Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting (8 Issued Fixed)

mr. coffee cafe barista troubleshooting

Nicco stopped using his Mr. Coffee Cafe barista for a while now and was buying coffee from vendors because his Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista was troubleshooting. 

He reached out to me after he was fed up with spending more money on coffee. So, he wanted to fix his own and reached out to me. After a few inquiries, I told him why his Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista was Troubleshooting.

And directed him on how to fix it. He was so grateful. My goal here is to help you fix your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista that is troubleshooting. Do read till the end of the article. 

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions

Coffee not coming out, port filter disposition, milk not frothing, coffee coming out too quickly, coffee being weak, panel light not working, milk reservoir light not working, and no water are the common Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting issues. Some of this can be caused by you without knowing. Let’s look at the solution to it. 

Coffee Not Coming Out.

When there is not enough water in the water tank, the ground is too fine, there is too much coffee in the coffee filter, the coffee is too pressed and the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista is not on. These can be what will lead to your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting. So, all these things that are said here can be caused by you. Now let’s look at how to solve the problem. 


  • Refill the water tank to the water level.
  • Make sure that your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is on. 
  • Make sure that your coffee ground is at the medium level. 
  • Don’t allow a lot of coffee to enter inside the coffee filter when you want to brew a coffee. 
  • You should never press the coffee ground too tight; it will not make the coffee come out. Rather it will prevent it. 

Port Filter Disposition 

When your filter is not locked well, it will lead to you always seeing coffee at the edge of your port filter. The basket rim can be a problem for these. When there is a coffee grounds around the hour bucket edge, consider that your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista will not work. 


  • Check your basket rim and clean it. 
  • Also, make sure to clean your filter.
  • Place the port filter in the right position before you start your machine. 
  • Put a little coffee in the coffee filter.
  • Don’t press the coffee to be too tight.

Milk Not Frothing 

When the stream is run out and the milk is not cold enough it can lead to your milk not foamy after frothing. These are some of the things that can lead to your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting and it can be so discomforting.


  • Check if you have enough water in your water tank.
  • Cool up your milk first.
  • Check if your tube is still good. 
  • Make sure that your milk is chilled up but don’t boil it. 

Coffee Comes Out Too Quick 

When you make use of a coarse grind coffee it will lead to your coffee coming out very faster than expected. These can lead to your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting 


  • Make use of a fine coffee to see if this can reset. 
  • If the coffee in your port filter is too small, then the coffee will come out too soon. Fill it up to its normal size.

Coffee Is Weak 

When you mistakenly make use of a small filter for a double shot of coffee, then the case will be that the coffee will come out weak for too short. When you make use of coarse ground, it can lead to you having a very weak coffee. 


  • Check the type of filter you are making use of with your double shot. 
  • Don’t make use of coarse coffee grounds. 
  • Too much fine coffee grounds can block the filter, so don’t make use of it. 

The panel Light Not Working 

When there is no water in the water reservoir or the water is not enough, it can lead to the three lights of the control panel to fresh Alternatively this can be the reason why your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is Troubleshooting.


  • Fill up the water reservoir with enough water.
  • Position the water reservoir in the right place. 

The milk Reservoir Light Not Working 

When your milk reservoir is not positioned well, or the milk reservoir is not even inserted, then you have to know that you will never get any frothing from the milk reservoir. 


  • Turn off your machine 
  • See if the milk reservoir is fixed well. 
  • Put it in the right posture. 

No Water Dispensing 

If you forget to remove the red plug from the reservoir that is not fixed well, then, your water reservoir will not dispense water for you. 


  • Remove the red plug 
  • The red plug is at the water tank base. 
  • Place your water reservoir very well to ensure that water will come out. 


Why Is My Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting?

Each troubleshooting issue is caused by different reasons. Your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is troubleshooting because there is no water in the reservoir tank, your milk reservoir is not positioned well, and you’re using coarse-grind coffee. And many more! All these were explained in this article.


Now you know how you can fix any Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Troubleshooting issue you are facing right now. Sometimes you need to know that you are the reason why your Coffee Cafe Barista is troubleshooting. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to it.

If you know you can’t fix it yourself, then you need to contact Mr coffee Cafe Barista customer care for help.

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