Keurig K900 Won’t Turn On: Try These Fixes First

Keurig k900 wont turn on

The Keurig k900 machine is easy to use with how well it was designed. But these machines have a lot of pressure to brew coffee and it can easily have some problems. Often, the Keurig k900 won’t turn on.

When your Keurig k900 machine is not on after plugging it, then, this can mean a lot of things like, your machine might have broken down, the capacitor is dead and needs to change before it can be used again. You can fix these issues yourself so that you can get a good cup of coffee again.

All these issues and more are what we will be checking on how to get them fixed again. Keep reading this article to get your desired solutions.

How To Fix The Keurig k900 Won’t Turn On

how to fix the keurig k900 won't turn on
Keurig k900 won’t turn on

Few ways for you to fix the problem if the Keurig k900 won’t turn on. Follow the steps below:

The Power Button Is Not Pushed To The Turn On Keurig K900 Position

The Keurig k900 has a power-on button or an ON/OFF switch on it. The switch is located on top of the machine. For a Plus, the 2.0 model that has a touchscreen, the power button is located right at the bottom right the corner of the screen of your machine. Check if the power button is on.

Plug The Socket Securely In An Outlet:

You have to unplug the cable cord from the wall socket. Then you need to plug it again into the wall socket. Push it in to ensure that the plug is inserted into the socket. You can now on the espresso machine to check if it has started working.

Check Out A Different Wall Socket

If your K900 machine can’t still turn on, try to plug it into a different wall socket. you don’t have to use the outlet you’ve used before. Move the machine to a spot in the kitchen where you may reach a different wall socket outlet.

Check A Different Appliance In The Socket Outlets

If it gets to a point, you’ve tried two different socket outlets and the K900 still won’t come up, It could be that there is a problem with the machine, or there is a power issue in the kitchen. 

You need to solve the power problem, first, you need to try plugging a different power cable in the kitchen or any appliance into any of the socket outlets you’ve just tested. If the other appliance turns on, then there is a problem with the k900 coffee machine. 

If that other appliance won’t turn on, then, the problem is with the electricity in your kitchen. You have to inspect the circuit socket and make sure that the levers are in their right positions. 

The K900 Needs A Resetting

If you can’t finally get power to the K900 machine after you’ve carried out the steps, then you can go with the option of a factory reset on your coffee machine as a last resort solution before you can contact support from a professional.

Why The Keurig K900 Won’t Turn On

From time to time, you may experience some issues with your Keurig machine and issues with the K900 coffee machine. There are a few reasons that make you not to get your brewing coffee machines:

  • The Wire Cord Is Bad: there is every possibility that the wire cord may be bad or it is not properly connected to the wall socket. 
  • Capacitor: The k900 needs thousands of UF for it to function well but when it is below that it will never work.
  • Wall Socket Is Bad: Your wall socket may be bad. There might be that there is no power in the wall socket, and for you to make use of your k900 machine again you need to fix it first. 
  • A Bulged Capacitor: your capacitor may be bulging and you don’t know about it. All you need to change it to a better one.
  • The Socket is Off: you may not have put on the switch when you plug it in. So, do your check-up well to get it fixed.

Preventative Method For Your Keurig K900 Clicking Won’t Turn On 

These are the preventive ways on how you can keep your Keurig k900 machines clicking on always:

  • Make sure you have a workable socket. 
  • Remove the bulging capacitor.
  • Ensure that your wire cord is as well.
  • Always keep your machine in a safe place to avoid it not getting broken.
  • Always check if your power socket is plugged in well.
  • Check the size of your capacitor and know if you need to change it to thousands of UF
  • Keep your Keurig K900 reservoir restarted whenever you experience this.


Why Is My Keurig K900 Not Working?

The reason for this is that the power cord may not be plugged well or it needs a resetting for the machine to be back in place.

Will My K900 Machine be Back To Order After Doing A Factory Reset On It?

Yes, it will, most times it may not work because the machine has a problem or the outlet you are making use of is bad. If the factory reset doesn’t work after taking all the steps, then contact a professional to fix it.


The instructions that are started here will help you fix the problem you are facing right now with your k900 Keurig machine. Always know that the issue you are facing can come from your end. That’s if there is no power supply in the wall socket or the socket is bad.

If you can follow the preventive way in the article, then your machine will never have any issues again. Sometimes, you need to know that you can fix these on your own, you should also try and get a professional so that you will not have an extended issue with your machine.

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