Keurig Supreme Vs Supreme Plus – Which One Is Worth Your Brew?

keurig supreme vs supreme plus

Naomi left her house one Saturday morning to mine just to know the difference between Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus and also help her make a wise choice in the coffee machine to buy for herself and her family. 

Just as I always do, I showed her details of the Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus. A few minutes later when she got home, she called me thanking me for helping her know the exact coffee machine she can get.

Are you like Naomi who doesn’t know the type of coffee machine to get? then, this article is for you. Read to the end. 

Comparison Table Of Keurig Supreme Vs Supreme Plus 

FeatureKeurig supremeSupreme Plus
Water Capacity78 oz66 oz
Coffee brew12 cups12 cups
ProgrammableMulti-stream TechnologyMulti-stream Technology
Dimensions12.2 tell, 7.9 wide, 12.4 tell, 8.3 wide
Weight5.8 pounds8 pounds
Removable partYesYes
Adjustment settingsYesYes
Brewing strength35
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Digital displayYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Review of Keurig Supreme Vs Supreme Plus

I will show you the different reviews with the pros and cons of the Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus. This will help you have a better view of what you want to know about the two coffee machines. Pros and cons will help you know some of the usefulness of the machine and what you may not get from them.

Keurig Supreme 

keurig supreme
  • The Keurig Supreme can make you a fresh brew of coffee in less than a minute if you need it. It is a stylish, portable coffee maker. 
  • The Keurig Supreme helps the multistream and it increases the brewing aroma and flavor. It helps in multiple water streams. 
  • You can brew a strong coffee. 
  • You can position the water reservoir to any position of your choice either at the back or at the side of it. 


  • Keurig Supreme has light weights
  • It has two places for keeping the water reservoir, either at the side of it or at the back
  • It has the capacity of brewing too much coffee at the same time.


  • It doesn’t have multiple temperature options
  • It does not have the capacity of saving favorite brewing coffee options

Keurig Supreme Plus 

keurig supreme plus
  • The supreme plus is a single server. It has a nice design and its features are good. 
  • The supreme plus gives you the privilege of making three choices of drink that you want to make. 
  • It has a multiple stream technology that helps your coffee to be hot. 
  • The supreme plus gives you the privilege for you to brew coffee into the mug which is up to 7 cups.


  • You have the option of saving your favorite coffee
  • It has a digital display on it
  • You can customize your brewing options


  • It can get you angry most times
  • You can’t change the position of the water reservoir.
  • It has limited color

Similarities of Keurig Supreme Vs Supreme Plus

The brew type, maintenance alert, universal reusable filter, simple control, multistream technology, and travel mug are the similarities of the Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus. Let’s talk more about them. 

Brew Type 

The Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus can give you any type of drink in no time. It is very fast in brewing. It can give you back-to-back brewing of drinks without any side effects on it. You can customize any type of stick you want because these two coffee machines are up to the task. 

Maintenance Alert 

After 250 brews the Keurig supreme vs supreme plus reminds you to descale your machine. It does this so that it will be maintained very well for you. When the descaling is not done, it can lead to damage to your machine. 

Universal Reusable Filter 

The Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus has a compatible universal reusable filter. You can put your ingredient in the filter without the k cups. 


The Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus offers you easy to use style. You don’t need to work hard to control it. It is easy to control.

Multi-stream Technology 

The Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus uses multiple water streams that help to saturate the coffee which helps it to give you more flavor and aroma in coffee.

Travel Mug 

Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus can produce brewed coffee in a travel mug 7. It can brew coffee directly into the mug. So, this is one of its specialties. 


Can I Adjust The Size Of the Beverage In Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus?

Yes, you can adjust them to any point you want them to be. 

Do The Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus, Last Long?

Yes, they do, but this can happen only when you take out your time to maintain it always. This is not the kind of machine to be mishandled. If you want it to last a very long time for you, then you have to take out time to take care of it.

Is The Cup Holder Of The Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus Removable?

Yes, it is, to get it right while removing it, you have to read the manual of your coffee machine to follow the instructions written there. 


Hope you are now able to know the model of coffee machine you can go for. You can go for Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus. You have all the choices now to make because the differences between these two machines have been stated above. The Keurig Supreme vs supreme plus is friendly to use and has let stress in maintaining it. So kindly make a wise choice.

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