DeLonghi EC260BK vs ECP3420: Which One Should You Buy?

delonghi ec260bk and delonghi ecp3420

Jude is a coffee machine seller and he has always gotten a lot of questions like “Which coffee machine is better: DeLonghi Ec260bk vs Ecp3420“. He has always explained to them a lot of details. I was impressed when I met him. I had to send him a copy of the document about the two coffee machines

He was so grateful because he didn’t need to convince his customers always for them to believe him. All he needed to do is for him to give them the document for them to read.

He sent me a message, later on, appreciating me. So friend, are you confused about the coffee machine to get between the two? Then this article is for you. 

DeLonghi EC260BK vs DeLonghi ECP3420: Comparison Table

FeatureDeLonghi EC260BKDeLonghi ECP3420
Dimensions13.5, 8.07, 11.22 inches9.8/7.25/11.9 inches
MaterialStainless steel and mentalstainless steel
ColorBlack and mentalblack/plastic
Weight9.48 pounds8.99 pounds
Power and voltage1100w and 110-120v1100w/120v
Maximum cup height 110yes
Auto shut offYesyes
Heating systemStainless steel boilerStainless steel
Water level indicatorYesyes
Milk systemAdjustable cappuccino systemyes
Comparable for ESE podsYesyes
Pump pressure15 bar15 bar
Removable drip trayYesyes
Removable water reservoirYesyes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

DeLonghi ECP3420 Review

delonghi ecp3420 machine
  1. When the coffee is little, when you constantly tamp the ground, it can lead to inadequate pressure for proper brewing. 
  2. When you change the size or amount of coffee you want to get, it will lead you to reprogramme it. 
  3. The machine has an adjustable control that helps you to make any coffee of your choice. 
  4. The machine can brew authentic barista-quality beverages of any drink. It will give you just the taste you want and with a nice aroma.
  5. The advanced cappuccino system in the machine helps to make a textured drink of mixed steam and milk that creates a rich and creamy froth in your coffee. 
  6. The machine comes with a three-in-one filter which is located at the holder, the shot, and the pod area. 


          • It has 15 bar pumping performance 
          • Temperature control 
          • It has a nice flavor


          • The frother can produce a dense foam

          DeLonghi EC260BK Review

          delonghi ec260bk machine
          1. You can brew two cups at the same time with this machine. 
          2. It has a manual frother that mixes steam that helps to froth your milk just the way you want it. 
          3. You will have access to a 3 in 1 filter in the machine but you have the right to make your choice of where you want it to be. 
          4. With the capacity of the water tank that the coffee machine came with, you can prepare a lot of cups at the same time without stressing yourself. 
          5. When the coffee is little, when you constantly tamp the ground, it can lead to inadequate pressure for proper brewing. 
          6. When you change the size or amount of coffee you want to get, it will lead to you reprogramming it. 


                  • You can adjust the height with two try drip tray 
                  • It has a self-priming function for faster performance 
                  • The warming plate is always hot 
                  • It has an advanced manual frother


                  • The water tank must be filled often

                  What Are the Similarities Between the Delonghi EC260BK and ECP3420?

                  The similarities between the two machines will be listed below. 

                  • The water tanks and drip tray are removable. 
                  • Cleaning the removable part is very easy to do.
                  • They have 15 bars that give you high-quality coffee whenever you want to brew any drink. 
                  • They come with a double filter.
                  • They can make an authentic barista-quality coffee that makes your favorite cup of drink. 
                  • The water indicator is the same and helps to let you know first when your water is full and second when you need to refill the water tank. It also helps you to know when the tank is dirty and needs descaling on it. 
                  • They have detachable parts. This enables you to know to clean the detachable part well without any blockage and it helps you save time and stress. 


                  Can Ec260bk Or  Ecp3420 Last Long?

                  Yes, it can last over long for you. The material which it is made up of is designed to help make the coffee machine last long for you. It also brews your water very fast and retains its heat. 

                  What Is the Water Capacity Of Ec260bk And The Ecp3420?

                  Both of them have 1 liter. With this, you will be able to get a good number of cups of coffee for yourself and many others without getting to preheat your coffee or prepare another one. 

                  Do Ec260bk And Ecp3420 Have Any Removable Parts?

                  Yes, they do. It has a drip tray, water reservoir, water filter, cup holder, and pod holder. With this, you can easily detach them from the machine. You can have access to cleaning them without much stress.


                  Now you know the comparison between the Ec260bk and the Ecp3420. They are very good coffee machines that you can make good use of. They are easy to use and also friendly for everyone.

                  You can customize your profile and it has the capacity for 5 persons to do theirs too. I know you love all the specifications that you see in the article. Now you can make a better choice for yourself.

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