Keurig K-duo Plus Lid Won’t Stay Closed: Easy Fix!

keurig k-duo plus lid won't stay closed

One good thing everyone needs is a nice early-morning coffee that has been produced by their Keurig k-duo plus coffee maker. What now happens when there is an issue that has developed that is making you not get your favorite coffee?

Bringing your k-duo plus machine in a healthy condition is one thing we all desire and it is essential too. This can result in you not getting your brew coffee in the morning because your Keurig K-duo Plus lid won’t stay closed up.

In this article, we will be teaching you the possible problems you are facing with your machine and also the tailored solutions to them all. These will lead you to an optimal working solution for your Keurig k-duo plus coffee machine.

Why Is Keurig K-Duo Plus Lid Won’t Stay Closed

Some of the major reasons why your K-duo Plus lid won’t close are because of mishandling or falls of the lid. Consistency of this can lead to your lid not firing Keurigeurig undue plus again. 

Another reason that can affect it can come from the day-to-day use of the equipment which is normal as long as it is always used every morning to produce a copy of coffee.

In this part, we will show you the basic causes and their solutions to them. 

Faulty Microswitch In The Keurig K-duo Plus Machine 

The micro switch is a very small unit in the top compartment of the Keurig K-duo coffee maker. It is responsible for the changing lid systems functions from opening and closing of the machine. 

The microcontroller must be in optimal condition because it helps in the making of the coffee. When the switch is not there, it will be impossible for your lid to close and the control button will not work. These microswitches can develop a fault when it is always used.


What you need to do is to change this micro switch. Mind you, you can do this at home so you need to contact a professional to help you do it. Fixing it at home is possible but it can lead to another big challenge that will cost you a lot to fix it.

Needles Are Clogged. 

When dust and debris from the coffee beans get into different parts of the machine. It might lead to the Keurig k-duo machine not closing because dust has settled in the lid receiver. When dust is not the problem then you need to check if the cover is still left open. 


  • Yin has to clean all the needles that are directed to the compartment K-cup.
  • You can use a sma paper to probe the holds in the holder on the top of the compartment of the main one and make sure it is free from all debris.
  • You should flush the holes where the needles are to remove the debris that is remaining there.

Inner Lid Compartment Is Stuck 

The lid has two different separate covers which are the minor inner cover, which is for the K-cup, and the outer lid cover which is the entire compartment. If the inner lid ever tucks inside the bigger version of the lid, this can cause problems when you are closing the coffee machine. It can make the top of your Keurig K-Duo Plus stuck and it won’t close.


There are two ways to fix this which is the temporary fixing and permanent fixing.

Temporary Fix 

There is a little how in your machine it is at the left side of the inner lid. You can pull the lid down from the hole before yin can close it. When this is down, before I can open it, you have to repeat the same process again to be easy. It was stuck when you closed it. 

Permanent Fix 

The fastest way of getting this fix up is by reaching out to someone who can help you with it. A Keurig K-duo plus engineer can go and also a professional can help you fix it once and for all. 

Keurig Manufacturer Defect 

Most times there is every possibility that the problem is from the manufacturer of the Keurig company.  These can lead you to offer a change of your Keurig k-duo machine. 


You first hold the lid of your coffee machine down and check if the problem will be solved.

If this is true, it is advised to contact the Keurig company for assistance.

Wear and Tear Of The Lid.

This is often caused by the consistent use of the coffee machine. When the machine has stayed for long and it is used always, there is every tendency that it can wear out and will not be able to give you what you want again.


To fix this, you have to change the lid of the machine, when you change it and the situation continues without fixing it, then you have to contact Keurig customer care services for more assistance.

This video may help you.


What Are The Cause Of My Keurig k-duo plus Not Closing?

There are a few reasons for this, which are the clogging of the middle, debris, dust, and mishandling of the lid.

What are the ways to fix the lid that won’t closed?

All the steps are listed in the article above. Go through the content again and get the answers to your questions.


Now you’ve found out why your Keurig k-duo plus lid won’t close and also the possible solutions to it. You need to avoid the things that result from it not closing. You also need to keep a close watch on your coffee machine to know when you descale it. 

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