Delonghi Dinamica Vs Dinamica Plus: Which One Is the Better Value?

delonghi dinamica vs dinamica plus

The team in my company needed to get a coffee machine that will be able to serve a large number of people so that the time needed to make the coffee will always be fixed in the speed of work.

So, I came up with Delonghi Dinamica or Dinamica Plus. I dropped the necessary things they needed to know about the two machines and asked them to make their choice. 

The first thing I told them is that the DeLonghi Dinamica has automatic and manual customization and the water tank is 1.8 liters which can serve a large number. I also mentioned that with the  Dinamica Plus you can customize your coffee with the app and the water tank is 1.8 liters. 

I guess you’re here for these details! I will show you the features of them. And other benefits you can get from them. Let’s go now. 

Comparison Table of Delonghi Dinamica Vs Dinamica Plus 

FeatureDelonghi DinamicaDinamica Plus 
dimensions9.3/16.9/13.7 inches9.29/16.89/13.7 inches
colorBlack, stainless steeltitanium
Coffee link appnilyes
Soft touch buttonsnilyes
Pump pressure1519
displayText display3,5 TFT touch display
Coffee grounds container1414
Coffee recipeNo recipe5 recipes (espresso, coffee, long, doppo+. Coffee pot)
Beans capacity250 gr300gr
Twin shotyesyes
Water tank capacity1.8 liters1.8 liters
Aroma functionsyesyes
Pre Grounds coffeeyesyes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Review of Delonghi Dinamica Vs Dinamica Plus  

The review will give you more understanding of the two machines. Let’s see each of these reviews.

Delonghi Dinamica Review

delonghi dinamica
  • You can get inadequate pressure from the grounds when you keep tamping it and this is not good for the pressure brewing.
  • The amount of grand you put in your machine will determine the amount of coffee that you will get including the taste. 
  • It has only one touch specialty: coffee. 
  • It gives you the right to save up to 3 users on the machine. 
  • It has 13 settings of fresh grounds of coffee and you can make any beans of your choice.


  • It produces rich espresso 
  • It has a built-in burr grinder 
  • It has removable dishwasher-safe parts 
  • It has an automatic and manual customization


  • It has a long process for initial start-ups 
  • It takes time to clean the bean hopper

Dinamica Dinamica Plus Review

delonghi dinamica plus
  • It heats water or coffee for close to 40 minutes. 
  • This is the simplest coffee machine for you to clean without stress.
  • It has 13 settings and also an adjustable steel burr 
  • It provides you with freshly brewed coffee in no time. 
  • The Dinamica Plus is the first automatic coffee machine that has an iced coffee recipe on it. 


  • It produces rich espresso 
  • It has a built-in burr grinder 
  • It has removable dishwasher-safe parts 
  • It has an automatic and manual customization


  • It has a long process for initial start-ups 
  • It takes time to clean the bean hopper

Similarities of Delonghi Dinamica Vs Dinamica Plus  

Pre-Infusion, built-in grinder and bypass doser, and the capacity are some of the similarities between the Delonghi dynamics and Dinamica plus. Let’s look at how this makes it look the same. 

The Pre-Infusion 

It gives you a nice aroma and flavor. Once your pre-infusion starts to brew, it will give you either a creamy or a black coffee. All of this depends on your choice. You will always get your coffee smooth, fine, and without any taste that looks odd. You will never get a blooming coffee from the Delonghi Dynamics Vs Dinamica Plus. 

The Built-In Grinder and Bypass Doser 

There is a built-in grinder, a bean hopper, and also a grounder container in them. You cannot get hot water from the blade and stainless steel. The adjustable grind settings make you not suffer yourself to get a strong coffee or a light one. You can make a decaf from the two coffee machines. With the decaf, you can schedule your coffee. 

The Capacity 

They have the same water capacity of 60 ounces, they make use of the same coffee grounds which is 14 packs of it. It has the same cup holder, stainless steel, it has a drip tray and these things make it easy for you to use. For safekeeping, you can make use of a water filter and water hardness levels.


Is The Delonghi Dynamics And Dinamica Plus Easy To Use?

Yes, it is, they are easy to use and very fast to give you your favorite drink. 

Can The Dinamica Plus Make Many Cups Of Coffee?

Yes, the Dinamica Plus has a larger water tank. With that, you will be able to get as many cups of coffee as you want without refilling it. 

Does The Delonghi Dinamica Last Long?

Yes, your Delonghi dynamic is designed to last a very long time for you because of the build-ups it has inside of it such as the heating element which is made up of stainless steel material. This helps your water to heat very fast too. 


Hope all the questions about them have been answered in this article. The differences between them are not much and if you don’t take a good look at the two machines, you may think that they are of the same qualities.

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