Keurig K150 Clicking Won’t Turn On (Common Reasons & Solutions)

keurig k150 clicking won’t turn on

The Keurig is a great coffee machine that can make nice coffee for you and also for a busy office. But there are times when the Keurig K150 clicking won’t turn on

These can give you a lot of issues especially when it refuses to go on after you’ve done all the things that you could do. I know you seriously want to give up on it but follow us, and let’s fix the issues together.

In this article, we will work through how you can fix your espresso machine. Follow us carefully.

What An Keurig K150 Does

The Keurig K150 espresso model is a wonder, elegant, plumbed-in coffee machine that is designed to handle a high volume of brewing of espresso, it makes it perfect for big busy offices. The unit offers you an interactive touchscreen that will adjust the temperature and the brew size, and you will have complete control over the Keurig espresso machine.

This Keurig k150 can help you fix a nice coffee for you and many others in a busy working space. You don’t need to stress yourself for long to get what you want in the part of making yourself a coffee.

Why Would A Keurig K150 Clicking Won’t Turn On

From time to time your expresso machine may experience issues with the Keurig K150 coffee machine. There are a few reasons that make you not to get your brewing espresso machine won which are:

  • The Wire Cord: there is every possibility that the wire cord may be bad or it is not properly connected to the wall socket. 
  • The Bad Espresso: your espresso may be bad. There might be something that is not fixed well in the espresso machine that needs to be out to get her before you can get it back.
  • The Socket is Off: you may not have put on the switch when you plug it in. So,  do your check-up well to get it fixed.

How To Fix The Keurig K150 Clicking Won’t Turn On 

Below are the ways for you to get your Keurig k150 to click back to normal again. If you can follow these steps it will fix your espresso power machine issues about 80% of the time.

Power Switch

Check very well if your coffee machine is well plugged in securely to the wall socket. You need to try plugging the power switch well you check a different plug to see if it will work. Ensure that the Power Switch is turned on and the LCD is also illuminated.

Switch Connection

First, you need to start with a carefully obvious question: is your Keurig k150 connected to power? This is one question you need to ask yourself first. Make sure the cord of the machine is plugged into the wall socket, and also check that the outlet is not broken or damaged and that it can receive power. 

You can try resetting your circuit breaker too or even plugging in another charger to test the outlet if it is working and make sure the problem you are experiencing isn’t caused by the outlet. Lastly, verify that your power switch/button on the Keurig k150 is turned to the ON position.

Once you’ve verified that the K150 is plugged into a working socket, and the power button is already switched, you have to unplug your Keurig from the wall socket and remove the reservoir. Let it be unplugged for an hour or more. We’ve found out that sometimes the issue can be fixed with the reservoir being removed. 

Contact The Keurig Manufacturer

If your espresso is under warranty and you know you can get the issue resolved by reaching out to the Keurig manufacturer.

Ways To Prevent Your Keurig K150 Clicking Won’t Turn On 

We will give you the detailed steps you need to keep for you to have your Keurig machines clicking on always:

  • Make sure you have a workable socket 
  • Ensure that your wire cord as well 
  • Always keep your machine in a safe place to avoid it not getting broken.
  • Always check if your power socket is plugged in well.
  • Keep your Keurig K150 reservoir restarted whenever you experience this.

This video may help you!


Why Is My Keurig K150 Not Turning On?

There is every possibility that your wire cord is not plugged well into the wall socket, your wire cord may be bad, or the wall socket may be off. 
You may want to do a resetting too.

What If I Do All These and It Still Doesn’t Work?

You have to take it back to the Keurig manufacturer to fix it for you as long as you still have your warranty with you.

Is It Possible To Fix The Cords Back If They Are Bad?

Yes, you can once you know you can do it well. Not all wire cords can work with the espresso machine.


With everything listed above, we know that you’ve been able to get the necessary information that can help you get your Keurig k150 back again. There are just a few reasons that make your clicking not work: the switch is not on, or the power socket is bad. Get this fix, so that your espresso machine will be back to normal again.

I know this article has been of great help to you. Please do well and drop your comments and questions in the comment sections.

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