when you don’t remove your pods after use. These dry and hard grounds can stop the flow of water inside your Keurig K express machine. It can lead to clogging in the needle and the machine will eventually stop pumping water. 

You need to make use of the orange cleaning tools that came with your K Express machine to get the clogged needle cleaned again. 

Let’s see other solutions to it.


There is a paper solution you can make use of in cleaning your K Express clogged needle.

  • Get a paper, and straighten the end of it.
  • Unplug your K Express and remove your water reservoir.
  • Gently remove the pod holder and remove the brewer.
  • You have to press the button on both sides to remove the holder separately from the housing. You have to push up the lever that holds the existing needles together and hold down the machine while flipping the holder over. 
  • You have to put the needles straight into the machine and do a circle cleaning a few times. You have to rinse your pod holder with clean water and keep it separately. 
  • The handle should be opened and beneath it, you will see an exit needle, inside it insert the paper clips in each and make it move around until it is all cleaned up.

5. The Water Magnet Alignment 

The water magnet helps to detect the level of water in your water reservoir. With time, the water magnet may become misaligned and will get stuck due to a vibration that comes out of your K Express machine while using it. 

Whenever this occurs, the water magnet will be unable to detect the water level and there will be no water pumping whenever you need to brew your coffee.


To get this fixed again, you have to tap the tank that is near the magnet housing. Shake it a little or move it. If the magnet is still stuck, empty all the water in the water reservoir. You have to clean it up fill it back with water and let it reach the max line. If after doing this it still does not work out, you need to change it or talk to a professional about it. 

Then, if your machine is not a new one, what you need to do is take out the K Express water reservoir and empty it before you can refill it again. When you refill it, shake it around the reservoir to help clean it up, and then take it out again. 

You need to locate the place where the K Express pumps water and then clean it with a dish towel so that it can remove any grounds or debris that can obstruct the K Express from pumping water. 


How Do I Get My Keurig K Express To Pump Water? 

If truly you followed the process in these articles then you can get it back to our what again. 

What Descaling Solutions Is Best To Use?

There is an orange solution that came with your machine, make use of it. And every Keurig machine comes with its solution that can also be used for every product.

Final Thoughts

If your Keurig K expresses won’t pump water, that’s because something is blocking the water flow be it clogging, minerals build up, water filter, or even the magnets. 

However, you’ve also gotten the solutions on how to solve it in this article. If you know you’ve not read through this article then go back and do that.

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