Bodum Coffee Grinder Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide

bodum coffee grinder not working

My friend’s Bodum coffee grinder was just three months old when he bought it. Just after four months, he started complaining about his bodum coffee grinder not working effectively.

He reached out to me to find out what he can do for him to get his Bodum coffee grinder back because he loves the brand. 

The first thing I did was to ask him the last time he cleaned his bodum coffee grinder. I made him understand that using a Bodum coffee grinder without cleaning it after each use can lead to damage to the grinder. 

I know you are currently facing this issue, that’s why you’re here. I will show you how you can fix your Bodum coffee grinder in no time. 

Problems And Solutions To Your  Bodum Coffee Grinder Not Working

The grinder won’t start, the blade won’t spin, the grinder won’t grind, and the glass catcher is broken. These are some of the problems with your Bodum coffee grinder that is not working. I will elaborate on it more below:

Bodum Coffee Grinder Won’t Start 

When there is a broken cord, a broken switch, an element is burnt and there is a malfunction in the port it can lead to your Bodum coffee grinder not starting. 


  1. You can try out a different wall socket to know if the grinder will start. 
  2. Make use of a compatible cable to know if it will work. 
  3. Make use of another gadget to know if the wire cord will work. 
  4. Check if your switch is broken or the element is burnt.
  5. You can contact a professional to help you fix it. 

Bodum Coffee Grinder Blade Not Spinning

bodum coffee grinder blade not spinning

A clogged mill and malfunctioning motor can make your Bodum coffee grinder blade not spin. The reason for this is because of the black roasted beans or oily spices, it can prevent the seep of the motor from spinning. 


  1. Remove all the detachable parts in your Bodum coffee grinder. 
  2. Remove all the grounds that are in them.
  3. Do a deep cleaning on it. 

Bodum Coffee Grinder Won’t Grind 

A very long period of not cleaning your bosom coffee grinder or overheating can make your grinder not work. To know if this is the challenge, it will first of all start from a vibration then it will move to brewing your coffee very slowly. Once this happens, just know that it is time for you to clean your bosom coffee grinder and also let it rest. 


  1. Do a deep cleaning in your Bodum coffee grinder.
  2. You can change the blade of the Bodum coffee grinder if the vibrations continue. 
  3. Before you do anything further, you should seek the help of a professional.

Bodum Coffee Grinder Glass Catcher Is Crushed 

When your glass catcher gets broken by mistake, it will most times make you experience cuts in your grinder. When this happens, you will be unable to grind any of your coffee very well and it can be discomforting. Let’s see what to do. 


  1. Replace the glass catcher as soon as possible. 
  2. Always handle the glass catcher with proper carefulness. 

How To Clean A Bodum Coffee Grinder 

A few things you need to do when cleaning your Bodum coffee grinder:

  • Fix in your Bodum coffee grinder with a cup of rice. 
  • Run the grinding cycle in the grinder until the rice turns into a fine powder.
  • Empty the Bodum coffee grinder from the fine rice. 
  • Use a paintbrush to clean off any fine ground on it.
  • Way all the detachable parts.
  • Dry them and when you are done, you can now fix them back to the grinder.
  • With these steps, you are done cleaning your Bodum coffee grinder. 

These are the simple things you can do to keep your Bodum coffee grinder well and in good shape for it to last long for you. If you are still having issues then you may watch it.


Can I Disassemble My Bodum Coffee Grinder Machine? 

Yes, You Can. Gently remove all the parts that you know are easy for you to detach. Be careful not to break any of the parts in the process of bringing them out. That’s if you want to do a deep cleaning on it. 

What Is The Longevity Of My Bodum Coffee Grinder?

Yes, You Can. Gently remove all the parts that you know are easy for you to detach. Be careful not to break any of the parts in the process of bringing them out. That’s if you want to do a deep cleaning on it. 

What Is The Longevity Of My Bodum Coffee Grinder?

Bodum coffee grinder lasts for 4-5 years. It all depends on your level of maintenance. If you use the machine roughly then have it in mind that it will not reach that period but if you handle it with care then it will reach. 

How Do I Preserve My Bodum Coffee Grinder?

The best way to preserve your bosom coffee grinder is for you to always clean it after each use and do a deep cleaning on it once in a while. Don’t leave any dirt on the machine and always keep it in a dry place. 

Is There Any Replacement For the Bodum Coffee Grinder Part? 

There are a lot of replacement parts for the Bodum coffee grinder. All you need to do for you to get the right one is for you to contact the number of the company that is written on your manual booklet. 


From everything that was written about how you can handle your Bodum coffee grinder, I know you will be able to solve the problem you have with your Bodum coffee grinder.

When it comes to any part of your Bodum coffee grinder not working, it doesn’t mean that it is bad and cannot be used again. The best thing to do is to clean it first before you move to the replacement part, that’s if you want to do so.

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