Nespresso Milk Frother Not Working And Red Light Flashing (Fixed!)

nespresso milk frother not working and red light flashing

The common reasons why your Nespresso milk frother has stopped working are dirt that is on the electrical contacts or there is a damaged magnetic whisk. Sometimes, it can be a burnt-out heating element, there is a faulty thermocouple, or the type of milk you’re using is hard to froth, which is not good.

The good news is this, fixing these can be pretty easy. So instead of rushing out and buying a new frother or a new Nespresso, what you need to do is simple.

In this article, you will find out the things that cause your Nespresso milk frother to develop issues and how to fix them.

Why Your Nespresso Milk Frother, not Working And Red Light is Flashing

The reason for this can be that the quality of the milk froth you are using is not up to standard or the milk is burnt.

To get an optimal milk froth, you have to make use of cold milk or semi-skimmed milk at the refrigerator temperature which is about 4-6° C. To guarantee hygiene conditions, you should use heat-treated milk which is pasteurized, refrigerated & newly opened milk. Any Milk that has frozen can not froth

Milk like Syrup, sugar, chocolate powder, or any additives should not be added to the jug. This can lead to damage to the coating during the preparation of the coffee. Make sure the jug and the whisk are very clean. It is recommended that you should not use any special enriched milk or powdered reconstituted milk flavored milk.

Why is The Red Light Flashing in The Nespresso Milk Frother

The reason for this is written below:

  • The Jug is Very Hot: You have to clean the jug with cool water. make sure the whisk is attached in the right way to the jug.
  • The Milk is Not Enough: make sure that the milk frother fills up to one of the two “max” levels. When this is all 4 buttons blink together which are 3 red and 1 blue light.
  • You will need to clean the  Aeroccino and make sure that there is no water on the base.

How to Fix Your Nespresso Milk Frother

nespresso milk frother not working

You Need To Wait For The Milk to Frother in Machine To Cool Down

The safety feature of a Milk Frother is the thermostat that helps you detect the inner heat of the appliance. The responsibility of the thermostat is to regulate the inner heat by closing off the system when you notice that the temperature is similarly increased.

Once you notice that the thermostat of your device is excessively hot to begin its operation again, it will quit spinning to prevent the device from burning. The best solution to this is to turn it off and stay for a paltry 15-20 minutes for it to cool down before using the milk frother again.

Always Clean Your Jug

Glimmers of milk can crop up inside the jug and even all around the whisk if you don’t clean it after each use and this can make the machine overheat very fast.

To maintain the grade of this unit, you have to scrub away any milk residue that might have fled inside the jar after each milk frothing.

Let The Milk Whisk 

If your Nespresso frother is blinking red glow, it states that the whisk is easygoing, it might be removed or missing. Nespresso can only froth the milk using the same whisk attachment which is uncovered inside the jar, so if it is skipping, the appliance will not perform well.

Ensure that the whisk is safe and attached to the appliance before you can pour any ingredient inside the jug.

The Milk Level Should Be Adjust

There is a particular portion of milk that is needed for the milk froth appliance for it to process well. Any milk grade below the two horizontal cords that are on the jar will make the appliance flash a red light. To avoid this, make sure that the milk you like to use is at the milk grade between the two cords that are provided in the Jug.

The Milk Frother Of The Device Should Be Reset

You can perform the factory reset through the settings that are functional on the Nespresso application, or you can reset it utilizing the switches in the jar division. The steps below can help you achieve the factory reset without you downloading the application.

  • You need to Discover the switch mariners that are on the underside base of the jar.
  • Push the two needles for three moments.
  • You need to pause for the factory reset verification on the indicator.
  • Then you have to push the middle switch to confirm that the factory has been reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If The Milk Frother Doesn’t Work?

Make sure that you position your jug in its right way on the base and that the whisk is attached well to the jug. The Milk Frother can only start when the connectors are dried.

What Makes The Milk Overflow?

These can only happen when the indicator level is not corresponding. To avoid this, always check if everything is corresponding.


When you notice that your milk frother starts performing slowly, 6 causes are common reasons responsible for this issue.

The most common problem here is the accumulation of dirt or there is a damaged or misaligned whisk. These problems are very fixable, if you walk with the instructions and tips mentioned in this article you will be able to get your Milk Frother back to normal again. 

If you notice that the frother itself is broken, you’ll need to seek a professional for more help to repair it or it can be that you need to replace it.

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