Keurig Slim Troubleshooting: 3 Issued Fixed

keurig slim troubleshooting

Some years ago, I experienced a lot of problems with my Keurig Slim coffee machine and I thought that it had been damaged.

Over time, my mastery of how to fix different coffee machines has helped me realize that the problem was actually from me. I lacked the right knowledge on how to handle and fix my Keurig Slim machine.

In this article, I will show you the reasons why your machine has not been working fine and how you can get it back in order again. 

Why Is My Keurig Slim Troubleshooting 

Basically, your Keurig Slim is troubleshooting because you’ve ignored your machine for too long. You hardly give it attention, maintain it, or even descale it. Many things can also make your Keurig slim to troubleshoot. It may not be entirely your fault.

3 Common Keurig Slim Problems and How to Solve Them

The troubleshooting issues of the Keurig Slim could be that the Keurig Slim brews little coffee, leaks from underneath, or the coffee suddenly changes the taste of your normal coffee.

I explained these troubleshooting issues and the best ways to fix them. Just in case you’re facing any one of them!

Keurig Slim Brews Little Coffee

The reason why your coffee machine is producing little coffee is that there is a lot of clogging in your machine. When you are not getting the amount of coffee you expect from your machine, chances are that your coffee machine is full of debris and grounds in the water line.


  • Run a brewing cycle in your coffee machine and do it without the k cup on it. 
  • You should clean the needles so that the coffee grounds and coffee will be cleaned off.
  • Once you are done with the unclogging, you will now get the full amount of coffee that is expected of you.

Leakage From Your Keurig Slim Machine

You’ve been observing a lot of leakage from your Keurig slim machine and this has resulted in a lot of inconvenience for you and you are frustrated with the whole thing. 


To fix these, you need to do the following:

  1. The location of the gasket is in a place close to your Keurig needle. Try and locate it.
  2. Check if the gasket is in place or if it is missing.
  3. If the gasket is still there, then you need to place it well.
  4. If the gasket is missing, you need to replace it. That’s how you can get this solved out.

Check out this video

My Coffee Is Giving Me Another Taste

Whenever I start getting a taste that is different from what I do get, then I now know that my machine needs descaling. 

Too much debris in your machine can make your coffee taste change to something else. The right thing to do is to descale it. 

Some machines will alert you when you need to descale your machine. If your machine is not like that, then you have to descale once every three months or more depending on how you are making use of it.

How Do I Avoid Keurig Slim Troubleshooting

Refill Your Water Reservoir

You may have experienced a lot of issues but one thing you should note is that there is a lot of build-up in your machine through the hard water, all you need to do is avoid leaving water in your water tank. You should always make use of water softener or filtered water.

Do cleanings in your coffee machine 

If you were not able to access the water softener, then you should run your machine without the k cup. This can help you get out the debris or buildup.

You Need To Descale Your Machine

If you keep facing the same challenge and it refuses to stop, then you should go with vinegar and water to get the debris and buildup out of your machine. 

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are one thing you will never know that can hinder your coffee machine from working. To get this sorted out, all you need to do is for you to fill up your water reservoir and shake it very well. With this, the air bubbles will go out. Make sure before you shake it, unplug it first.

Check out this video on how to reset Keurig K Slim.


Can I Leave Water In My Water Reservoir? 

It is never advised for you to leave any water in your Keurig slim water reservoir, always at all times run a brewing cleaning after each use of the coffee machine to avoid any build-ups that can lead to troubleshooting. 

What Is The Right Water I Should Use for My Coffee?

Filtered water is advisable to use. It will help in the overall quality and taste of your coffee or any drink. It can also avoid your machining from experiencing any of the troubleshooting like a mineral buildup.

How Do I Know My Keurig Slim is Troubleshooting?

You can figure these out when you are finding it difficult to access your machine the normal way you’ve been handling it. Or when it is difficult for you to get a coffee out of your machine. 
Some of the troubleshooting has been listed above and those things can help you to know the particular problem your machine is facing. 


I have listed a lot of troubleshooting you can face with your Keurig slim coffee machine and the guide on how to fix it is listed too. Once you’ve been able to diagnose the problem of your machine you can be able to apply the solution that was started here. I know you have not forgotten that your machine needs a lot of attention in the aspects of maintenance so that it can last long.

Don’t forget to contact Keurig customer service in case you need any additional help.

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