Shardor Coffee Grinder Not Working (Quick Solved)

shardor coffee grinder not working

I wanted to grind my coffee in my shardor coffee grinder two weeks ago before I discovered that it was not working as usual and it was disheartening. At first, I did not know what was wrong with my shardor coffee grinder, but then I took my time to find out. 

I discovered that it was a problem with my wire cord. Wow, I did not know that it had been cut from somewhere. I had to fix it before going out. For me to find out the problem first made it easy for me to solve it. So, you may be going through the same issue as me or more.

But I will list out some of the problems your shardor coffee machine may have and how to solve them. Make sure you read this article till the end. 

How Does My Shardor Coffee Grinder Work? 

A shardor Coffee grinder is a very small electric machine that helps in grinding the coffee beans with its spinning blade. It has a small motor spin that has a shaft which is at the center of the shardor toffee grinder. The shaft helps to rotate the blade and helps in grinding the coffee bean into pieces. All these pieces are called grounds and you can only get them depending on how shape that blade is and how long it lasts when grinding it.

Why Is My Shardor Coffee Grinder Not Working? 

Your shardor coffee grinder is not working because of an electrical problem, broken blade, a clogging or a fault in your grinder  

 These things are explained in detail below. 

1. Shardor Coffee Grinder Electrical Problem

shardor coffee grinder not working

The electricity is what enables the shardor coffee grinder to help get your coffee bean into a ground that can be used for the production of coffee drinks. When there is an electrical problem in the shard over a coffee grinder, it will be very difficult for you to grind any coffee beans.


  • Check if the wire cord of your shardor coffee grinder is in good shape.
  • Check another wall socket to know if the fault is from the wall outlet you’ve been trying to use. 
  • Check if you’ve your power button in your electric grinder.

2. Shardor Coffee Grinder Is Clogged 

When there are too many grounds in your shardor coffee grinder, you will be getting some kind of sound you don’t like and this may result in you not grinding your coffee well or might lead to the total breakdown of your harder coffee grinder. 


  • It is always advisable for you to clean your shardor coffee machine after each use. 
  • Take out time to do proper cleaning of it. 
  • Take your blade for sharpening so that the long part will be out. 

3. Shardor Coffee Grinder Blade Is Broken

Depending on how you make use of your shardor coffee grinder. There are times when you will fix the wrong things, it can lead to the breaking of the blade and you will not be able to get the grounds you need in your coffee again. 


  • Replace the broken blade 
  • Call the Shardor coffee grinder, customers care to know the right blade to use on it. 
  • Be mindful of the things you grind in your shard or coffee grinder. 

4. Shardor Coffee Grinder Is Malfunctioning 

If you bought your shardor coffee grinder newly and it all stopped working, then you have to know that the fault is not from you but from the manufacturer. Sometimes it is not new and it has not reached up to the date of your warranty only for it to start malfunctioning. The best thing to do now is for you to check if the problem is from you or not. 


  • Take the shardor coffee grinder back to the manufacturer for a replacement. 

How Do I Repair My Shardor Coffee Grinder That Is Working?

I will list out the ways by which you can repair your shardor coffee grinder if you want to do it yourself. But first, let’s look at the tools you need for it.

Tools Needed 

  1. Screwdriver 
  2. Small pliers 
  3. Brush or canned air 

How to Repair Your Shardor Coffee Grinder 

  • First, you have to unplug your shardor coffee grinder out of your wall socket.
  • Remove any detachable parts.
  • Use the screwdriver to tighten up any loose areas.
  • Use the small pliers to check your motor if is in a good position.
  • You can now brush off any leftover grounds that are there.

These are the ways you can repair any loose part in your shardor coffee grinder. If you know you can not do this yourself, kindly contact a professional to help you out with it. 


How Do I Disassemble My Shardor Coffee Grinder?

You need to unplug your grinder and make use of a screwdriver to open the under of the baseplate. You should remove the blade by using a towel to grip it out, you can remove the motor for testing it. After doing this, you will be able to clean all those parts from debris. 

Are The Parts Of My Shardor Coffee Grinder Replaceable?

Yes, they are. As long as there are spare parts of your shardor coffee grinder in the market, you will be able to get them and replace any part that is damaged in your shardor coffee grinder. 


Now that you have found out the reason for your shardor coffee grinder not working and now you have also seen the ways to fix it in this article. Most times, you may be the cause of your shardor coffee grinder not working.

You can not handle your shardor coffee grinder roughly and still expect it to work effectively for you. With the problem and solution that is listed in this article, you will be able to find your way around fixing it yourself.

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