Keurig K Supreme Plus Lid Won’t Close (Quick Solved!)

keurig k supreme plus lid won't close

Are you in a situation of closing your Keurig K supreme plus lid and you find out that it is unable to close effectively? Oh, I can see how disheartened you are right now that you don’t know what is wrong with your machine. 

There are many reasons why your Keurig K Supreme Plus lid won’t close. It can be that the needle is closed and it affected it or it is that you mistakenly did not place it well or the water reservoir is not placed well.

In this article, we will tell you the reason why your Keurig K Supreme can not close how to work on it if you are experiencing this, and also how to avoid it in case it happens again. Kindly follow duly.

Why Is Your Keurig K Supreme Plus Lid Won’t Close

A few things can make your K Supreme Plus lid refuse to close, this problem is associated with the way you handle your coffee machine. Let’s see some of the e reasons and how to fix them.

Coffee Grounds and Debris in a Device.

Coffee grounds and debris can be one of the problems of your device not closing. When the coffee grounds and debris go to the bottom of the cup holder, it can prevent the K Supreme Plus lid from closing. The debris can prevent the pod holder from closing.

These two problems can prevent the cup from flushing and the lid will be snugly hard to close.


  • Descale your device always to remove the debris and coffee grounds.
  • Always check your pod cup to see if it is set well.
  • Make sure to cover your K Supreme Plus lid well, ignorance of this can make you think that your coffee device is bad.

The Coffee Pod Is Overfull

Most times, if the size of coffee you put on the coffee pod is different from the normal size, you will never be able to close your k supreme plus lid well, the reason for this will remain the fact of you applying the wrong size into the coffee pod. If you try to jam your cup with more than the expected size, it can lead to damage to the K Supreme Plus lid.


  • Check out for the right size of your K Supreme Plus.
  • Make sure that the pod is placed well and cover it in the right position.
  • Clean the coffee cup to remove any clogging that is there.

Wrong Setting of Coffee Pod

Sometimes, not placing your coffee pod in its right position can make it refuse to close. The coffee cup most times might be dislodged or is not situated well.


  • Check if your coffee cup is situated well.
  • Check if something is keeping it from fitting well.
  • You should adjust the pod and put it back to see if it will fit in well.

K Supreme Plus Device Is Experiencing a Mechanical Jam

Another problem that your k supreme plus can have is a mechanical jam, it indicates that the handle is already jammed and needs fixing or the pod holder is jammed. You need to take time to fix this because it can be okay again.


  • Check your K Supreme Plus to see if you can find out the problem.
  • You need to push your handle down and see if it will click, if it is hard to come down, then there is an issue. Then you have to fix it.
  • Take it to a professional to fix it for you.

A Bent Needle

Some of the reasons why your K Supreme Plus lid won’t close are because the needle is bent and it will prevent you from closing your lid well. These needles need to be fixed well so that you can access your coffee pod well and close your lid well. You have to be very careful not to bend the needle, so that it may not cause damage to the coffee device.


  • You have to bend the needles back properly to fix it back.
  • You should contact a professional to help you fix it. Make sure you get someone that will help you fix it well.

What a Loose Lid Can Do to Your K Supreme Plus

A loose lid is very bad for your coffee machine. If you are experiencing this and still managing it like that, we will list what damage it can cause to you.

  • It will make your K Supreme Plus not turn on 
  • Brewing coffee with your k supreme may not be possible.
  • There is every tendency that it may spill hot water everywhere and if you are closer, it will touch you and damage your body. This is very dangerous because the water that comes out from the device is 192 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It can lead to your coffee pod not being punctured and you may not get your coffee that day.
  • Most times your coffee may not be as it used to be, all you will get is water down the coffee.

How to Fix Your K Supreme Plus a Lid That Won’t Close

Let’s look at the ways to prevent this problem from happening again.

  • Always clean your pod holder.
  • Always inspect your machine to check if there is any issue that is preventing it from closing.
  • Once in a while, check your needle to see if it is bent, if you find anyone that is not good, you have to replace it.
  • Make use of the right size of coffee on your device 
  • Fix any mechanical issues that you may be facing.
  • Contact a professional if you can’t work it out on your own.

Watch this video for more information.


How does one fix the Keurig K Supreme Plus lid that refuses to close?

Sometimes, you need to note that the reason why your Keurig K Supreme refuses to lock is that the k cup is over full, and when it starts to brew, it will raise and that will have to prevent your K Supreme Plus lid from closing.


If you’ve carefully followed us duly then, you now know the reasons why your Keurig K supreme had refused to close, and now you know the few things that led to it. Do the necessary things that can help you preserve the life span of your device.

If you know that you will not be able to fix this on your own, kindly contact a professional to help you fix it or if you bought your device now and you see yourself experiencing these, then you need to contact Keurig customer service.

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