Terra Kaffe vs Miele: Which Espresso Machine Is Best?

terra kaffe vs miele

The difference between the Terra Kaffe and Miele is their mode of operations; it comes with their cost, size, how to use it, the milk frothing, and its programming.

Making espresso at home or at your office can be a lot of work for you once you don’t have either of these machines. Either of these machines gives you a perfect brewed espresso but your choice of which to use is left for you to decide.

If you don’t have all the time on your side, or you can’t buy a  new coffee all the time, then what you need is an automatic coffee machine.

So, if you are confused about which machine to buy, we will be showing you in this article the comparison table of the Terra Kaffe and the Miele machine. This will help you decide on which one to buy. 

Terra Kaffe vs Miele: Comparison Table

This table will show you which of the machines between the two is better and affordable. Remember this, both machines are good but all you need now is the one that will serve you better. 

So, let’s get down on the table.

SpecificationsTerra KaffeMiele
Programming of the machine.Terra Kaffe seems to take the lead with the frame of the automatic producing espresso which has a separate control button to make various coffees.Making your favorite hot coffee at home has been easier with the latest built-in systems by Miele. You can get your coffee by one touch of the button.
Brewing of CoffeeThe Terra Kaffe has a convenient capacity because it is movable unlike the miele which is an inbuilt machineMiele can achieve coffee perfection for you with their Aromatic System of coffee production, they are made up of five components which are: Bean selection, Coarseness of grind, Brewing temperature, Pre-brewing time, and Portion size.
ConvenienceThe Terra Kaffe has a convenient capacity because it is movable unlike the Miele which is an inbuilt machineIt has the capacity for you to make a pot of coffee for a lot of people, it can make 8 cups of coffee with different flavors.
Cleaning and maintenanceThe Terra Kaffe’s is easy to clean, But the drip tray is tricky to clean and this can be stressful most times because you will have to pull it out always before cleaning it.The Mieli machines are known for their automatic system of self-cleaning regimens. So, with this kind of machine you don’t really need to bring out time always-on clean. All you need oz to bring out time once in a while to do a deep cleaning.
CostThe Miele coffee machine is designed with simple methods. It has a button in the front of the machine and then, has an inbuilt coffee storage. It comes in different colors.The cost of this machine is not higher than the other one because the automation that comes with it is less than the other. The cost of this is $825 and it has the capacity to do coffee for a lot of people.
Milk FrothingThis has an automatic way of doing its milk frothing and also you can do your latte art yourself or even the milk foam. The machine does everything for you.The milk frothing is installed in the machine. The capacity of milk the mile can contain is larger than the other.
Water And bean capacityThe terra kaffe achieves their coffee perfections with their automatic system of producing coffee that doesn’t take long to get ready. This mile machine has a larger capacity of containing water and bean together. The way the machine is structured is to make things easier for you. It can hold up to 16 oz of beans and water at the same time.
The DesignTerra Kaffe coffee machine is made up of a simple design on it. It is produced with buttons on top of the machine which also comes in 2 colors: white and black color.The Terra Kaffe has the same water capacity but the difference between the two is that it has a larger hopper that can hold 12 oz and beans at the same time.
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Miele Is Made Up of Two Types 

The two types of the Miele coffee machine is the built-in and countertop espresso. The Miele built-in coffee machines are installed into your cabinets wherever you want them to be. The countertop coffee machines have an equally effective brewing system inbuilt but are versatile and can fit in any space anytime and anywhere.

Mind you, the Terra Karre has only one type of coffee machine and its color is black and white. 

Don’t be deceived by what some people will tell you that the two machines have two different types. 


Can I Make Use of the Two Models?

Yes, you can make use of the two depending on the one that will go well for you. Check out the one that can serve you and the one you can buy. 

Can I Get the Same Result of Coffee From Both Espresso Machines?

Yes, you can get them. The difference between the two is the number of coffee it can produce, how many flavors it can give and also the maintenance part. If you read the article well, you will see more differences between the two machines.


Both automatic coffee machines are pretty good for you to use and now you can state their different specifications. It is only individual choices that will determine the decisions. So, you have to get your priorities straight and buy the best machine that serves you and any other person and can still serve your time.

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