Keurig K910 Won’t Turn On – How to Fix Your K910 Machine

keurig k910 won't turn on

The Keurig k910 machine is an awesome machine that can help you fix a nice coffee in no time in the morning. But these machines have a lot of pressure to brew coffee and it can easily have some problems. Often, the Keurig k910 won’t turn on when this keeps happening.

When your Keurig k910 machine develops and issues then, what you need to note is that your machine might have broken down, the capacitor is dead, and needs to change before it can be used again. You can fix these issues yourself so that you can get a good cup of coffee again.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of how to fix your k910 machine, and what are the causes too. Kindly follow us till the end.

How To Fix Your Keurig K910 That Won’t Turn On

The solution to this issue is stated below:

  1. If your Keurig k910 coffee machine won’t power on, make sure that the power cord is plugged into the wall socket. If it is plugged in already, try plugging the coffee machine into a different power socket outlet to make sure that it is that particular outlet that’s at fault. 
  1. Hold the power button of your coffee head down for 10 seconds or you can flip the power switch if your coffee machine doesn’t have a lower button until the touch screen is turned on.
  1. You unplug the coffee machine and then, remove the water reservoir from your machine. Let your Keurig k910 sit unplugged for an hour or more. The issue can still be fixed with the reservoir removed from the coffee machine.
  1. After doing this and the issue continues, you can still restart your machine to know if it can be fixed.
  1. If the K910 machine still won’t turn on, try plugging it into a different socket outlet. Don’t use the outlet you’ve used before. Move the machine to a spot in your kitchen where you can reach a different wall socket outlet 
  1. You may need to contact a professional to help help you fix that if you know you are unable to get it done 

Reasons Why Your Keurig K910 Won’t Turn On

Things you must note that make your Keurig k910 not ever work:

  • It is that your wall socket is bad and needs to be changed. Most times we normally don’t know that this is what is happening but you need to check all this out so that you will not spoil your machine cable wire. 
  • Your machine capacitor is very low, you need to increase it or change it to a higher capacitor. You need to change it to a thousand UF capacitors.
  • Your espresso machine cable wire might be bad and you did not know about it. You have to check this properly and know the right things to do to it, either to change the cable wire or take it for repair.
  • Oftentimes, the reason for it not working is that there is a bulge in the capacitor, which is the capacitor is bad and needs to be replaced. 
  • Some common reasons are that you might have forgotten to turn on the wall switch when you plug in your cable wire or you did not put it on the machine after plugging it in.

You might have experienced one out of all this or you have experienced all. So, now you know the reason why your k910 refuses to turn on

It is left for you to get the problem solved either you do it or you take it to a professional.


How can I fix my keurig K910?

You have to follow the few steps that are written in the articles above for you to get your desired results.

Will my K910 machine be back to order after doing a factory reset on it?

Yes, it will, most times it may not work because the machine has a problem or the outlet you are making use of is bad. If the factory reset doesn’t work after taking all the steps, then contact a professional to fix it.

What are the necessary ways to keep keurig rig K910 safe?

There are many ways to keep your Keurig k910 safe, firstly, you need to make sure that all your wall sockets are working and that there is power on them. Change the capacitor of your Keurig k910 to a higher UF capacitor. 
You need to always restart your reservoir most times and make sure that you always unplug your cable wire out of the wall socket outlet after using it. Failure to do so might lead to spoilage of it and may cost you a lot to get it fixed again.

What can I do if the wall socket I plug my machine into is not working? 

If you’ve tried two different socket outlets and your K910 still won’t turn on. It could be that there is a problem with the machine, or there is a power issue in the kitchen. 


If the clicking light of the Keurig k910 machine is not coming up, it is often a sign of an error in your machine or from you that needs fixing.

You should know that it’s fixable by following the guide in this article. After you’ve identified the main problem, and solved it, you will be on your way to making a tasty coffee/drink.

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