Does The Keurig Slim Have a Water Filter?

does the keurig slim have a water filter

A friend of mine got a new Keurig Slim and was wondering if the Keurig Slim has a water filter just like other Keurig machine brands he has used.

He already has water filters attached to his sink and refrigerator and was really concerned because his household water is somewhat hard. He had to consult me. And I guess you may be like him! 

“So, does the Keurig Slim have a water filter?” Yes! The Keurig Slim machine has a charcoal water filter fixed inside the bottom of the machine just at the back of the water reservoir. The Keurig Slim has a charcoal water filler which is about 2 inches in length and 1.12 inches in height.

The water filter is located inside a filter handle made from plastics which is often bought singly from the Keurig Slim machine. It is set into the water tank at the rear of the Keurig Slim machine.

Wait! There’s more to know about these water filters. Just read on!

Do I need a Water Filter for my Keurig Slim machine?

Well, it depends on your choice! The quality of your water may be good but I still advise you to use a water filter in your Keurig Slim machine. The water filters help to get rid of impurities in your water. These impurities like chlorine and calcium deposits may affect the taste of your coffee. Especially when they accumulate in your brewer.

You may not like how your coffee drink may turn out. Also, a water filter prevents the build-up of minerals that may clog your Keurig Slim. So, it’s necessary to use a water filter in your Keurig Slim machine.

How to Install a Water Filter on Your Keurig Slim Machine?

To install the water filter on your Keurig machine: insert the water filter on your water filter holder, and tighten the handle attachment. Let’s go into more detail!

Set Up The Water filter on the Filter holder 

To set up the water filter on the Keurig Slim machine, put the charcoal water filter at the base of the long plastic handle connection.

Fix back the bottom piece 

Fix the bottom piece back and ensure you fasten it tightly.

Attach the handle of the water filter 

Put the handle of the water filter into the back of the water tank of your Keurig Slim, gearing directly toward the black plastic channel underneath the reservoir.  Then, push down to fasten the filter holder tightly.

What Water Filter Holder Does the Keurig Slim Use?

The Keurig Slim brewer uses a water filter holder that has a height of about 8 inches and is created to be inserted inside the water tank of your Keurig Slim.

What Kind of Water Filter should I use in my Keurig Slim Coffee Maker?

The Keurig Slim machine uses charcoal water cartridges. The size of these water filters is made to fit inside the water filter holder which is inserted inside the back water tank reservoir of the Keurig Slim. 

The water filters are about 2 inches long. You can look up the water filter with the perfect size for your water filter holder on this site. There are varieties of water filters for any coffee brewer brand you can choose. Including the one that fits the water filter holder of your Keurig slim machine.

How to Change Your Keurig Slim Water Filter?

Following these steps carefully change the water filter on your Keurig Slim. 

  • Detach the water filter holder from the water tank 
  • Clear the used water filter so you can make space for the new filter 
  • Put the new water filter in a cup of clean water and let it soak in for about five minutes.
  • Rinse the water Filter holder and ensure it’s clean.
  • Carefully pour the water filter into the bottom of the holder. 
  • Put back the bottom piece and attach it firmly 
  • Fix the water filter handle back to the rear of the water tank of your Keurig Slim. Kudos! Your water filter is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Change the Water Filter on my Keurig Slim Brewer?

The water filter on a Keurig Slim should be replaced at least once every 3 months, depending on how often you use the brewer. 

Can I Use my Keurig Slim Without Water Filters?

Sure! You can brew your coffee with your Keurig Slim without water filters. The Keurig Slim brews coffee perfectly without a water filter. However, over time mineral content of water can build up and clog the Keurig Slim and reduce its efficiency.

Do All Keurig Machines Use The Same Filter?

All Keurig machines water filter holders are designed to be used with all Keurig water filter cartridges. The filters can be used for all Keurig coffee brands. 


I believe all your questions about water filters in Keurig slim machines have been clearly answered. Do not think that the water filters are not important.

Just like I said, it removes the impurities in the form of mineral deposits from your water that can clog your Keurig Slim machine or change the taste of your yummy coffee drink. Even if your water quality is good, still use the water filter in your Keurig slim machines.

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