Keurig Slim Descale Light Won’t Turn Off – Here’s How to Fix It

keurig slim descale light won’t turn off

I am a lover of coffee and I get a nice drink from my Keurig Slim coffee machine every early morning. It doesn’t waste any time for me to get that lovely drink of mine until I noticed that my Keurig Slim descale light won’t turn off one early morning I made a coffee for myself and a friend.

It took me just 20 minutes to diagnose the problem. So, if you are going through this currently and you are reading this article now, then you’ve come to the right place.

I will show you the reasons why your Keurig Slim coffee machine has refused to turn off and the possible ways to work on it. And how to prevent it from happening again.

Why Is It My Keurig Slim Descale Light Won’t Turn Off?

Hard water, debris, lack of descaling, mineral calcium, and malfunctioning can make your Keurig slim descale light not turn off. Let’s dissect these problems!

Descaling Is Overdue

If you’ve been making use of your coffee machine for more than six months, then have it in mind that the descale light won’t turn off. The Keurig slim coffee machine is best when kept in a good condition. An overdue descaling can build up a lot of minerals that can affect your coffee machine. 

The best way to make it work is to descale it once a month, once in three months, or once in six months; this all depends on how you make use of the machine. 

A Full Water Reservoir 

Most times when the descale light refuses to go off, an over-full water recovery can be the challenge. To solve this, then you have to reduce the water to the normal level for the light to go off. 

Malfunctioning Of Your Keurig Slim Machine

If after you’ve done a lot of descaling and the descale light refuses to turn off, then you need to know that your Keurig slim machine is faulty and needs repair. What you need to do is contact a Keurig Slim custom service because at this point you can not fix it yourself but they will do it perfectly for you. 

How Can I Fix My Keurig Slim Descale Light That Won’t Turn Off?

Let’s see the few things you can do to solve the problem of your descaling light not turning off:

Make Your Keurig Slim Run Through More Water

The reason why your Keurig slim descaling light has refused to turn off is because of the incomplete descaling cycle. To solve these problems, you have to run a full tank of water through your Keurig Slim coffee machine. You must do this twice.

Work On your Water Pump

The problem with your Keurig machine might be. The water pump. Once you notice that the descaling light is not turned off after running water twice in your Keurig machine, then the pump is the cause. To solve this, you have to press and hold the brewing button for 5 seconds. This will relieve your machine from the issue it is experiencing and the water pump will start working.

The Needle and the K-Cup should clean 

When your K-cup and needle are clogged, it will make your scaling light remain on and not turn off. To solve this, you have to remove the K-cup and clean it. Also, check the needle and remove any debris around it. With this, the descaling light will be able to turn off now.

Clean the external overflow Drain

If there is a clog in your external overflow drain, it can make your descaling light never turn off.  This problem can keep you from not getting a coffee for a very long time. 

All you need to do is to locate where the external overflow drain is, then disassemble it. Check if there is any water that has entered it, then, turn your machine upside down to make sure that all the water goes out from there and now reassemble it again.  Now your machine is good to go for usage. 

After you’ve done all of this and it is still not working, then know that your coffee machine is faulty and you need to contact Keurig Slim customer service. 

How To Preserve Your Keurig Slim Machine 

I will list out for you how you can preserve your Keurig slim machine so that it will not keep showing you that the light won’t turn off. These steps are listed below:

  1. You should always descale your Keurig slim machine. The descaling should depend on how often you make use of it. Personal use should descale once every three months or six months. For someone that uses it for business, it should be on every month.
  1. Clean up your coffee machine with a little detergent and clean water whenever you use it. It will help in the olive span of the machine.
  1. Make sure that all the removable parts are cleaned up. Clean and wash them with warm soapy water. The water reservoir and the tank filter should be looked into very well.
  1. After each use, make sure you rinse your tank to remove any debris or clogging that is there after making your coffee.
  1. Make use of good water for your coffee machine. If your water is hard, then you have to filter it before using it.
  1. Make use of a good right sense of coffee size when making your coffee. 
  1. Place your Keurig slim coffee machine in a dry and clean place.

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What Other Ways Can I Fix My Keurig Slim Descale Light That Won’t Turn Off?

There are no two ways of turning it off than for you to descale your machine properly. When you’ve done a good descaling and the light still refuses to turn off, then contact Keurig Slim customer service.

When Should I Descale My Keurig Slim Machine? 

It should be done once every six months. You can only do this if you are the only one making use of the machine. When you regularly make use of this then you should do it every three months but for those that use it for business, it should be every month.


I know the guidelines I mention here have been able to help your Keurig slim descaling light to turn off. Don’t forget to descale your coffee machine regularly depending on how you are making use of it. If you know you’ve tried all these and no solutions are coming out of it, then you have to contact the customer service of Keurig Slim company to help you fix it. 

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