How To Clean Krups Coffee Grinder (4 Easy Steps)

how to clean krups coffee grinder

I visited a friend of mine and I met him cleaning his Krups coffee grinder the wrong way. I was so shocked and I asked to be sure she still cares for his coffee grinder again or if he has a plan to replace it as soon as he is done with the cleaning. He was surprised because ignorantly he thought he was doing the right thing. 

So, I have to clean the Krup coffee maker by myself, showing him step-by-step how to clean the Krup coffee maker. At the end of it all, he was grateful that I came through for him before he spoiled his Krups coffee maker by himself. In this article, I will give you a guide on how to clean your Krup coffee maker.

Guidelines On How To Clean Krups Coffee Grinder 

A paintbrush, a bowl of dry rice to get rid of oil, and a brush with a clean towel, are the required tools you can use to clean the Krups coffee grinder.  Now let’s elaborate more on these things that were listed here. 

1. Small Size Of Paintbrush 

A paintbrush is used for cleaning any coffee grounds that are on the surface of your Krups coffee grinder. 

How To Use:

  • Use the paintbrush to remove any grounds you are seeing.
  • Try using the paintbrush to remove any other grounds inside the Krups coffee grinder.

2. Dry Rice 

The dry rice helps in removing any oil that the paintbrush is unable to remove. So you need the rice for it. It is the most recommended tool you need for your Krups coffee grinder. 

How To Use:

  • Pour the rice into the Krups coffee grinder. 
  • Turn on your Krups coffee grinder and allow it to run for 5 minutes. 
  • Allow the grinder to grind the rice into fine ground.
  • This will enable all the oil in the Krup coffee machine to glue to the rice. When the rice comes out, the oil comes out with it. 
  • You should run the cycle 3 times so that all the oil will be out. 

3. A Brush Or Paper Towel

They use a brush or paper towel to clean off the rice after grinding it. It also helps to remove the fine ground from the Krups coffee machine. 

How To Use:

  • Make use of the brush to clean off the ground so that it can be removed.
  • The paper towel is to take the fine ground out when the brush can’t do it. 
  • When you are done with these steps, your Krups coffee grinder is good to go for you. 

4. Clean All The Detachable Parts 

Clean all the detachable parts, like the lids, cover, and also the tray. The cleaning of this is for you to avoid any other grounds that might enter the Krups coffee grinder through it. 

How Often Should I Clean My Krups Coffee Grinder? 

2 to 4 weeks is advisable for you to clean your Krups coffee grinder. The reason for this close time is for you to be able to keep your grinder in good shape and also make it last for you. It is also advised for you to always brush it after each use. All these steps help in preserving your Krups coffee grinder. 

Is Rice Good To Clean My Krups Coffee Grinder? 

The quick absorption of oil in the Krups coffee grinder makes the rice very good to use. The only rice you can make use of is dry rice and not wet. You should run your grinder until the rice is turned into a very fine powder. After that, you can now dispose of it. You can now make use of a clean towel to clean off your Krups coffee grinder. That is how the rice will be able to clean off all the oil in your Krups coffee grinder. 

What Is The Importance Of Cleaning My Krups Coffee Grinder? 

The reasons are  stated below:

  • It helps to preserve the longevity of your Krups coffee grinder.
  • It helps to remove all the build-ups that will damage your Krups coffee grinder. 
  • It helps to keep your Krups coffee grinder in good shape.

You also watch this video.


How Often Should I Clean My Krup Coffee Maker?

Clean your Krup coffee maker after each use. But for deep cleaning, it should be done once every month, that is if you make use of it regularly. For private users, it should be done once in two months. 

How Long Does A Krup Coffee Maker Last?

It takes 2 to 3 years according to the Krup company. So, if you are making use of the group coffee maker, ensure to maintain it so that it can reach up to the time else the life span will be shortened. 


The use of a Krups coffee maker is for it to grind your coffee beans or your spices. It is always advised for you to clean your Krups coffee maker after each use. And in this article above, we’ve given you some guidance on how to clean the Krups coffee maker after each use.

Do you want to do a deep cleaning on it? Kindly follow the due instructions. Failure to do so may lead to damage to your coffee machine.

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