Nespresso Vertuo Cleaning Cycle Not Working (Fixed!)

nespresso vertuo cleaning cycle not working

A Nespresso device supplies you with a daybreak caffeine bang and an afternoon pick-me-up coffee in less than a minute. But, you’ve found out that with all the activity this machine gets, it’s always vital to maintain it properly.

If you find out that your coffee retainer has been running at an extensively slower amount than you predicted, or it’s stopped distributing coffee for you, all this is notifying you is that it is time for you to descale your Nespresso machine.

In this article, I will give you components of how to guide or take into consideration your device. We will explain everything you need to know about your Nespresso machine from how to tidy up a Nespresso device down to how to descale your device, with this, you’ll have a renewed cup of yummy coffee.

Why Should You Clean Your Nespresso Vertuo Machine

The Nespresso Vertuo device will produce high-quality coffee when it has to be cleaned well. You clean the Nespresso Vertuo Machine so that the health of the machine will last a long time for you.

Bacteria and mold will be created over the period in the water tank when it is not washed and retained. Deposition, oils, minerals, and coffee mugs can usher clogging the device and it will simulate the flavor of your coffee.

Periodic cleaning of your Nespresso Vertuo machine will provide you with the best-tasty coffee. Also, the life span of the Nespresso Vertuo Machine will extend.

How To Know Your Nespresso Vertuo Machine Needs Cleaning

Many signs notify you that  your Nespresso machine needs descaling or cleaning:

  • This will happen when there is a change in your coffee flavor. Sometimes, when you notice that your coffee starts to taste burnt, dirty, and sour.
  • Your Nespresso machine is making strange noises that you don’t expect. It will begin to make loud noises and sometimes, it takes more time to start pouring out the coffee.
  • The pour of coffee comes out slower than expected, and the stream of coffee you get is very thin.
  • The machine can’t heat the water as normal and the coffee is always at a cooler temperature.

How Many Times Should The Nespresso Vertuo Machine

A Nespresso Vertuo Machine should be clean when you’ve used about 600 capsules or it should be down thrice in a year.

A Descaling process most times will be complex and it requires a Descaling solution that runs through the water tank down to the coffee.

What Are The Required Equipment For Cleaning a Nespresso Vertuo Machine

Below are some of the things you need to clean a Nespresso Vertuo machine:

  • Clean cloth
  • A dish soap
  • A container for rinsing water (it should be one that can fit under the brew head)

Part Of The Nespresso Vertuo Machine That Needs More Attention When Cleaning

  • Water tank: The water tank should be removed from the Nespresso machine, you have to empty and clean it very well with dish soap. Rinse it with clean water. Ensure that there are no suds in it, refill it with clean water, and put it back in the Nespresso Vertuo machine. Note: the water tank should not be dropped in the dishwasher, because some of the dishwashers are not clean.
  • Capsule Container: Every used capsule should be empty and washed in dish soap.
  • Brew Head: The brew head is where coffee reaches out from. Use a damping dishcloth and clean the inside of the capsule head. Clean the outside edges and the interior of the pill holder. Then, wipe the coffee outlet with a clean cloth to remove the coffee buildup inside the device.
  • Drip Tray: Empty the driblet tray and let it with container soap. Scrub out any buildup. Put the drip tray back in its right place. The drip tray should be unpacked easily so it doesn’t spill over.
  • Machine Body: Use a damper cloth and sterile the whole device very well. The need for soap during the procedure is not needed because you desire to brush away the smudges. 

How To Run A Cleaning Cycle On A Nespresso Vertuo Machine

A Cleaning Cycle helps to rinse the machine of leftover coffee grounds and their residue. This is a simple way to clean a machine without doing actual work. To use a cleaning cycle, you need to take a cleaning mode. 

For a Vertuo Machine, you need to press the start button three times and it should be within two seconds, the light will flash once it is on. Make sure you eject the used capsules. Open the lid and close it. If this doesn’t work, make sure you open and close the lid again and again until it works. It will take several tries and different speeds of pressing the button, it should do it three times in two seconds unless it is bad.

How To Clean A Nespresso Vertuo Machine

  • The Nespresso Vertuo machine should be cleaned 1 or 2 a week, and this should be done depending on how you make use of it.
  • The utilized tablet should not be left on the holder. You should unfurl and lock the cover to support you in plunging the used tablet into the waste receptacle. If the old capsule is on the machine head, you’ll always get more coffee residue in your coffee cup.
  • The lid, water tank, and driblet tray should be in the air to dry before reassembling likewise.
  • Bypass letting moisture stay in the tank is too lengthy. It causes the taste to be bad.
  • Don’t use a moocher and powerful purifiers to tidy up the Nespresso Vertuo Machine. A fabric and a mild container of soap are adequate to get it tidied up.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How Many Times Should I Clean My Nespresso Vertuo Machine Cycle

These should be every 3 Months on 600 brews. This process helps to remove mineral particles.


With the detailed explanation of everything written down here, I know you’ve been able to get the desired solution needed for your Nespresso Vertuo Machine cleaning cycle.

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