Keurig K-Supreme Plus Not Brewing Full Cup: Quick Solved

keurig k-supreme plus not brewing full cup

Do you have a Keurig K-Supreme Plus coffee machine in your house or workplace and you are a coffee lover? I know how frustrating it can be when you want to make for yourself and you find out that the coffee machine can’t produce a full cup again. 

When your Keurig K-Supreme Plus is not brewing a full cup, then you should know that there is a blockage that is making the machine not perform well. In this article, I will show you what this blockade can be and its possible solutions.

Why Is My Keurig K-Supreme Plus Not Brewing a Full Cup?

Your Keurig K-supreme Plus is not brewing a full cup because there is an internal blockage, build-up in the water tank, or the needle of your Keurig K-supreme coffee maker is clogged. Let’s dive into how to resolve this!

1. Internal Blocks In The Keurig K-supreme Plus 

If there is any calcium buildup discovered in your water tank, there is likely calcium in your coffee machine. Most times, this build-up of calcium can get bigger to create a blockage that can result in your machine not making a full cup of coffee anymore.


  • You should descale your coffee machine even though you are making use of what filter. You can do this every 3-6 months 
  • If your water is hard, then you have no option than to descale it much more often than the one written above.
  • Keurig has descaling solutions that can work for all models. So it is safe to make use of this solution.
  • If you have not cleaned your coffee device for six months, then you should run the descaling on your machine twice, before the blockage will be out.

2. Buildup Around The Areas Of The Water Tank

If there are build-ups around the dampness tank, then you should be able to note that you can’t get any coffee that will load your mug. Let’s look at how to get it to fix 


  • You have to first remove all the water in the water tank. Then, you need to put off the water filter from the machine.
  • Flip the water reservoir. Locate where the nozzle of the machine is with the spring. Take a dull like that of an eraser tip of a pencil and then, push the spring downwards. Once it shifts with ease, then you can now run other issues there.
  • You can now fix the water tank back to its position in your machine. Load it up with 3 drops of water.
  • Hold the turkey baster and suck off any water that will remain in the tank. 
  • Spew the bastard of the machine into that lid side of the blackboard of the nozzle, where water will run out from the way to your tank in the machine. 
  • If you begin to see any particles that are. Coming Out of your nozzles, then it is the blockage from the calcium.

3. The Needle Of The Keurig K-supreme Plus Is Clogged 

There are times during your coffee productions that grand do enter the side of the needle and create a clogging in it. When this happens, the needs can get dry and hard for you to use. This thing is likely to happen if you always leave the pods that have already been used to knife the coffee machine after brewing a hot coffee. How to solve these issues 


  • You can make use of a paper grip here.
  • You should make sure to turn off the coffee machine and unplug the same wire from the wall socket. Extract the water puddle from the device.
  • Remove the pod from the machine and make sure you do that carefully.
  • On the top side of the. a fine, you have to push the controller to untangle the holder from the appliance. 
  • You can now plow the lever for it to indicate the existing needle, you should grab it down while you flip the holder.
  • Then insert the end of the syringe, it can now move around in a rotation at a periodic time. 
  • Rinse the pod holders with sterile water and then fix them aside from others.
  • In the shelter entrance, there is a place that is called the exit needle, you have to insert the paper hook inside it and wash each of them by rolling the paper hook around to wash it.


My Keurig Coffee Maker Is Not Brewing. What Should I Do?

If your Keurig is not brewing, ensure the water reservoir is filled, the machine is properly plugged in, and there are no clogs in the water lines. Also, check the brew size settings and if sure the coffee pod is compatible.

Can I Use Different Coffee Pods in my Keurig Coffee Maker?

Keurig machines are designed to work with Keurig-branded K-Cups and compatible pods. While some other different pods may work, it’s best to use the recommended pods to ensure proper brewing and avoid issues.

Is It Safe To Leave Water In The Reservoir Of My Keurig Supreme Between Uses?

It’s best to empty the water reservoir between uses to prevent stagnant water buildup, which can affect the taste of your coffee and the performance of your coffee maker. So, do not leave water in your reservoir between uses


With the details of everything listed in the article, I know you’ve been able to get the solutions to your desired problem. Things that are written here can help you get your Keurig coffee machine back in order.

Remember that we’re always advised that if you know you can’t do this thing yourself then you should meet a professional to help you out with it. Or you can contact the customer service of the Keurig company to lay the complaint of your machine to them.

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