Nespresso Vertuo Red and Green light after Descaling (Quick Fixed)

nespresso vertuo red and green light after descaling

Have you ever desired to use the Nespresso Vertuo device to brew a cup of coffee only for you to find out that the solid red and green light is not functioning? Or is there a blinking light alternating between orange and red?

At this time, you said to yourself, the machine is bad and needs repair. The promising news is that you can rectify the problem yourself without contacting anyone.

A red and green light on your machine can be a sign that it must cool down or it’s not locked well. It also can mean that a pod is lying in the used capsule container or there is a need to descale the device.

In the article, you will understand how to triage your machine, so it can brew your dearest drink or coffee also in no time.

What Is The Meaning Of The Red And Green Light In An Nespresso Vertuo Machine

When there’s an obstacle in the capsule container, you have to make use of a pod or coffee residue to check it, the red and green light will usually go on. To see this Open the head of your machine to remove the used pod or remove any coffee residue lying in the container tank.

When stuff like this happens, it means that the machine is now overheating, and at that point, it’s best to let your machine rest before using it again. Turn off the machine and let it rest for a few hours before it gets back to work. 

How To Reset The Nespresso Vertuo Half Red and Half Green Light

how to reset the nespresso vertuo half red and half green light

Open and close the lid of the brew head and see if that will make the light turn off. If it doesn’t, you may need to reset it with the following steps:

  • Push the lever down for three moments in two beats to turn it off.
  • Enter factory grounds mode in the machine by pushing the switch and the lever down together holding all of them for three seconds.
  • There will be a steady orange light that will move up to confirm that you are in the Specialty Functions menu to reset it.
  • Push the lever down three periods in two moments to put it back into factory settings. Press the switch to confirm it.
  • The orange light will blink very fast for 3 duration and then turn to a regular green light, at that point, it will be keen to use.

How To Fix Nespresso Vertuo Machine With Red Light and Green Light

It is best to give your Nespresso Vertuo Machine a break by unplugging the power cords from the outlets for some hours. Follow these steps to fix it:

1. Red and Green Light Blinking And The Nespresso Vertuo Machine Head Stops Moving

It states that there is a used coffee pod that is in the capsule’s container. All you need to do is for you to open up the machine head and eject the used pod that is there.

2. The Red Light is Blinking twice and Goes Back to a Steady Green

A blinking red light sometimes turns to a steady green, indicating that there is an error in the “Special Functions“. To solve this, you need to go over to the menu and select the special function which is by pushing the lever down. 

You need to press it once to “descale”, and twice to “empty the system” and then, three times to “reset to the factory settings”. If you want to leave the menu part,  press the lever and button together for you to go back. 

3. Red and Green light Blinks 3 Times Every 2 Seconds And It Goes Back To Steady Red.

When the machine responds this way, all it is trying to tell you is that there’s a coffee residue in the capsule container.

To solve this, you need to push up the lever and check for any obstacles or residue that is there. Close the machine and head back to normal. If there are no obstacles but the light still alternates between blinking green and steady red, you need to contact Nespresso.

4. Red and Green Steady Light and The Machine Is Not Working.

If your Nespresso Machine gets overheated and demands to rest. You should observe these to cool down your device and get it back in the dictum:

  • Get the machine spun off and unclog the energy cords from the button. Let it stay for 15 minutes for the device to cool down.
  • Plug the energy cord back into the old switch.
  • You can now turn on your machine by nudging the lever down. When the device has warmed up, a regular GREEN light will arise on it.

5. When the Red Light is Fading Out

A fading red light is not a good reason for you to panic. It indicates that your machine is cooling down and there will be a solid GREEN light that will appear when it’s ready.

6. Red Light Flashes Twice And Goes Back To Orange Blinking 

It is a sign that the “Special Functions” menu is on standby so you have to wait. Press the lever once to descale, twice to empty the system and three times to restore to factory settings. When you want to exit, press the lever and button together. 

7. When Red Light Flesh Twice and Goes Back to Steady Orange

This is telling you that the machine is on “Special Functions” and it’s on the way. enter the special functions menu and then select the next course of action by pressing the lever down and holding it for two seconds.

I am Currently Experiencing a RED Steady Light plus the Fact that The Machine Is NOT Running.

Your Vertuo machine is overheated and needs to cool down. 

To get your machine to cool down, 

  • Turn off your machine and unplug the power cord that connects them. You should wait for 15 minutes for your machine to cool down. 
  • After the first step, you have to plug the power cord back into your machine.
  • You can turn on your machine by pressing the lever down. A steady GREEN light will show when the machine is heated up.


What Should I Do When the RED Light Blinking And All of a Sudden the Machine Head Stops Moving?

It means that there is a block pod in the capsule container. All you need to do is open it and remove the block Pod from the machine.

What Should I do when the RED Light Blinks Two Times, then Goes Back To Steady GREEN?

It indicates that there is an error in the “Special Functions”, make use of the menu to select the right function keys for it. It only requires you to press the lever down, press it once, twice to empty the system, and a third time to reset the factory settings. To leave the menu, make sure you press the lever and button simultaneously for it to affect.

What To Do If My Nespresso Vertuo Machine is Half Red Half Green Light Stays On After Descaling?

The descale light in the machine should auto reset if you followed the steps all the way through without any interruption.

Final Thoughts

A red/green light on your Nespresso machine constantly gives you signs of a fault in your device which needs repairing. You need to know that it’s fixable by observing the direction in this article.

After you’ve recognized the main situation, and solved it, you will be on your way to making a tasty coffee/liquor.

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