Keurig K920 Won’t Turn On (Solved Easily)

keurig k920 won't turn on

The Keurig k920 machine is perfectly easy to use with how well it was designed. But these machines have a lot of pressure to brew coffee and it can easily have some problems. Often, the Keurig k920 won’t turn on.

When your Keurig k920 machine is not on after plugging it, then, this can mean a lot of things like, your machine might have broken down, the capacitor is dead and needs to change before it can be used again. You can fix these issues yourself so that you can get a good cup of coffee again.

All these issues and more are what we will be checking on how to get them fixed again. Keep reading this article to get your desired solutions.

Ways To Fix The Keurig k920 Won’t Turn On 

There are many ways one can fix his Keurig k920 espresso machine. Fixing it is not really difficult to do and with just a little time you can get this done.

  1. You need to check if your K920 espresso cables wire machine can work in a different wall socket outlet. you don’t need to make use of the outlet you’ve used before. Move the machine to a spot in the kitchen where you may reach a different wall socket outlet to plug it
  1. You can still check if your Keurig k920 has a power-on button or an ON/OFF switch on it. The switch is not too far from the machine; it is located on top of the machine close to the machine head. The power button is located right at the bottom right corner of the screen of your machine. Check if the power button is on 
  1. There is a possibility that the wall socket you are making use of is bad. Trying to force it to work in a bad wall socket might lead to its spoilage. Make sure that all your wall sockets are okay, to avoid spoiling your cable wire of the k920. Most times the cable wire of k920 might not be comparable to all wall sockets. So, you have to make sure that they are fixed
  1. You need to check if your cable wire is well plugged on the wall socket. You have to push it in to ensure that the plug is inserted into the socket. You can now check on the espresso machine to check if it has started working.
  1. You must check if you’re on your espresso machine to avoid declaring it bad. Sometimes ignorance of all this can make us make the wrong decision.
  1. If you have done all this and you still can’t get power to the K920 machine, then you should go with the option of a factory reset mood on your coffee machine as a last solution before you can contact any support from a professional.

Reasons That Makes The Keurig K920 won’t Turn On

There are many things that can make your Keurig k920 espresso machine not turn on, but we will discuss a few here.

  • Is the cable wire of your espresso good?
  • Have you checked if your k920 came with a very low capacitor? If yes, then you need to change it to a  thousand UF for it to be functional.
  • You may have a bad well socket. There might be that there is no power in the wall socket you are trying to plug your machine into.
  • Your machine may be experiencing a bugged capacitor. So you need to change it before you can get your k920 machine to produce a nice coffee for you.
  • There are two things you need to check out for. Check if the power in the machine lever head is on and if the socket outlet is on. If these two things are not your own, then you can’t get what you want out of your machine.

How To Make Your K920 Turn on 

What you need to do to preserve your Keurig k920 machine: 

These ways are easy to take home which is 

  1. If you have a bulging capacitor in your machine, then you need to remove it and put in a new one.
  2. You need to check your wall sockets to know if they are good, if not, you have to change them all to avoid spoiling your machine out of ignorance.
  3. The size of your machine capacitor should always be high, it should be rated like thousands UF and not hundred UF.
  4. If you keep experiencing this issue, then you need to restart your espresso machine reservoir.
  5. If you know you can carry out these things on your own, you have to contact a professional to help you with it.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Why Is My Keurig K920 Not Working?

The reason for this is that the power cord may not be plugged well or it needs a resetting for the machine to be back in place.

Will My K920 Machine be Back To Order After Doing A Factory Reset On It?

Yes, it will, most times it may not work because the machine has a problem or the outlet you are making use of is bad. If the factory reset doesn’t work after taking all the steps, then contact a professional to fix it.


If the clicking light of the Keurig k920 machine is not coming up, it is often a sign of an error in your machine or from you that needs fixing.

You should know that it’s fixable by following the guide in this article. After you’ve identified the main problem, and solved it, you will be on your way to making a tasty coffee and also have more time to do other things of your choice.

Hope you learned something.

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