Delonghi Dinamica Plus Vs Eletta: Which One is Right for You?

delonghi dinamica plus vs eletta

Nancy went to a coffee store to get a coffee machine for her friend. I was right there in the coffee store. I saw how she was moving from one point to the other not knowing which one to buy. So, I walked up to her to let her know that I can help her make a better choice of the two coffee machines she has been looking at, Delonghi Dinamica Plus and Eletta. 

I explained to her all the things she needed to know. After which, she beamed with smiles.  She told me that she already knows which coffee machine will serve her best among Delonghi Dinamica Plus and Eletta. She was so grateful. My aim in this article is to show you the specialty of each machine and it is your choice to choose the one that will serve you best. Let’s go!

Comparison Table Of Delonghi Dinamica Plus Vs Eletta 

FeatureDelonghi Dinamica Plus Delonghi Eletta 
dimensions9.29/16.89/13.7 inch18.36/10.2/14.16 inches
capacity1.8 liters2 liter
settingsControl panel; soft touch, button display 3,5 TFT touchdisplay; 2 lines with icons
colortitaniumStainless steel
weight20.9 pounds24,5 pounds
Pump pressure19 bar15 bar
Power and voltage1450w/230w1250w/110120v
Customize profileyesnil
Pre Grounds coffeeyesyes
Mobile app controlyesnil
Programmable water hardnessyesyes
Water filteryesyes
Personnel recipeyesyes
Automatic cleaningyesyes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Review of Delonghi Dinamica Plus Vs Delonghi Eletta

With these reviews that will be made below, you can make a better choice. 

  • They have very strong competitors in the industry. They have their strengths and weaknesses and most times they have been mistaken for the same. 
  • The debate between the Coffee machine and the winner goes to deLonghi Dynamics Plus. The reason is that it has a more powerful pump system which has 29 bars and also an intuitive display on it. It has more useful features than the Eletta. 
  • The runner-up goes to the Elettaq coffee machine because of its automatic espresso. It has a one-touch intuitive display and latte cream. It also has the ability for you to create your profile. The bar pump is 15. It is good for a regular user. 

Pros And Cons of Delonghi Dinamica Plus and Delonghi Eletta

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Delonghi Dinamica Plus vs. Eletta. You will get more information from this part.

Delonghi Dinamica Plus

delonghi dinamica plus


  • You can brew your favorite cup of coffee from the start.
  • You can control your grind with just one click in the deal.
  • The has a smooth coffee when preparing it 
  • It has a large water capacity.


  • They are very expensive 
  • It will need you to do some tweaking when doing your cappuccino

Delonghi Eletta

delonghi eletta


  • The Eletta  has a quick cleaning function for milk frothing and the machine 
  • It has a rich coffee taste and it gives a delicious taste too 
  • It is ideal for specialty, decaf coffee, and also for regular.


  • It doesn’t produce strong coffee

Similarities of Delonghi Dinamica Plus and Delonghi Eletta

The material for the production of the machine, the pre-grounds coffee, the programmable water hardness, the water filter, the personal profile, and also the automatic cleaning are the things that make the Delonghi Dinamica Plus and Eletta have the same features. Let me explain more about these.

The Material 

The coffee machine has a plastic material that it is made up of.  This plastic material enables you to know how to maintain and handle it. 

The Pre-grounds Coffee 

It tends to allow you to make a pre-ground coffee for yourself or another person. With this, you don’t need to start putting up another set when you want to make a coffee for yourself. 

The Programmable Water Hardness

They have made it easy for you to know when you are using hard water for your coffee and also tell you when to change your water. 

The Water Filter

They come with a water filter. This ensures that your water is filtered during the process of its usage in the machine. It takes away anything that can cause clogging in your coffee machine. 

The Personal Profile

They come with a feature for you to create your profile. It has the capacity of creating more than two profiles and it will not affect the other one. With this, you can’t stress yourself by always creating a new profile again.

The Automatic Cleaning

It is very easy to use and clean. They have detachable parts that enable you to clean your machine very well. You don’t need to stress when cleaning your machine. 


Can Delonghi Dinamica Plus And Eletta Make Other Types Of Coffee?

Yes! They can give you any type of coffee and this is how both of them have been programmed. 

Is Delonghi Dinamica Plus And Eletta Friendly?

Yes!, they are. These two machines are friendly and they are easy to access and also for them to operate. 

When Is The Best Time To Descale Delonghi Dinamica Plus And Eletta?

3 to 6 months is the best time for you to describe them. This time frame is for people who make use of the machine for personal purposes and every month is for business users. With this, you will be able to preserve your coffee machine. 


The use of these coffee machines is very easy and they are friendly for anyone to access. They were programmed to have personal profiles. So, in case you want to have your profile in the coffee machine, both machines are up to the task. Make sure you handle it adequately for it to last long for you.

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