Keurig K Compact Troubleshooting – 7 Problems with Solutions

keurig k compact troubleshooting

I received a call yesterday from a close friend. During our discussion, she complained bitterly about how her Keurig K compact was troubleshooting. Her keurig k compact won’t brew and leakages were coming from the machine.

Which makes her always mop! After making a few inquiries, I discovered the cause of the problem.  I directed her on how to fix it back. She was able to fix the problem that was eating her up for a while, in a few minutes!

So, I will guide you on how you can fix your keurig k compact that is troubleshooting. Kindly read the article to get all the solutions to them. 

What You Need To Know About Keurig K Compact 

The Keurig K compact coffee machine is an advanced auto automatic device that provides you with your favorite coffee in less than no time. Whenever you start experiencing any troubleshooting in your keurig k compact machine, then know that it may be your fault.

Either you are not maintaining your machine like not rinsing it after each use, or not descaling it on its proper time. 

Some people stay for a very long time without descaling because they think that it is not used more often. All these can lead to troubleshooting. I will show you how to handle this troubleshooting in just a few minutes.

Keurig K Compact Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions

keurig k compact troubleshooting

There are several Keurig K compact troubleshooting issues. Some of which you might be facing!   Read and practice duly because the solution will come right after each problem. 

1. The Keurig K Compact Won’t Brew

The main reason why keurig k compact machines can not brew is because of debris, mineral build-ups, and calcium that have built this because of the tape water that is used for the production of your coffee. Let’s look at the solutions


  • You have to clean up your dispenser line. 
  • Run fresh water in the machine 3 times so that the descaling solution you use on it can go out. 
  • Dry up the machine or clean it with a paper towel.

2. The K Compact Brewing Stopped In The Middle 

Whenever the magnet of the water reservoir gets dislodged in the middle of any brew, this is to tell you that there is a breakdown in the machine and it is not placed well after cleaning has been done.


  • What you need to do is for you to dismantle the machine after you have unplugged it from the wall socket.
  • Find out where the magnet is and fix it back to its right position again. 

3. The Descale Mode Is On.

Whenever your coffee machine refuses to brew a coffee or even still tells you to descale, kindly descale it. It is trying to tell you that there is a lot of debris in the machine that needs to go out before you can use it again. 


  • You need to, first of all, unplug your machine, and switch it off.
  • Remove every detachable part from the coffee machine. 
  • Pour your descaling solution into the machine and place a jug under it. 
  • When you are done, pour out the solution into the sink.
  • You can repeat the descaling process if you think that the buildups are not all out. 
  • When you are done, start your machine with fresh water from the tape and rinse 3 times. 
  • After that, wash all the removable parts with warm water and soapy water too, then dry them with a tower or a paper towel.
  • Place all the parts where fresh air can touch them and then prefix them back. 

4. The Keurig K Compact Says Add More Water 

keurig k compact says add more water

This occurs when the water reservoir is dirty and needs to be cleaned up. You normally experience this even when the water reservoir is full.


  • Wash the water reservoir with mild soap and a solid cloth too. The reason for this is so that you can break the reservoir in the process. So carefully handle it. 
  • Rinse it with clean water from the tape.
  • You have to clean where the water reservoir is placed on the machine. 
  • Clean the reservoir with a dry cloth or paper towel. 
  • Fix it back to its position. 

5. During the Heating Of Water There Is A Leakage 

Whenever there is leaking during the heating of water, then you have to note that there is clogging in the machine. Let me show you how you can take it off. 


  • Off the machine and unplug the cord from the wall socket.
  • Use the Keurig needle cleaning tool to clean the exit needles. You can still do it with your hand. 
  • You have to clean the cup holder.
  • Clean the valve bottom of the water tank and clean off any clogging you are seeing in the machine. 
  • When you are done, you can now put everything back in its position.

6. The Water Is Not Hot Enough 

The reason for this is that the water pump is not in its right position and it does lead to your not getting hot water. If this is not the challenge then the issue may be that your machine is clogged and needs to be descaled. 


  • Press and hold the brew button for 5 minutes. 
  • The water pump will come up in terms of efficiency.
  • With that, your machine should be able to be fixed up again. 
  • Then you can clean up your water reservoir first to know if it can work out. 
  • If it doesn’t work, then you have to replace the water reservoir. You can buy a new one to replace it. 

7. My Coffee tastes Odd 

The reason for this is that your coffee machine needs cleaning or you did not descale it well or clean it well. 


  • Rinse your pod once every week. 
  • Descale your machine if you have not done so for a long time 
  • Rinse the machine very well 3 times with fresh water from the tape.
  • Always descale your machine in its proper time which is 3-6 months. 

How To Prevent My Keurig K Compact From Troubleshooting

There are a few ways to work on this which are;

  • Always keep your Keurig K compact in a dry place.
  • Descale it every 3-6 months.
  • Do a rinsing on it after each use.
  • Change your water filter every month.
  • If the pump is bad, do well to change it too.


How Many Times Should I Descale My Keurig K Compact?

3-6 months is the normal time that is good to descale your machine. But, if you make use of the machine more often, then you should descale it every month. 

What Are The Possible Ways To Clean My Keurig K Compact?

The drip tray, pod holder, water reservoir, needles, and exterior part should be cleaned with soapy and warm water. Always Prince it 3 times with fresh water.

How Can I Drain Water Out From My Keurig K Compact?

Lift the brewer handle up to extract any what that is in the water reservoir. Before doing this, remove the cord from the wall socket, detach the water reservoir, and place a drip tray under the Keurig machine so that the water won’t slip on the floor. 


Now you’ve found out the main reason why your Keurig K compact machine is troubleshooting. I know you have also learned the ways to get the fix and how to prevent them from happening again.

You need to follow all the instructions that are listed here to get the desired result you are looking for. Else, you may get your Keurig K compact into big damage that might cost you a lot of money to fix it back. You can also contact Keurig k compact customer service to help you out in case you need further assistance.

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