How To Remove Keurig Pod Holder In Just 4 Steps

how to remove keurig pod holder

I went to a supermarket to purchase my pods for coffee. As I was collecting my favorite pod, a customer just like me walked down to the same place I was because she needed to get her pod for coffee too.

She engaged me in a conversation and we got talking about how much I love coffee and how she loves coffee too. She narrated how her Keurig pod holder almost got her angry because it has been unable to hold her pod.

Immediately, I smiled at her and then I told her that she might have mistakenly spoiled her pod holder or she had not been able to place her Keurig pod holder in the right posture. I also told her that if the Keurig pod holder has not been fixed well, you can never make your Keurig pod holder hold your Keurig coffee pod.

I gave her some solutions on how to remove the Keurig pod holder and also how she can clean it. If you are passing through this, I will explain to you to help you to fix this back again. Read this article till the end.

Things You Need To Know About Your Keurig Pod Holder 

The Keurig pod holder is located right before the drip tray. You have to remove the drip tray first before you can access it. The Keurig pod holder is a very fragile holder that when you are not careful while removing it, you might break it at that point. You should also know that when you do not place your Keurig pod holder in the right position, you will never be able to punch the coffee pod and you will not be able to get your coffee for that day until you remove it and fix 8t back again. 

How To Remove My Keurig Pod Holder

how to remove my keurig pod holder

There are very few steps that you can do to make sure your Keurig pod holder is removed and also avoid spoiling it. Let’s look at the few things you can do.

1. Unplug Your Keurig Machine 

Before you will be able to access your Keurig pod holder you need to, first of all, unplug your Keurig wire cord from the well socket so that it will not shock you.  Also that it will not be able to cause any external harm either to you or your Keurig coffee machine. 

2. Remove The Drip Tray 

Once you are done with this, go over to remove the drip tray. Remove any water that is on the tray in the sink and wash it with warm water and soapy water. When you are done, rinse it over in the sink with fresh water that is running down the tap. Clean it up with either a towel or a paper towel. Keep it in a place where air can touch it for a while before you will fix it back again. 

3. Remove The Water Reservoir 

When the drip tray is out, the next thing you need to do is for you to move over to the water reservoir and remove it so you will not break it in the process of bringing out the Keurig pod holder.

If there is any water in the reservoir, kindly remove it from the sink and then wash it with the same water solution you made use of in the drip tray. Rinse it and clean it with a paper towel. Place it where the air is and touch it and then move over to the Keurig pod holder. 

4. Remove The Keurig Pod Holder 

Hold down your Keurig machine very well and then pull out the pod holder. The reason you are asked to hold it right is so that the Keurig coffee machine will not fall during the process of taking your Keurig pod holder out.

When you take it out, kindly wash it over in the sink with warm water and soapy water. Make use of paper clips to remove any visible clogging that you can see. When you are done, rinse it up in the sink with fresh water right from the tap. Clean it up with a paper towel to wipe down your Keurig pod holder. Place it in the open air for air to touch it. 

How To Prevent Your Keurig Pod Holder From Malfunctioning

There are several steps to do this.

  1. Make sure that after bowing out your Keurig pod holder you place it back in its right position. When it is not in its right place it can malfunction too.
  2. Make sure not to bend the Keurig pod holder when washing or bringing it out.
  3. Always clean the place the Keurig good holder sits. 


Can My Keurig Pod Holder Break?

Yes, the tendency of it breaking is very possible, this often happens when you miss handling the pod holder while removing it or fixing it back. So, be very careful while removing your Keurig pod holder. 

How Can I Remove My Keurig Pod Holder?

This is the right question, kindly read through the article, and the full answer to your question is written there. Make sure you follow the steps that were listed for you to know how to get your Keurig pod holder. 

What Are The Materials Needed To Clean My Keurig Pod Holder?

The materials you need for this are Soapy Water, Warm Water, Sponge, Paper Towel, Paper Clip, and Water. These are the things you need to clean up your Keurig pod holder. Follow the steps that are listed in the article to get to clean your Keurig pod holder. You can also call for the assistance of a Keurig customer service or a professional can help you out with it. 


With the things we listed in this article, I know you’ve been able to know how you can remove the Keurig pod holder. To do this is not hard but you need to be very careful so that you will not break it or destroy anything in the pod holder placement.

When you check out the Keurig pod holder and you’ve noticed that you will not be able to remove it or you are scared of breaking it, kindly contact Keurig customer service to know if they can help you to work on it. You can also call a professional to help you out with your Keurig pod holder.

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