How to Turn on/off My Nespresso Vertuo Plus? (Step by Step Guide)

how to turn onoff my nespresso vertuo plus

Are you experiencing an issue of how to turn off or on your Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine? Or have you been in a situation where you’ve tried to make use of it and the effects it gives you made you skip your coffee for the day and go about your daily business?

One thing you should note is that most Nespresso Vertuo Plus machine models don’t have any obvious power button to make clear how to turn it on or off the machine. It can sometimes be so stressful for people to get what they want from the Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine.

In this article, we will outline the simple steps that you need to follow to power on/off the Nespresso Vertuo Plus model you have. 

Things to Note about The On And Off Of Your Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine 

When using your Nespresso machine you need to know that once you power on your coffee maker, there will be a blinking of lights during the period the machine is warming up.

When the light becomes a steady color, your machine will state that it is ready to use. Note that the process of this is different from the process of other machines. Many Nespresso models have a different energy of saving the auto off/on features. If you read more, you will get more information on how to do this in detail.

How to Turn On The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine

  • First, you have to plug your machine to a switch and make sure to No the switch before proceeding to on your machine.
  • You must make sure that the water tank is fill up with water for the coffee.
  • You have to turn the machine on by pressing the lever head down for 3 seconds.
  • There will be a solid green light that will appear to show that you have on the machine.
  • Once this is down, your machine will state that it is ready for use.

How to Turn Off Your Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine

Below are the ways to turn your Nespresso machine off without much work:

  • You need to remove all the used pod that is inside your machine before you move to the process of offing it. Failure for you to do so can lead to damage of your machine. 
  • You have to rinse the machine to make sure that there are no little particles Left in it. Or better still descale it.
  • You have to lower the lever head of the machine so that you can proceed to the last and final step which is.
  • Push the lever head for 3 seconds this takes place, you will see that the lights will go off in a gradual manner. 
  • Once you are through with all these steps. You are good to go to keep your machine for your next use.

How to Auto Off Your Nespresso Vertuo Plus 

By default, all Nespresso machines have an energy-saving automatic off feature enabled in it. On some models, you have an option of changing the default auto-off time on it but in Vertuo Plus you can not change it.

It is wired to have a specific time at which it is off in an automatic way. So, the Vertuo Plus Machine curls off 9 mins after not standing in use. But, the best advice is for you to do it yourself. So it will save the machine from spoiling in no time. Make sure you clean it before you off it.

You can watch this video for more details

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (Q&A)

Can The Vertuo Machine Turn Off With a Pod Inside It?

The Vertuo Plus machine will turn off with a pod inside. But, it won’t brew the capsule whenever it powers on. You will still deliver to pass into brew mode before it will take place.

Can I Switch Off The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine At The Wall?

It is right for you to turn off your machine from the wall outlet. This will not only prevent increased electrical invoices on your side but will diminish the hazard of the cord exploding from an energy overflow. 

What do I Do When There Is No Light On The Button

That’s to tell you that the machine has turned “OFF” when you left it, all you need to do is for you to press  the button or you “UNLOCK” the machine. Also, Check the mains, plug, voltage, and fuse if they are in the right place or if they are not damage. 

Is My Machine Spoilt When It Turns Off On It’s Own?

The machine is configurated in a way by which it will turn off on its on 9 minutes after it is not in use. So when ever this happens, go back and on it back and then you will have your machine ready to make coffee for you.

What Do I Do When My Turn On Button Is Bad?

When ever you notice that your power button is bad, please don’t fix it yourself. Take it to a professional to get it fix for you and also don’t make use of the machine at that point it is not good until you get it fix. Then, you can have your coffee machine back to use.

Final Thoughts

Switching off your Nespresso Vertuo Plus device is leisurely. It refers to pushing the lever head or the power button, whichever is suitable for your machine. It also has the capacity of turning off once you forgot to do that yourself. This is a facet of the configuration that was given to it during the manufacturing process.

So, if your Vertuo Plus device does not need help at that time, and you want to preserve power and accumulation your machine’s lifetime, it is advised that you switch it off yourself.

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