Breville Pressure Gauge Not Working – 5 Problems With Solutions

breville pressure gauge not working

Early this morning I picked up my phone to check the messages that dropped in. The first message I got was from an old friend in my teen years. He is a good coffee lover. He reached out to me to know why his Breville pressure gauge was not working again. He was finding it difficult to get a coffee the previous night. He takes coffee both morning and night! 

I immediately replied to his message letting him know that the gasket or the regulator might be what is making his Breville pressure gauge not work. After telling him the problem I also explained to him how to fix it.

Mind you, he only reached out to me because I have faced the same issue with my coffee machine. I got his response that the solutions worked out. So, if you are facing the same challenge, I have a solution for you and how you can fix it. Make sure to read the article till the end. 

Breville Pressure Gauge Not Working Problems And Solutions

Seal and gasket, broken pressure gauge, waterline, pressure regulator, and much coffee added are the things that can make your Breville pressure gauge not work. And these things are what we will talk about now. 

breville pressure gauge

A Broken Breville Pressure Gauge 

A worn-out or bad Breville pressure gauge can lead to your Breville pressure gauge not working. When this is happening just know this is the reason for this. 


  1. If you can check your Breville pressure gauge if it is worn out. 
  2. Take your Breville pressure gauge to an authorized technician for them to check it out and fix it for you. 
  3. Make sure you fix your pressure gauge before it will result in something else. 

Gasket & Seal Breville Pressure Gauge 

Oil, fats, and limescale buildup can make your gasket and seal loosen up. When this happens, it will cause the pressure not to be the same as it was when you bought it. The work of the gasket is to make sure that the seal at the bottom and top of the machine is tight. The gasket is made up of rubber and it looks like a pressure cooker. How to work on this. 


  1. If the gasket is bad, try to fix it back.
  2. Check if the seal is broken, once you observe these take it to a professional that can help fix it for you.

Waterline Breville Pressure Gauge 

Unfiltered water can cause the waterline to stop your Breville pressure gauge from working. When you make use of hard water it can cause minerals to build up, and clump in the water and this can lead to a clog in your Breville pressure gauge. This can cause low pressure and less coffee to be in your Breville. 


  1. Make use of filtered water always. 
  2. Descale your Breville coffee machine. 

The Regulator Of The Breville Pressure Gauge 

When the regulator is not functioning well, it will lead to your Breville pressure gauge not working. It can also lead to the fluctuation of the pressure and the brewing of the coffee will be very poor. 


  1. Change the regulator and make sure you get the good one that can fit your Breville coffee machine. 

Much Coffee In Your Breville Pressure Gauge 

When there is excessive coffee in the Breville pressure gauge not working. When there is too much ground in your Breville coffee machine, then have it in mind that the machine will not work. 


  1. Add the required coffee size of your Breville machine. 
  2. Descale your machine when you notice that there are a lot of grounds in it. 

This video may also help you.

How To Prevent A High Breville Pressure Gauge 

  • Make use of an ultra-fine for your grounds coffee in your Breville 
  • Make sure to fix the regulator in its right place.
  • Make sure that the coffee grounds you are using in your Breville machine are the size.
  • Change your broken Breville pressure gauge
  • Make sure you don’t compress the coffee so that the water flow will not be restricted. 
  • Make sure that your gasket is not too tight on the Breville pressure gauge.
  • Always take your Breville coffee machine for maintenance to preserve it. 

When you take the right preventive measure you can have a Breville that is good and not have any pressure gauge issue again. Make sure to contact a professional to fix any of these parts that you can’t do again. You can also reach out to Breville customer service to know the right part you can fix in your Breville coffee machine. 


Why Is My Breville Pressure Gauge Not Working?

When you fix a coffee that is more than the required quantity, it cannot work. When there is debris and clogging in a very high amount in the Breville coffee machine also have it at the back of your mind that it will not work. When the needle is bent or it is full of clogging, it won’t still work out for you. The best thing to do is for you to check your Breville coffee machine and find out with one is wrong with it. Then solve it. 

How Many Breville Pressure Gauge Bars Do My Coffee Machine Have?

There is a 0-15 Breville pressure gauge bar. But in optimal pressure, it is expected that the needle should have 8-10 bars to enable the pressure in it. When this pressure is low or very high, it will result in a very bad taste in your coffee. 


You and I know that getting a watery coffee or even a salty coffee is not encouraging and it sounds so disappointing. The reason for this is that your Breville pressure gauge is not working and it needs fixing before you can enjoy your favorite coffee once again.

Now that you’ve read in the article above the problem of this and also find out the right solution to it. Kindly proceed to solve the problem with your Breville coffee machine. 

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