How Do You Fix A Keurig Leaking From The Bottom?

how do you fix a keurig leaking from the bottom

My friend wanted to make coffee for himself yesterday morning. In the process of doing this, he found out that there was water dripping out of the Keurig coffee machine and he immediately ran into the study room where I was, to tell me about it. He was restless because he never knew what my reactions would be. 

So, I walked down to the kitchen with him and explained to him why it happened. I told him that a few things can lead to it, such as a broken water reservoir, an overfilled water tank, or the machine needing to be descaled for it to come back to normal again.

At first, he was so surprised that I explained these things to him and also taught him how to get it without wasting much time. I am here to show you how to fix a Keurig leaking from the bottom.  Do follow me duly. 

How Does My Keurig Work? 

There are two essential parts of the Keurig coffee machine which are the Keurig machine and the brand’s unique cups. The k cup is placed in its boulder which is called the chamber and when you press the button for it to brew, water will form from the water reservoir down to the k cups.

But most times, when you don’t know that your water reservoir is broken it will lead to a lot of leakage from your Keurig machine. But not to worry for long, we will soon teach you how to fix this. 

Why is  My Keurig Leaking From The Bottom?

Your Keurig is leaking from the bottom because the water reservoir seal is broken, the O-ring is bad,  the water tank is cracked,  your Keurig is clogged, the upper gasket is loose, or there is a defect in the capsules of the Keurig, and Keurig internal pipework. Any of these could be the problem!  Now you know the causes of the leakage, let’s look at how to fix Keurig leaking from the bottom.  

Keurig Water Reservoir Seal 

A weak and unfit water reservoir seal can lead to it not fitting the valve any longer. It will lead to your water reservoir dripping water from the bottom and can lead to you always cleaning your kitchen or where the Keurig is situated. Mind you, this can happen when you often make use of your Keurig machine to brew coffee. 


  • You need to change the Keurig water reservoir seal. 
  • The DANCO Silicone Grease is an ice product and recommended product to use and fix your Keurig water reservoir seal. 
  • You can lubricate the seals of your Keurig water reservoir. 
  • When you are done, you should remove and reinstall the Keurig water tank so that the leaking will stop. 
  • When you do that, you should spread the grease around your Keurig water reservoir.
  • You should also apply grease on the Keurig silicone. 

Keurig Has A Cracked Water Tank 

The water reservoir can develop a fault when it falls on the floor, there will be hairline on it, This can lead to your Keurig leaking from the bottom. When a pinhole is created in your water reservoir it will lead to the Keurig leaking from the bottom and it will not make you comfortable with the whole stuff. What can you do then?


  • If you know that you can fix your Keurig water reservoir then do that but when the leaking continues then take the following steps.
  • The Keurig water reservoir is solderable, you can try it out too. 
  • You should change your Keurig water reservoir. 

Keurig Detective Capsules

If someone else is using your Keurig coffee machine, just like my son then. They can press a very wrong setting that can lead to the Keurig defective capsule and this can lead to your Keurig leaking from the bottom. What do you do then?


  • Always take out your time to check if your k chi capsule is in the right position or if it is still in the same settings you left it in. 
  • A replacement coffee pod is always advisable.

Keurig Machine Is Clogged 

If your Keurig coffee machine is full of debris, mineral build-ups, and clogging it can lead to your Keurig leaking from the bottom. So, when you think that your Keurig water reservoir is the issue, still have it in mind that this can also lead to it. 


  • Your Keurig coffee machine should be descaled every 3-6 months. This solution is for people that make use of it for personal use. Then for business people, it should be descaled every month.
  • Always rinse your Keurig coffee machine after each use. It will help in removing any debris that is inside the Keurig coffee machine that might lead to leakage.
  • Wash your Keurig needle and its holder.
  • Remove every detachable part and way too. 
  • Run a water-only brewing cycle. 
  • Once you are done reassemble your machine back again 

The Keurig O-ring 

Once the Keurig outing gets bad, consider that your Keurig will leak from the bottom. So, once you are seeing a lot of leaking on your floor then know that the Keurig o-ring is damaged.


  • The Keurig outing is replaceable. So change it. 
  • Find out the model of the hour Keurig machine and change it with the correct o-ring that will fit it. 
  • You can use a lubricant on the old Keurig outing to check if it can be fixed. 
  • The Keurig customer service can help you to get the right outing for your Keurig machine.

Keurig Gasket Is Loose 

When your Keurig gasket is broken or it is loose then consider that your Keurig will leak from the bottom. This can be another reason and it can be comforting most of the time. Let’s look at the solution 


  • Check if the Keurig gasket is in its right position. This can also lead to leakage.
  • Change the broken or loose Keurig gasket with the tight one. 
  • The Keurig customer service can help you with the right gasket to buy and also where to get it. 

Check out this video.


What Can Lead To My Keurig Leaking From The Bottom?

Several things can lead to those things like a broken water reservoir, overfilled water tank, and lots more. So, there is some light clogging. So if you have to check the one that is conversant with your Keurig coffee machine and then fix it. 

How Do I Work on My Water Tank When It Is Overfilled?

You have to turn off your Keurig coffee machine, unplug it and then bring out the water tank to reduce the water that is inside of it. 


Most times when your Keurig water reservoir falls several times without your knowledge, it may lead to leakage when you are brewing your coffee. Several things will still lead to leakage.

So read through the article again to know what the problem is and also how you will be able to fix it. Follow the guideline that is listed there and do not skip any steps.

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