Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn: Which One Should You Choose?

terra kaffe vs spinn

Today it’s time to look at two of the hottest new coffee machines on the market. Both are elegantly styled and offer modern features to make a wide array of caffeinated beverages. But they are definitely in the ‘middleweight’ cost category, so a bit of diligent research is well-deserved.

I’ve been using the Terra Kaffe for a while now and although I’ve been generally happy with it, there are few features to be aware of. For one thing, it is BIG! And the interface has a few quirks that will take some getting used to. It is a bit more advanced and customizable as well, allowing you to save 6 different drinks for one touch preparation after you’ve perfected your recipe. Of course those minor features come with a significantly larger pricetag so you’ll have to decide if that is worth it for you.

So with that said, let’s dive into the details and you can choose which will be serve your particular needs.

Comparison Table Of Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn

FeatureTerra Kaffe Spinn 
Dimensions (L, W, H)10.6, 17.3, 14.0 inches10.6, 
Color/ MaterialWhite/PlasticSilver/plastic
Weight23 pounds25 pounds
Water Tank Capacity57oz50 oz
Bean Hopper Size12oz12oz
Grind settings 5 settings3 settings
Coffee grinder typeConical burrConical burr
Descale alertNoYes
Milk-based one-touch beveragesYesYes
Spout heightMaximum 5.5 inches3.5 inches
Water tank positionSideSide
Programmable drink 6 drinksNo
Used coffee drawer capacity8 to 10 serving4 serving
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Review of Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn

Having either the Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn can serve you better and also in an easy way without stress. Let’s see the reviews. 

  • Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn: these two machines have very similar strengths and weaknesses. These two machines are some of the top automatic baristas on the market, so honestly you can’t really go wrong with either one.
  • Both the Terra Kaffe and the Spinn have a pump system that helps to serve you right in its way. You don’t need to stress yourself if you want to make several cups coffe. With their strong pumps and large water tank size, you will be able to get more than 5 cups of coffee from each machine before you have to refill.
  • Both the Terra Kaffe and the Spinn operate with fully automatic functions. This gives you the capability to program your coffee and also to give automatic notifications and alerts when it’s your turn to do something with the machine to complete the preparation of drink or to service the machine. They have a one-touch intuitive display on them.

Pros And Cons of Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn

Here is an overview of the different pros and cons of the Terra Kaffe vs Spinn. 

Terra Kaffe 


  • The Terra Kaffe is one of the most sleek-looking coffee machines 
  • The Terra Kaffe is simple and it is an intuitive brewing system 
  • It is hot and very delicious coffee 
  • It has a nice milk foam quality
  • It is a one-touch milk-based beverage 
  • It grinds a very smooth and noise-free coffee machine 


  • Terra Kaffe is very heavy
  • It doesn’t have fine control of the foamed milk texture




  • Spinn tends to make great coffee.
  • Spinn is customizable 
  • It has a sleek design 
  • Maintenance of the Spinn is fairly minimal


  • Spinn is expensive (but so is the Terra Kaffe)
  • Spinn has a small water tank 
  • It doesn’t come with a milk frother

Similarities of Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn

The material, the pre-grounds coffee, the water hardness, the water filter, the personal profile, and also the automatic cleaning tools are things that make up the similar features of Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn. Let me explain more about these to you and how they work.


The Terra Kaffe and Spinn coffee machines have a plastic housing. The reason for that is for you to have easy access to maintaining your coffee machine. With the plastic material, you can handle the machine even if it gets wet. Lack of maintenance can lead to damage.

Pre-ground Coffee 

The pre-ground coffee offers the ability to schedule your coffee preparation. It eases you from the stress of always making a new coffee and it enables you to know when your pre-ground coffee is finished. 

Programmable Water Hardness

The Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn has made a provision for you to filter your water which is great especially if you have hard water. It helps if you are in an area with hard water to get an alert when you need to stop and descale your machine. 

Water Filter

The Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn have a water filter in the water reservoir and also in the pod. The need for this filter is to make sure that ground doesn’t enter your machine or coffee and it helps to keep your water filtered for a very long time. 

Personal Profile

The Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn is designed in a way you can create your profile with other people too in the coffee machine. This access is only limited to just a few persons and not much. It helps you to have a profile that will always give you the taste of coffee without stress for you whenever you want a coffee or drink. 

Automatic Cleaning

Terra Kaffe Vs Spinn is created in a way it will serve you the right way and include the cleaning process. You don’t need to bother yourself that much because the machine has some removable parts that will grant you access to clean it very fast and easily too. 


How Long Do Terra Kaffe and Spinn Machines Last?

5 to 6 years. But the time frame is all dependent on you and how well you make good use of it. You can handle it well and expect it to last longer for you.

Does Terra Kaffe Vs Spin Have Removable Parts?

Yes, they do. And this helps you to clean them so easily and in a very fast way. With the removable parts, you will be able to access the inside of the machine to remove debris from it. 


Have you decided for yourself on a verdict for the Terra Kaffe vs Spinn? These two coffee machines are good to use and can last a very long time for you. You can customize your coffee and have your profile on them. The profile can be for three to four persons and they are easy with their friendly likable features in them.

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