7 Breville Oracle Touch Grinder Problems & Solutions

breville oracle touch grinder problems

I got an email from a lady named Sarah some time ago. She complained that she woke up that morning to brew a coffee before she hit the road for work. To her dismay, the Breville Oracle Touch grinder refused to start.  She tried all she could but it remained silent. 

Frustration crept in! She bitterly reached out to me for help. I sent her a troubleshooting guide to follow. And she fixed it within a few minutes by following the instructions in it. 

So, if you’re facing any problem with your Breville Oracle Touch grinder, the solution is right in this article. Read on!

Breville Oracle Touch Grinder Problems And Solutions

The common Breville Oracle Touch grinder problems most people who reach out to me for help face are the grinder not starting, the grinder making an unusual noise, the grinder jamming, the grinder overheating, the ground coffee texture being inconsistent, or the grinder retaining excess coffee grounds. Let’s walk through the troubleshooting steps.

Grinder Not Starting

The reasons why the Breville Oracle Touch grinder is not starting are:

  • Power Supply Issues

 The machine may not be plugged in or receiving power.

  • Blocked Grinder

Coffee grounds or pebbles can clog the grinder, and prevent it from starting.

  • Bean Hopper Is Misaligned

 If the bean hopper is not correctly placed or locked in position, the grinder won’t start.


  • Check the power source. Ensure that the machine is properly plugged into a working electrical outlet. 
  • Confirm that the power cord is properly connected and not faulty. Replace it if it is bad.
  • Remove the bean hopper and  inspect the grinder for any blockages 
  • Use a brush or any tool to clear any coffee grounds that may be clogging the grinder.
  • Make sure the bean hopper is correctly placed and locked in its position.
  • Double-check the alignment to be sure it’s not obstructing any parts.
  • Confirm that other components, such as the drip tray, water tank, and drip tray cover, are correctly in place and properly attached. 

Grinder Makes Unusual Noises

If your Breville Oracle Touch grinder is too noisy, it’s because of the blockages stuck in it. Sometimes, foreign objects like pebbles or debris may get into the grinder, and cause unusual sounds.


  • Remove the bean hopper and inspect for any obstructions or foreign objects.
  • Clear any blockages to stop the noise.
  • You can also thoroughly examine the grinder for any foreign objects that might have accidentally entered it. 
  • Remove them carefully.

Grinder Is Jamming

Consistent jamming of your Breville Oracle Touch grinder can be caused by a wrong grind setting, overloading of coffee grounds, or buildup of coffee ground debris in the burrs and surrounding areas. Oily beans can also lead to jamming.


  1. Adjust the grind size. Try a coarser grind setting to prevent overloading.
  2. Keep the grinder clean by regularly removing the bean hopper and cleaning the burrs and surrounding areas with a brush.
  3. Choose coffee beans that are good for espresso machines. Oily beans, in particular, can contribute to jamming.

Grinder Overheats

The Breville Oracle Touch grinder may overheat due to prolonged use or grinding a large quantity of coffee in a short time.


  1. If the grinder overheats, stop using it and allow it to cool down. Overheating can damage the grinder’s internal components.
  2. To prevent overheating, avoid grinding a large quantity of coffee beans continuously. Instead, use shorter grinding cycles with pauses in between

Ground Coffee Texture Is Inconsistent

It can be annoying when your Breville Oracle Touch grinder produces uneven or clumpy coffee grounds. You will not enjoy it!


  1. Try different grind settings and doses to get a more consistent coffee texture in the portafilter.
  2. Regularly clean the grinder to prevent the buildup of coffee residue and ensure the burrs are properly aligned.

Grinder Retains Excess Coffee Grounds 

If your Breville Oracle Touch grinder retains an excess amount of coffee grounds after grinding, it leads to waste and inconsistent dosing. You need to fix it!


  1. Adjust the grind size and dose settings 
  2. Regularly clean the grinder to minimize ground retention. Pay attention to cleaning the burrs and the surrounding areas where grounds tend to accumulate.


Why Is My Breville Coffee Machine Not Grinding Beans?

You may ask “Why won’t my Breville coffee machine grind beans like it used to? Well,  If it used to work fine but now it’s not grinding enough coffee, even when you grind for the same amount of time and use the same settings, there are two things to check. First, the grinder might just need a good cleaning to work properly again. Second, the grinder settings may have been set too fine, making it harder to grind coffee.

How Do I Reset My Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Machine?

How can I do a factory reset on my Breville Oracle Touch coffee machine? Here’s a simple guide:
First, make sure your machine is turned off.
Next, simultaneously press and hold the ‘1-Cup’ and ‘Power’ buttons for about 3 seconds.
Now, rotate the ‘Select’ dial to ‘Reset Default Settings (rSEt).’
This will reset all the machine’s programmable settings back to the factory defaults.


Facing Breville Oracle Touch grinder problems can be so frustrating especially when it happened suddenly when you least expected it. Do not fuss! If you carefully followed the instructions in this troubleshooting guide, you should resolve these issues. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for assistance if the problem continues.

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