Keurig Supreme Plus Won’t Turn On After Descaling? 5 Easy Solutions

keurig supreme plus won’t turn on after descaling

I got a call from a coffee lover last weekend. He was so eager to know why his Keurig supreme plus won’t turn on after descaling.  He couldn’t brew a coffee that morning and was so frustrated about the whole thing. 

I asked him if his power cord or wall socket is good or bad and he said they are all good. But when I asked about his thermostat, he went mute immediately. That was how I knew that his thermostat was the problem. And I gave him some guidelines on how to fix it. 

If your Keurig supreme plus does not turn on after descaling it, I will list the problems and how to fix them.  Make sure you read the article till the end. 

Why Won’t My Keurig Supreme Plus Turn On After Descaling?

Your Keurig Supreme Plus won’t turn on after descaling because of a bad power cord, faulty heating element, the power cord switch is off, the thermostat is broken or there is clogging in your machine. Any of these could be the main problem. Let’s delve into the details!

keurig supreme plus turn on after descaling

1. Power Cord 

The reason why your Keurig Supreme won’t turn on can be that the power cord is bad, it is not plugged well or there is an issue with your power cord. Most times when you don’t know about this you may think that your machine is bad. 


  • Check your power cord to know if you plug it well into the wall socket. 
  • Check if your power cord is good or if it has an issue with the machine.

2. The Heating Element 

If the heating element in the water reservoir in your Keurig Supreme Plus coffee machine is not working, then the Keurig Supreme machine will never power on until it is worked on. If you find out that the heating element is the problem then you need to fix it.


  • Check if the heating element of the Keurig supreme plus is the problem.
  • If the heating element is the problem then you have to open it up and know if you are going to change it.
  • Once you fix the heating element, the Keurig Supreme machine will now turn on again. 

3. The switch 

When the switch of your Keurig supreme power cord is off then have in mind that your machine will never turn on. This can prevent you from doing anything with your machine that day. When this is the problem, it doesn’t sound like the Keurig Supreme machine has a problem. 


  • Turn on the power cord to the on position for it to work out for you. 
  • When the switch refuses to turn on after this, then have it in mind that the switch is bad and needs a replacement.
  • When you notice that the switch is stuck in the off position then you have to open up the switch to work on it. 
  • You can also test the switch by using a multimeter on it.

4. Clogging

When there is a lot of debris and mineral build-ups it will lead to the clogging of the machine and this will not allow the machine to turn on even after you have descaled it. The Keurig supreme plus won’t turn on when there is a lot of clogging on it. 


  • You have to do another descaling in the Keurig supreme plus machine to help you remove any particles that are inside the machine. 
  • Do a proper rinsing after you have to descale your machine. 
  • Make sure you fix all the parts of the Keurig machine well. If not, the machine will also not turn on. 
  • You can also use paper clips to remove any other particles that have refused to go out. 

5. The thermostat 

A broken thermostat in the Keurig supreme plus machine can also result in your machine not turning on, even when the thermal fuses of the machine aren’t burned out.


  • To fix this you have to change the thermostat.
  • You either change or buy a new thermostat for your machine.

How Do I Make My Keurig Supreme Plus To Always Turn On?

There are a few things you can do for you to preserve your Keurig supreme plus machine for it to last long. 

  • Always check if your machine’s power cord is good. Always replace the bad cord.
  • Constantly check your power switch. If it is stuck, then open it and work on it.
  • Always run a descaling on your machine to avoid clogging from spoiling your machine.
  • Instead of spoiling your Keurig supreme plus coffee machine, kindly contact a professional. 
  • Contact Keurig supreme plus customer service for more assistance that you can not offer yourself. 


My Keurig Supreme Plus won’t turn on After Descaling.

If your Keurig supreme plus refuses to turn on after you’ve to descale your machine then you need to know that a few things are making your machine not to on which can be that the power cord is the lock, the control button is bad and also it is possible that you did not turn on your machine. 

How often should I descale my Keurig supreme plus?

The descaling of your machine should be done once every  3-6 months after buying it. You should also know that the descaling of your machine is dependent on how often you make use of it and also the type of water you make use of. Hard water that is used often should be descaled every month.


The Keurig supreme plus descaling light is a very important light that helps to tell you that your machine needs a deep cleaning. And this light also helps to let you know that if you don’t descale your machine, there is every tendency that your machine will not work perfectly again.

To make sure that the Keurig supreme pulse descaling light goes off, you need to give it a deep cleaning to ensure that your machine comes back to its normal shape again. 

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