How Much Coffee For Mr Coffee (4 Cups, 6 Cups, 8 Cups, 12 Cups)

how much coffee for mr coffee

I had a conference to attend four days ago. So, I needed to visit my friend so that we could attend it together, only for me to discover that she was about to make a coffee. In the preparation, she was using the measurement for 8 cups to produce a coffee for 6 cups. Wow, I was so surprised. There I called her attention to the mistake she just made. 

I have to tell her the different measurements that go with each side of the coffee cup. I explained to her the reason for the measurement and also the cup size. At the end of the lecture, yes! lecture, because I spent time explaining all this to her. 

She was so grateful. She had to redo another coffee to prove to me that she understood what I taught her. Are you wondering how much coffee to use in your Mr. coffee? I will list out the types of measurements that fit each cup size. Do follow me duly.

How Many Scoops Of Coffee Is Good Per Cup For  Mr Coffee? 

One scoop of coffee is good to get a strong cup of coffee. When you need a weak cup of coffee, then you will go for 2 cups of coffee per 1 scoop. Or you can still go for 1.5 scoops for 2 cups of coffee.

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How Many Cups of Coffee Are There in a Pot for Mr. Coffee?  (4 Cups, 6 Cups, 8 Cups, and 12 Cups)

There is no exact number of cups of coffee you can get from the brewing pot of your Mr. Coffee. The number of cups of coffee in a pot for a Mr. Coffee machine depends on the machine’s capacity.

If you need 6 cups from your brewing pot, you will have to go with 36 oz of brewed coffee. This will give you 4, 6, 8, and 12 oz of the coffee cup. The truth is that there is no right measurement for it.

Table Reference Of How Much Coffee For Mr Coffee 

With the table references the different types of coffee sizes you will be able to know the amount of water to use for each coffee cup, the coffee to scoop for them, and also the serving of coffee cups it will give you. 

Coffee Ratios;

Water CoffeeServingOz
20 Oz5 Tbsp4 Cups4 Oz
30 Oz7.5 Tbsp6 Cups
40 Oz10 Tbsp8 Cups
50 Oz12.5 Tbsp10 Cups
60 Oz15 Tbsp12 Cups
20 Oz2.5 Scoops4 Cups6 Oz
30 Oz3.5 Scoops6 Cups
40 Oz5 Scoops8 Cups
60 Oz7.5 Scoops12 Cups
8 Oz2 Tbsp1 cup8 Oz
16 Oz4 Tbsp2 Cups
24 Oz6 Tbsp3 Cups
32 Oz8 Tbsp4 Cups
40 Oz10 Tbsp5 Cups
12 Oz 3 Tbsp1 cup12 Oz
24 Oz6 Tbsp2 Cups
36 Oz9 Tbsp3 cups
48 Oz12 Tbsp4 Cups

Conversion Process For Coffee Cups 

If you want to customize the measurement of your coffee, below are some helpful conversions that will guide you. 

  • 1 Tablespoon = ⅓ Tablespoon 
  • 3 Tablespoons = 1 Tablespoon 
  • 2 Tablespoons = 1 Scoop 

Their Volume Coffee Cup Equivalents 

  • 1 Oz = ⅛ Cups = Coffee Shot 
  • 2 Oz = ¼ Cup = Double Coffee Shot 
  • 4 Oz = ½ Cup 
  • 8 Oz = 1 US Cup 
  • 5 Oz = 1 Cups = Carafe 

Measurement Size For Mr. Coffee (4 Cups, 6 Cups, 8 Cups 12 Cups)

If measuring in 4-ounce cups, you will need:

1 cup = 20 oz water + 5 tbsp coffee

2 cups = 30 oz water + 7.5 tbsp coffee

3 cups = 40 oz water + 10 tbsp coffee

4 cups = 50 oz water + 12.5 tbsp coffee

5 cups = 60 oz water + 15 tbsp coffee

If measuring in 6-ounce cups, you will need:

1 ccup= 20 oz water + 2.5 tbsp coffee

2 cups = 30 oz water + 3.5 tbsp coffee

3 cups = 40 oz water + 5 tbsp coffee

4 cups = 60 oz water + 7.5 tbsp coffee

If measuring in 8-ounce cups, you will need:

1 cup = 8 oz water + 2 tbsp coffee

2 cups = 16 oz water + 4 tbsp coffee

3 cups = 24 oz water + 6 tbsp coffee

4 cups = 32 oz water + 8 tbsp coffee

5 cups = 40 oz water + 10 tbsp coffee 

If you like 12-ounce cups, you will need:

1 cup = 12 oz water + 3 tbsp coffee

2 cups = 24 oz water + 6 tbsp coffee

3 cups = 36 oz water + 9 tbsp coffee

4 cups = 48 oz water + 12 tbsp coffee

What Grams Will I Get Per Cup For  Mr. Coffee? 

You need 55 grams/liter of coffee to make a cup of coffee from your Mr coffee machine. 14 grams/liter is needed for 8 ounces of water for a US Cup.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Make Use of the Right Measurement for Mr. Coffee?

These will happen if you don’t use the right measurement for Mr. Coffee’s machine:

  1. Your coffee will be weak. That’s if you make use of a small quantity of coffee.
  2. Your coffee may be too strong and you may not be able to drink it. That’s if you use a higher coffee size for a low cup. 
  3. You will not enjoy your coffee if you don’t use the right size. 


What Is The Complication Of Using The Wrong Tea Spoon For My 8 Cup Of Coffee?

Using the wrong teaspoon for your 8 cups of coffee will make you brew a coffee that you may not like. If you use  2 1⁄2 scoops of coffee, you will get weak coffee. If you use   7 1⁄2 scoops of coffee you will get an over-strong coffee.  But if you use  5 scoops of coffee, you will get a better coffee that will fit your 8 cups of coffee.

Is a Higher Quantity Of Coffee Good For Me?

A higher quantity of coffee may not be good for you. The right amount of coffee for you depends on your health and preferences. Generally, 3-4 cups a day is considered moderate and may offer health benefits. However, be mindful of your sensitivity to caffeine, avoid excessive consumption, and consult a healthcare professional if you have specific health concerns. Quality coffee matters, too.


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee with your Mr. Coffee machine is all about finding the right coffee-to-water ratio for your taste. Whether you’re brewing 4 cups, 6 cups, 8 cups, or 12 cups, these guidelines should help you achieve a flavorful and satisfying cup every time.

So, get your Mr. Coffee ready, choose your preferred serving size, and start your day with the perfect cup.

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