Nespresso Vertuo Next Light is On But Not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

nespresso vertuo next light is on but not working

Nespresso Vertuo’s next machine is easy to use with how well it was designed. But there are machines that are pushing a lot of pressure for it to brew coffee and it can easily have some problems.

When your Vertuo next light is on but it is not working, these can mean a lot of things like, your machine might have been overheated and needs to calm down before it can be used again or the settings of the machine are incorrect.

All these issues and more are what we will be checking on how to get them fixed again. Keep reading this article to get your desired solutions.

What Are the Causes of My Nespresso Vertuo Next Light on but Not Working

You need to know that there are little things that make your next machine not work. It is not really that your machine has developed faults but it is some things we ignored.

Reasons for your Nespresso vertuo, next not working is stated below: 

  • One of the reasons is when the water tank is not full, to get this fix, you have to fill it up and carefully attach it back to the machine and in its right position.
  • If there is a pod in the pod holder, then the machine will not work even if it is on. Remove the pods first before you can get them ready for use again. 
  • If the lever head of the machine is not well-locked, then the machine will not work. You have to turn the lever to the lock position for it to work for you. 
  • Most times, the cause of your machine not working might be that it needs a factory reset. To fix the factory reset we will explain the details below. 

How to Fix Your Nespresso Vertuo Next Light on but Is Not Working With a Factory Reset

nespresso vertuo next light on but is not working with a factory reset

The solution to this problem most times will need you to reset the vertuo next to a default factory setting.

The reason for this is for you to get your machine back in order.

Some steps to get this done are started below:

  • You need to plug your vertuo next machine. 
  • Open the lever head of the machine and empty the used coffee pods inside it.
  • Once you are done, close the lever head again, and make sure to leave it in the unlock position.
  • The button should be pressed 5 times within 3 seconds. There will be an orange light that will blink 5 times before it changes to a solid white. This is to tell you that your next machine has been reset and it is back to normal. Your next machine is ready for you to use now. 

Therefore, resetting your machine can get it back to normal again. If it doesn’t work out, you should try to unplug your machine for close to a day or two for it to get back to normal again. You can only do this part when you try to do the factory reset and it did not work out.

Manual Way of Fixing Issues of Your Nespresso Vertuo Next Light on but Not Working

There is a spinner in the lever head of the Vertuo Next that helps in the rotating of the coffee pods at the specific RPM for it to brew a cup of coffee each time you want to make use of it. The spinner can become dirty as you make use of the coffee. The grounds get stuck, these can only happen with time. 

To solve the problems:

  • You have to open the lever head of the machine after you’ve-unplugged it from the wall socket
  • You will see a spinner in the lever head. Try to spin the spinner manually and carefully with your fingers.
  • If there is no hassle in spinning it well, then note that the spinner is still good.
  • If the spinner is stuck,  run a cleaning cycle on it with a. toothbrush and clean water but do that with clear.
  • Once you are done with all these you can close your lever head back and reconnect the machine again.

How to Prevent the Problem of  Your Nespresso Vertuo Next Light on and Not Working

There are some preventive measures you should take to avoid your machine from being on and not working. You have to follow these steps duly and keep to them always, these can help your machine to last long for you.

  • Always empty the used pods once you are done making your coffee.
  • Before using the machine, make sure that the water tank is full.
  • Place the lever head in the lock position.
  • Make sure no water is dripping from the machine after descaling.
  • Conduct a factory reset if need be

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Nespresso Vertuo Next Light on but Not Working?

The reason for this is that some things are not well placed in the machine, like the lever head lock posture, and also if there is a used pod in the machine.

Will My Machine be Back To Order After Doing A Factory Reset On It?

Yes, it will, most times it may not work because it needs a descaling on it. If the factory reset doesn’t work, then go for the descaling.

Final Words

The instructions that are started here will help you fix the problem you are facing right now. Always know that the issue you are facing can come from your end. If you can follow the preventive way in the article, then your machine will never have any issues again.

Sometimes, when you know you can fix these on your own, you should try and get a professional so that you will not have an extended issue with your machine.

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