Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working (Try These 5 Fixes)

keurig duo carafe side not working

A close family friend bought a new Keurig Duo carafe and it worked adequately for him. One unfortunate day, he mistakenly overfilled his duo carafe with more water. And because of that, his Keurig Duo carafe side was not working again.

He reached out to me via call. I had to tell him to unplug his machine after switching it off. Then, remove the water reservoir and reduce the water inside it. That was how the problem was solved. Yours might be different!

In this article, I will show you some things that can lead to your Keurig Duo carafe side not working. And how to get them fixed within a few minutes!

Why Is My Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working?

Five possible reasons your Keurig duo carafe side is not working are machine clogging, bad power supply, low or too much water in the reservoir, resetting needs, and bad water pump. These are some of the reasons that can make your Keurig Duo carafe side not work. Let’s go into detail! 

Keurig Duo Carafe Needs Descaling

Mineral buildup from hard water and unfiltered water can cause clogging in your Keurig Duo carafe side not working. When all this build-up gets so intense in the machine, it will make the machine not function again. To resolve this, you need to do the following:


  • Make use of any descaling solution to clean it. Water and vinegar can help in cleaning the build-ups. The total amount of the mixture solution is 16 ounces of water and 16 ounces of vinegar. Do the same with any other descaling solution that you have.
  • You need to open up the brewing head and pour the solution into it.
  • Run the brewing cycle a few times to let it clean the Keurig Duo carafe side.
  • Run 3 times a rinsing cycle on the machine with fresh water from the tape. 

Keurig duo carafe reservoir has too much water

When your carafe is filled with too much water. Then keep in mind that your Keurig Duo carafe side is not working. The reason for this is that no channel is created for the water to go out. So for that reason, the carafe side will not work again. These can also lead to damage to the image.


  • You have to open up your machine and take some water from it.
  • Brew a coffee with the machine to find out if the side button will work out after taking out the water. If too much water is the issue, then this solution will work out for you.

Keurig Duo Carafe Needs a Reset

When it has been a long you reset your carafe machine, it will make your keurig duo carafe side not work. When the machine brews coffee for a very long time it will get stocked up and this can make the carafe side not operate.


  • To reset, press and hold the power button for five seconds.
  • Turn off your carafe machine.
  • Unplug the cord from the wall outlet and allow it to rest for 40 minutes.
  • Once the time is up, you can now turn it on again. Your machine is set for you to use.

Power Supply Is Bad

If the power supply is faulty due to the machine cord being bad, then the Keurig Duo carafe side will not work. Sometimes if the wire cord is bad, it can also lead to the Keurig Duo carafe side not working. You need to note that you have to check all this.


  • You should always check your power supply like the wall socket, or machine wire cord to see if they are in good shape.
  • You can check the current of your machine with a current meter. If the voltage is low like 220 volts. Then you need a higher power to carry your coffee machine.
  • If the machine cord is bad, please replace it.

Keurig Duo Carafe Water Pump Is Bad

Bad water pumps are one of the reasons that can make the Keurig Duo carafe side not work. If your machine is not pumping water then you have to know that the pump is bad and needs a replacement. During this process, the machine can not brew coffee or either side of the machine to work.


  • Repair the bad pump if you can do it yourself or contact a professional for it.
  • Replace the bad pump. It is costly but still changes it because you can’t make coffee without it.

How to Prevent the Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working

The ways to prevent  your Keurig Duo carafe not working are mentioned below:

  • Make sure you have a full current of light.
  • Check if your wall socket or wire cord is good
  • Always descale your machine at all times.
  • You can rinse your machine after each use.
  • Check if there is any issue with your water pump. If it is something that needs cleaning, do that, or a repair, or replacement you can also do it. Doing this can help get a coffee for yourself. 
  • Learn how to reset your machine after using it for a very long time.

If your Keurig Duo still does not brew then you can this video.


What Is Making My Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working?

The reason why your Keurig duo carafe side is not working is that there is a lot of clogging in the machine or the machine is overloaded with water. Other possible problems are listed in the article above.

How Can I Descale My Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working?

The step on how to get it done was listed in the first problem in the article, kindly go back and read them. 


The Keurig duo carafe coffee machine is easy to use. Most times the challenges that occur can slow down its usage of it. If you follow the steps of how to solve the problem, then you can get the solution to this issue and get it fixed by yourself, or you can contact a professional to help you out with it.

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