Keurig Needle Maintenance Still Not Working (Quick Solved)

keurig needle maintenance still not working

A friend of mine walked into my house one evening with the complaint that his Keurig needle maintenance not working. Funnily enough, He came with his Keurig coffee machine. He wanted me to help him fix the Keurig needle that was not working and I did. 

First of all, I told him the cause of his Keurig needle not working.  Told him that the reason for this is that there is too much clogging that needs to be removed and the needle might be bent, which is why it has not been working.

So, with such words, he was happy that I was able to lecture him on it and also on how to fix it. So, in this article, I will explain why your Keurig needle maintenance is still not working. Do read till the end of this article. 

What Is The Work Of My Keurig Needle?

The Keurig needle is kept in the machine to help in the puncturing of the K cup. It is in two places which are the entrance and the exit. It helps to open up the pod from the top, which is the entrance needle, and from the bottom, which is the exit needle. It helps to create an opening where the hot water can flow through. 

The Keurig coffee machine has a sharp metal entrance needle that helps in opening the top of the pod and the bottom needle is blunt which creates a stream for the hot water to come out and enter your cup. 

Why is My Keurig Needle Maintenance Still Not Working?

A few reasons can make your Keurig needle maintenance still not work, which are; more debris in the needle holder, bent needle, broken needle, or the Keurig needle needs proper descaling. Let’s explain them further;

1. Clogging In Your Needle Holder 

If after you’ve maintained your Keurig needle it is still not working, then know that there is still clogging in the needle holder. You have to clean it off before it will work out. 


  • Unplug Your machine. 
  • Move over to the place where the needle is situated, and remove the needle.
  • Make use of a toothbrush or a paper clip to remove any clogging in the area.
  • Use a paper towel to clean the needle holder

2. Keurig Needle Is Bent 

keurig needle maintenance

When the needle is bent, consider that the needle will not work even after maintenance. Most of the time we are so ignorant that the needle is bent. So what you need to do is first check if you have a bent needle then move over to the next step.


  • Bring out the bent needle and see if you can bend it back to its normal shape. 
  • You can also change it if you have an extra needle.

3. Keurig Needle Is Broken

If you have a broken needle, your Keurig needle will not work. These are the common things you need to be checking all the time to ensure that your Keurig coffee machine works perfectly well for you. 


  • Replace every broken needle that is in your Keurig needle holder. 
  • Contact Keurig customer service to know which needle will fit your Keurig needle holder. 

4. Keurig Needs  Descaling 

When there is a lot of clogging in your Keurig machine, it will not function very well and all you need to do is for you to fix it first before any part can work effectively. 


  • Make use of a Keurig solution to clean your coffee machine.
  • You can also use another white vinegar for your Keurig descaling. 
  • Make sure you wash every detachable part more, especially the needle holder. 
  • Clean and leave all the parts in an open place for proper drying. 
  • Reassemble your Keurig coffee machine and run only water brewing to remove any other buildups, debris, clogging, or mineral from hard water in it. 

How Can I Find Out That My Keurig Needle Needs Maintenance 

There are a few signs that you will get. 

  • When you start getting less coffee 
  • When your coffee is coming out slow 
  • When there is noise in that area but there is no coffee that is coming out.
  • When you start getting dressed from your machine.
  • When there is too much water pressure in your Keurig coffee machine. 
  • When you start noticing a leakage from your brewer either before or after you’ve brewed a coffee.
  • When you are not getting a nice taste or the same taste as usual.

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When Is The Right Time For My Keurig Needle To Be Cleaned?

If you are a deep lover of coffee, you may want to clean your Keurig needle every two weeks, but for a single coffee lover, you can clean it once a month. Be careful when doing this so that you will not break the needle or bend it. 

How Often Should I Clean My Keurig Needle Holder?

Whenever you clean your needle, also clean the needle holder. The Keurig needle may not work if you do not clean the holder at once. So the best thing to do is for you to descale it at once. 


I am sure that by now you’ve been able to get the details of how to make your Keurig needle work for you. Just know that when your merit needle is not working it’s all from you because you’ve not taken your time to clean your clogged needle and this can make it work for him again. So for you to get this worked out, you have to clean your needles.

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