Ninja Coffee Maker Buttons Not Working (6 Issued Fixed)

ninja coffee maker buttons not working

Funky, my neighbor, is fond of mishandling her ninja coffee maker. She rarely cleans or takes time to descale her coffee maker. One morning, she came running to my house to tell me that she can not use the machine again. The Ninja coffee maker buttons are not working and she doesn’t know how to fix it. And she needed a coffee before she stepped out for the day.

So I followed her to her house to check her coffee machine. Guess what guys,  her ninja coffee maker has faults in the brew basket. That was what made the ninja coffee maker get stuck.

So I instructed her on the full steps of fixing it and left. I will discuss in detail how to fix your ninja coffee maker buttons that are not working. Duly follow me till the end.

Why Is My Ninja Coffee Maker Button Not Working?

The brewing function, the reboot, the plug, the brew basket, and the water reservoir can be the reason why your Ninja coffee maker button is not working. When your ninja coffee maker is not working, rest assured that these few things can be the reason for it and you have to fix them before the coffee maker button can be back to normal again. Let’s look at how these things can affect your coffee maker and how to fix them.

1. Ninja Coffee Maker Brew Function 

When you mistakenly set your brew function button to brew below the normal state, it can make the ninja coffee maker button not work. 


  • Turn your brew function button to go to +1. That’s the normal state for it to brew well and that’s the only place that can make your button function well. 

2. Ninja Coffee Maker Reboot 

Sometimes, before you conclude that the Ninja coffee maker button is not working, try and reboot it. Rebooting your Ninja coffee maker can help you get the button to start working again. 


  • You have to take out the wire cord from the wall socket.
  • Wait for 5 minutes before you can plug it in again. 
  • Once the power cord is plugged in, press the button on the Ninja coffee maker. 
  • After that, you have successfully rebooted the ninja coffee maker. 

3. Ninja Coffee Maker UnPlugged Cord 

Most times, you do think that you have plugged in the wire cord to the wall socket but have not done so. You need to check well if it is plugged or if there is a power supply in the wall socket you are putting it in. 


  • Check if you’ve plunged in your power cord well.
  • Check if your power cord is still good.
  • There may be no power in the outlet so make use of another one. 

4. Ninja Coffee Maker Brew Basket 

When your brew basket is not set well. It will make the ninja coffee maker button not work. Let’s look at the bow to fix this. 


  • You have to push the brew basket to fit in well in the right position. 
  • When the brew basket is fixed it will make the edge flush out and the button will start working. 

5. Ninja Coffee Maker Drip Stop 

When the drip stop is closed it will stop the ninja coffee maker button from working. The use of the drip stop enables the brew basket to work. So to access it you have to go under the brew basket to work on it. 


  • When you open up the brew basket the drip stop is located there. Then raise it and remove anything that makes it closed. 

6. Ninja Coffee Maker Water Reservoir 

When the water reservoir of your Ninja coffee maker is not in place, it will make the button not work.  Sometimes when there is not enough water too, it can stop the button from working


  • You need to film up the water reservoir with water. 
  • Carefully place it in its right position. Make sure it is fused to the machine. 
  • Check again if you’ve placed it well. Don’t assume that you have fixed it. Check it again. 
  • Remember that the edges of the water reservoir must be fused to the machine. So, until it is fixed well you can not get the button to turn on or off. 


How Long Does My Ninja Coffee Maker Button Last?

It can last for 2 to 3 years. It all depends on how you’ve been maintaining and managing it. If you are making use of this button roughly, consider that it may not even reach up to one year for you. So the best thing to do is for you to always handle the ninja coffee maker button with care. 

Is My Ninja Coffee Maker Button Replaceable?

Yes, it is, when you know that the button is damaged and it is beyond repair, all you need to do is for you to call for a replacement. The ninja coffee Maker customer care can assist you in getting the right one that will fit your machine. 


I know you’ve found out the reason why your Ninja coffee maker button is not working.  So you need to follow the right process for to fix your coffee maker. Steps on how to do this have been listed in the article above. If you know that you will not be able to do this yourself, kindly contact a professional for assistance.

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