Breville Espresso Steam Wand Not Working | How To Fix Your Breville Steam Wand

breville espresso steam wand not working

Being a coffee lover, you always wake up every morning to enjoy your favorite coffee drink. Only for you to discover that your Breville steam wand is not working. I have experienced this before! And I know how that frustrating feeling can ruin your day.

When the steam wand frother is not working on your Breville, you should try unclogging the tip of the wend from the limescale or milk residue. 

In this article, we will teach you how to go about this and how to get your Breville steam wand back to its normal function.

What Are the Causes of The Breville Espresso Steam Wand Not Working

Some things can lead to this and if they are neglected, you will not get the right things you are expecting from your Breville Steam Wand.

Things you should check if issues arise in your steam wand are:

  • Check if your Breville Machine is working
  • Inspect to see if there is water in your water tank
  • Check if you set the steam wand dial in the steam position and not the standby way or the hot water position.

The Breville Steam Wand Needs Unclogging

breville steam wand not working

Dried Milk can clog inside the steam wand if you do not clean it after each use. This can lead to the steam wand dripping water out of the water steaming or something will it work at all?

To unclog the steam wand you have to take the small tool with a pin on it and there is a hole in the center of the tool. All these tools were fixed in the machine when you bought them. So, you will have to go back to your pack to get the tools you need.

Take the pin and put it in the hole of the steam wand. Make sure you wiggle it until all the dried Milk will be out. When you are done, make use of the hole of the small tool to unscrew the end of the tip of the stream wand.

Put some hot water with Cafiza in it. Soak the steam wand for at least 10 minutes. It will help you to remove all the dry milk in the steam wand. When the time is done, you can rinse it with tap water and leave it to dry before fixing it.

The steam wand may sputter a lot of water at first, so it is advised for you to place a cup or a tray on it before testing it.

How to Prevent The Steam Wand From Getting Clogged

To avoid your steam wand from clogging in the future, you have to do the following:

  • You have to clean it every time it is used.
  • Wipe the steam wand with a damp cloth to remove any other milk residue in it.
  • Clean the steam wand with hot water then click the steam dial to steam for 10 seconds to remove all the residue. 

How To Fix Your Breville Steam Wand

  1. First of all empty the drip tray and water tank.
  2. Remove the water filter from the machine.
  3. You will have to dissolve 1 packet of Breville descaler in 34 ounces (1 liter) of warm water in a bowl.
  4. Put the solution into the water tank.
  5. Fix the water tank back into the machine.
  6. Turn off the machine.
  7. Press the POWER BUTTON simultaneously to activate the heating process.
  8. There will be a light flashing from the power button to indicate the heating process has commenced.
  9. Put the 68-ounce (2 liter) container under the steam wand and in the group head.
  10. The machine will indicate it is ready for descaling that’s when the POWER is on, and the DESCALING and HOT WATER STEAM will indicate light on it.  
  11. Click the 1 CUP button to start descaling the coffee component (this will take 25 seconds with the 1 CUP button flashing).
  12. Turn the steam dial button left to start descaling the steam component (this will take 13 seconds).
  13. After the steam wand has stopped purging, turn the steam dial button to the right to start descaling the hot water component.
  14. Turn the dial button back to standby again after the steam wand has stopped dispensing water.
  15. These steps should be repeated until there’s no milk residue solution left in the water tank.
  16. The water tank should be removed and rinsed very well.
  17. The water tank should be filled with water, fix it back again, and repeat the descaling process to rinse the machine very well.
  18. You can turn off the machine by pressing the POWER button when you are done.

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                                Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Q&A)

                                Why is My Steam Wand not Dispensing Milk?

                                There can be a clog in your vapor baton, there may be no moisture in your vapor boiler puddle, or the vapor dial switch is nominated incorrectly.

                                How Can I Turn on a Steam Wand?

                                You have to revise the vapor valve established beside the device. You need to wait for it to be on and in team mode. You have to press the switches of the vapor baton coffee device.

                                How Can I Clean a Steam Wand?

                                To do this, you should aerate a milk wash and hot water cleaning solution and remove any portion of milk or dirt from the vapor tip holes. You should keep your steam baton tank neat by wiping off residual milk on the externals after each use.


                                To get your steam wand machine back to order all you need to do is: Unclog your steam wand, Run a Descaling cycle in your machine, Make sure that your machine is plugged appropriately and there is water in the tank. Contact the customer support system if you couldn’t fix it yourself. I know this was helpful for you.

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