Breville Espresso Machine Grinder Not Working (Quick Fixed)

breville espresso machine grinder not working

Your coffee grinder machine has been functioning fine for months, grinding your beans every time and in an efficient way for well-balanced coffees. All of a sudden, you wake up one morning and find out that it has stopped dead in its tracks. The challenge is that your grinder is jammed

One thing you should know is that the common problems with the Breville Espresso Grinder are caused by coffee grounds that clog up in the machine

Don’t panic at all, this is an issue that can be put back right in place. It doesn’t take much of your time, a few minutes of your time can get it fixed back again.

So in this article, you will learn ways to prevent it from jamming, how to fix it and so what causes it to stop working.

How to Know That Your Breville Espresso Grinder is Jammed

The symptoms to identify that your Espresso Grinder is Jammed are stated below:

  • When the grinder does not run whenever you turn it on. 
  • If the grinder runs without stopping, that’s to say the switch can clog or be damaged.
  • If the grinder does not want to run, the motor shaft of the Grinder may be frozen.
  • When the grinder vibrates, it might be that the blade is already bent. 
breville espresso grinder not working

How Can A Breville Espresso Grinder Get Clogged 

When an espresso grinder is jammed, the motor can’t be able to spin for the burrs to grind the beans again. It will result in a “humming” sound. This can only happen for a couple of reasons which are written below:

  • The coffee oils and the debris can build up in the burrs if they are left there to collect over time in the machine.
  • The burr chamber can become jammed when the burrs of the espresso are set too fine for the grinder to force the beans to come out through the machine.
  • When you hold the portafilter too close to the discharge chute of the grinder, the peak pile of the coffee grounds will become lodged in the chute opening and it can lead to blockage.

What You Need To Know About The Breville Espresso Grinder Repair 

The truth about your espresso grinder getting damaged is that finding the replacement parts for the espresso grinders is challenging, more often the off-brands, this is because you will first figure out who made the unit. Check who is the manufacturer or you can check an aftermarket parts supplier for you to get it. 

What Are The Material To Us For The Espresso Grinder Repair 

The tools that you need to disassembly your grinder machine for it to be ready for cleaning include these:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Small pliers
  • Canned air
  • Brush

Espresso Grinder Cleaning Procedure 

espresso grinder cleaning procedure

The steps to clean your espresso grinder very well are stated below:

  1. You will need to turn the machine off and unplug it from the wall socket.
  1. You have to remove the hopper and the ground grinding. Clean these with a lint-free cloth or a coffee filter to remove any coffee dustin’ buildup. Please don’t use a paper towel for it, as it will leave lint on it. If there is a stubborn oil residue in there, you can clean the components with a mild soap and warmer. make sure to rinse them once you are done, so that soap flavors will not contaminate them, and dry them so that they don’t get the burrs or a motor wet, which can cause corrosion in the grinder.
  1. Make sure to remove the outer burr by twisting it until it lifts out from the grinder. the inner burr should be left in place, it can be difficult to remove something, so you have to be careful.
  1. You need to clean both burrs, the chute of all coffee particles, the dust, and the oils. any place you can see or touch clean it well. Materials like a vacuum, compressed air, toothpick, brush, and lint-free cloth can help you with these steps. You must make sure not to vacuum up or lose any loose screws you find in the machine.
  1. Once you are done, you can now reassemble the espresso grinder. Make sure you fix them in the right way, this stuff is fragile and can spoil fast, so handle it with care.

Schedule Plan For Cleaning An Breville Espresso Grinder

S/NHow To CleanNumber of Times To Clean
1Dust coffee groundsEvery Day
2Wipe out the Grind Chamber and the Hopper1-2 Weeks
3A Deep Clean3-6 Months

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (Q&A)

Why Can’t My Breville Espresso Machine Grinding Beans Well?

If the Breville Espresso Machine is not grinding in the proper way it should grind the beans, You will need to use the right oil, dry, or stale espresso beans or check the settings. You may still have to change the burrs or bearings of the espresso grinder, there is a need for a replacement.

How Can I Reset My Breville Grinder?

Mind you, any adjustment you make on the machine will result in the creation of 0.2 seconds of your grinding time. To RESET your grind time, you have to press & hold the SHOTS button until you hear a long beep sound.


We know that the guide has helped you fix the problems you’ve encountered with your Breville Espresso Grinder.

The machine is designed to be very easy to use and for you to maintain it. The common issues can be solved by a bit of cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

You need to know that with proper care and regular upkeep, you will have few problems with the Espresso Grinder, and you can enjoy your coffee from it for years.

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