Delonghi La Specialista Descaling Light Stays On (Easy Fix!)

delonghi la specialista descaling light stays on

One sunny morning, I stood in my kitchen, eager to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee from my DeLonghi La Specialista. But as I approached the machine, I noticed the descaling light was still on, even though I had descaled it the previous night. I quickly reviewed the user manual to be sure I hadn’t missed any steps during the descaling process.

Everything seemed in order, but the DeLonghi La Specialista descale light still stayed on. As a coffee machine repairman, I used the experience I’ve had in many years of repairing machines to resolve the problem. Within 10 minutes, the descale light was turned off. 

So, if your DeLonghi La Specialista descale light still stays on, you’ll turn it off in less than 20 minutes by following the instructions in this guide.

Why Is My DeLonghi La Specialista Descale Light Still On Even After Descaling?

Your DeLonghi La Specialista descale light still stays on after descaling because part of the descaling process may have been skipped or carried out too hastily.

Descaling is a thorough procedure that involves several essential steps to effectively remove mineral deposits from the internal components of your machine. If any of these steps are omitted or not given the proper time they require, the machine may not recognize that the descaling process has been completed.


  • Ensure Proper Water Level

Make sure the water tank contains at least two inches of water to ensure there’s enough water for the descaling process.

  •  Activate Descaling Mode

Press and hold the descale button for a slow count of five seconds. This action will activate the descale mode. As a result, the coffee lights will flash, indicating that you cannot brew coffee during this process.

  •  Prepare for Descaling

Place a container (like a jug) under the steam valve to catch the descaling solution and water mixture that will be expelled during the process.

Fully open the steam valve to initiate the descaling cycle. The machine will stop when the tank is empty, flushing the descaling solution through the machine.

  •  Close Steam Valve

Once the tank is empty, close the steam valve.

  •  Refill Water Tank

Remove the water tank and add at least two inches of fresh water to it.

  •  Restart Descaling

Reinsert the water tank into the machine.

Open the steam valve fully once again. This time, the freshwater will flow through the machine without interruption.

  • Complete Descaling

Allow the machine to continue until the tank is empty. Close the steam valve, and the machine will turn itself off.

  •  Reset the Machine

Refill the water tank as needed and turn the machine back on.

After following these steps, you should notice that the descaling light is now turned off, and you can proceed with making coffee as usual.

What Do I Do If My DeLonghi La Specialista Descale Light Stays On?

This is what to do if your DeLonghi La Specialista descale light stays on after descaling:

  • Flush with Fresh Water

 Rinse your machine thoroughly to remove any remnants of the descaling agent.

  • Remove Water Tank

 Take out the water tank and fill it to the ‘max’ mark with tap water.

  • Rinse

Reinsert the tank and initiate a rinsing cycle. This will flush out any remaining descaling agent.


How Long Does Delonghi Descaling Take?

The descaling process in Delonghi machines normally takes around 30 minutes to complete. This includes the time needed for the machine to run the descaling solution through its internal components.

Can You Use Any Descaling Solution In Delonghi Machines?

No, you can’t use any descaling solution in your Delonghi machine. To maintain the quality and prolong the lifespan of your Delonghi coffee machine, it’s important to use the right descaling solution. The recommended and safe option for Delonghi machines is EcoDecalk. Using other descaling solutions not endorsed by the manufacturer can be ineffective or even harm your machine. 


By following these steps, you can effectively resolve the issue of the DeLonghi La Specialista’s descaling light staying on after completing the descaling process.

It ensures that the machine recognizes the descaling procedure and turns off the descale light.  So, you can now enjoy your coffee without the nagging descale light.

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